Catherine O'Hara's At-Home Awards Acceptance Speech Is Perfection

by Christina Marfice
Catherina O'Hara's 'Schitt's Creek' Award Speech Is Extremely Moira
Schitt's Creek/Twitter

Catherine O’Hara proved with her acceptance speech why she deserves every award this season

Schitt’s Creek may be over (excuse us for a moment while we wipe away our tears), but the incredible cast of the show just continues to deliver the laughs we need to get through these times. This week, it was the heaven-sent gift that is Catherine O’Hara, who brilliantly played Moira Rose in the series. On Wednesday night, she won the Canadian Screen Award for best lead actress in a comedy series, and because this is a cast that takes social distancing seriously, she delivered her acceptance speech from home — and it was absolute perfection.

As some might say, it was “simply the best… better than all the rest.”

“Wow, thank you, kind Canadian Screen Academy members. I hope you and your families are well and enjoying the great indoors,” O’Hara began. And, well, that’s as far as she got before the orchestral music began to swell, signaling it was time for her to wrap things up. Even when acceptance speeches are given from home, the time limits on those things are a little bit ridiculous.

In true Moira Rose fashion, however, O’Hara attempted to continue her speech.

“What the fu— hell?” she said as the music began. “With my dear friend Eugene Levy and his infinitely talented son Daniel. And the wonderful writers and directors, and our dreamy castmates and crew members.”

At this point, as the music began to increase in both volume and intensity, O’Hara switched to singing the rest of her thanks, along with the tune of the wrap-it-up music, until she was eventually belting out the end of her speech. Oh, Moira. Never change.

The final season of Schitt’s Creek deserved every accolade it could possibly receive, and so far this awards season, that’s been a lot of them. In addition to O’Hara’s award — which she was accepting for the fifth year in a row — other members of the cast nabbed some pretty important recognition at this week’s virtual award show. Eugene Levy, who plays Moira’s husband Johnny Rose, won best lead actor in a comedy. And Emily Hampshire, who plays motel owner Stevie Budd, won best supporting actress in a comedy. The entire cast and crew of Schitt’s Creek can join in celebrating the fact that the show was also named Best Comedy Series. We can’t think of any show that deserves it more.