Comedian's Hilarious Instagram Recreations Are So Much Better Than The Originals

by Ashley Austrew
Originally Published: 

This comedian parodies celebrity Instagram photos in the funniest possible way

If you’ve ever checked out a celebrity’s Instagram account and felt like your entire existence might be woefully inadequate, Australian comedian Celeste Barber has an important message for: that shit is totally fake.

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Since 2015, Barber has spent time curating a hilarious Instagram account where she recreates the most outlandish, ridiculous, and downright confusing celebrity photos on social media. You know, like that one time when Kim Kardashian inexplicably hung out on the side of a hill in her underwear:

Barber started posting the photos under the hashtag “Celeste Challenge Accepted” — meaning she sees the celeb photos as a challenge to look as ridiculous as possible — and tells Buzzfeed she wanted to make people laugh and “show how the majority of what we see from our idols is bullshit.”

She’s recreated photos of everyone from Victoria’s Secret models to Justin Bieber, and amassed over 400,000 followers in the process. People love her for her zero-fucks attitude and her commitment to keeping it real. She even made fun of that ridiculous bugaboo stroller ad from a few months ago.

As much as we don’t like to admit we’re swayed by what we see on social media, the constant onslaught of perfect bodies, perfect smiles, perfect homes, and perfectly filtered selfies does take its toll. I mean, sure, it’s ridiculous to see a model draped over her bathtub, staring at the drain with “come hither” eyes, but there’s still that little internal voice that thinks, “Oh God, my tub will never be that clean. Look at her legs! Whose abs are that toned? I need to dye my hair blonde and get eyelash extensions and botox my entire body, stat.

Social media has given people the ability to hide their flaws and to self-promote like never before. Barber’s photos are a much-needed reality check in a world that tells us we should always be dressed to the nines and posing in our own bathrooms like we’re doing a photoshoot for Vogue. Her photos are a complete fail, but in the very best way, and they make our normal lives fully of granny panties, tan lines, tummy flab, and Netflix feel that much cooler.

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