Here's How All Your Favorite Celebs Celebrated The Holidays On Instagram

by Christina Marfice
John Legend/The Rock/ARod/Instagram

Wondering how your favorite celebs celebrated the holidays? Here are all their best holiday wishes to their fans

The holidays are a time for friends, family, food, decorations, and a whole lot of love. And all our favorite celebrities were feeling the holiday spirit this year just as much as we were — we only need to look as far as their social media accounts to see that.

If you’ve ever wondered how the rich and famous spend Christmas, well, it’s pretty much like how the rest of us do. And thankfully, they all have Instagram accounts that give us a little window into how they spent this week.

Kylie Jenner put on some matching pajamas with her daughter, Stormi, and the two posed in front of their enormous Christmas tree — with presents still piled underneath — for a holiday photo.


Mariah Carey, the undisputed Queen of Christmas, also put on some cozy holiday PJs and held a photo shoot in front of her tree.

Jennifer Aniston spent the day with family and friends, commenting on how much love there was around the holidays. So sweet.

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton gifted us with a throwback video showing all the over-the-top glam holidays her family has celebrated.

Alex Rodriguez spent the day with his family in matching PJs — including Jennifer Lopez, who got a holiday smooch from her fiancé in front of the tree.

For The Rock, the holidays appear to be all about family, the ones showed up in all his Insta posts for the big day.

Jessica Simpson and her growing family snapped a holiday photo in front of their tree so they could share the cheer with their fans.

Same with Reese Witherspoon, who shared a photo of her gorgeous look-alike kids.


And another with extended fam.

Jennifer Garner’s Christmas video showed that even celebs face the same struggles we all do, as she battled with wrapping paper and tape on the floor in her sweatpants. That’s a mood.


John Legend shared a sweet photo with little Luna on his shoulders, and of course the two were wearing matching Elf themed PJs.

And Pink shared a photo of her family’s lit up tree, along with some of her favorite memories from past holidays.

No matter who you are, or what lifestyle you live, the holidays are a time that bring us all together while we all celebrate the same things. Merry belated Christmas to all of our favorite celebs.