Catherine O'Hara Is The Internet's Favorite Mom Reacting To Noah Reid Tribute

by Christina Marfice

Catherine O’Hara had an emotional reaction to a musical (and hairy) tribute from Noah Reid, cementing her status as the internet’s favorite mom

From Home Alone to Schitt’s Creek, if there’s a celebrity who just embodies everything we love about moms, it’s Catherine O’Hara. And, as the internet’s favorite mom, she’s delighting us once again with her sweet, emotional reaction to a tribute video created for her by her Schitt’s Creek co-star, Noah Reid. You’re just going to have to watch this for yourself, but we’d advise grabbing a box of tissues to have on hand before you hit play.

The video was made to celebrate O’Hara receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award during the 2021 edition of Canada’s Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards. Reid was chosen to present the award to O’Hara, which he of course decided to do in song. In a sweet video that showed him playing a piano in a stunning, seaside locale, Reid serenaded O’Hara with Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You.”

That would have been a beautiful video on its own. But Reid decided to take his tribute to O’Hara a step further, performing the song while donning a rotating variety of silly, over-the-top, Moira-Rose-esque wigs. On a split screen, we got to see O’Hara watch the video for the first time, which means we got to see her lovely, emotional reaction. The legendary actor laughed through tears as she watched, which is pretty much the same reaction we had to watching that video for the first time.

After Reid wrapped up his performance, O’Hara was almost speechless.

“He obviously had a favorite,” she joked through her tears, referring to the blond, curly wig that Reid wore for most of the song. As someone off-screen handed her a much-needed tissue, O’Hara added, “I don’t blame him. Very flattering.”

If there’s anyone who deserved this award, it’s O’Hara. Her co-star and Schitt’s Creek creator Dan Levy agreed when he shared the video to Instagram, writing, “I will be watching this forever. Congratulations, dear Catherine!”

Congratulations, indeed. Now, excuse us while we play this video on repeat and enjoy the wholesomeness that is Catherine O’Hara, the only celebrity mom we need today.