'Cards Against Muggles' Will Make Adult Harry Potter Fans Lose Their Sh*t

by Mike Julianelle
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Quidditch is no longer the only Harry Potter game in town

Getting together with friends to play a raucous game of “Cards Against Humanity” just got a lot more magical. Some enterprising Muggles created a Harry Potter-themed version of the game and you don’t need to attend Hogwarts to play.

But judging by some of the raunch, you should probably have at least graduated high school.

“Cards Against Muggles” was created by a bunch of Potterheads who clearly thought “Cards Against Humanity” didn’t have enough jokes about wizard sex.

The game is available for $19.95 and is downloadable only, so it has to be printed before you bust out the butterbeer.

The cards are as outrageous as you’d expect from the game it’s based on, but once you incorporate J.K. Rowling’s famous characters, things really get kicked up a notch.

With questions covering decidedly off-book topics like enchanted wizard weed, dragon dildos, and sexting via owl, it’s safe to say that the game is truly 18+, and would probably do a pretty decent job leaving younger Harry Potter fans with scars that run much deeper than Harry’s signature lightning bolt.

A few runs through the deck and it’s clear while there’s plenty of R and X-rated material, there’s also a ton of inside Potter stuff that even the staunchest Potterheads will get a kick out of.

Of course, only those sorted into Slytherin will appreciate every joke…

If you end up laughing too hard at some of the game’s most obscene clues, you might want your own invisibility cloak to avoid the raised eyebrows.

The Harry Potter universe keeps expanding, with new movies, plays, theme parks, and now card games. And the massive fan base is there for all of it, even games like this, wherein favorite characters are scandalized and nothing is sacred.

Forgot He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, the cards in this hilarious game are full of Things-That-Should-Not-Be-Said. And that’s half the fun.

Actually, I think it’s all the fun.

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