Channing Tatum To Play The Mermaid In ‘Splash’ Remake. This Is Not A Drill

by Jerriann Sullivan
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Channing Tatum, Jillian Bell to star in the Disney remake

Channing Tatum is set to star as a merman in a remake of “Splash,” making ladies everywhere say “take my money.”

It’s like producers knew we couldn’t tear ourselves away from our “Magic Mike” DVDs for a night out at the theater. Disney’s handling the remake of the 1984 classic and Tatum will play Daryl Hannah’s character. In the original film, the mermaid saved a young boy from drowning who then fell in love with her later in life. “The mermaid returns 20 years later … and gives him the option between his life on land or a life under the sea with her,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Who could say no to a glistening Tatum and a magical sea life together? While we haven’t read the script, it’s safe to say that basic story line will be there but now with a merman. Jillian Bell will play the character Tom Hanks made famous back in the day. A shirtless Tatum feature is essentially a guaranteed box office hit nowadays, and we’re not complaining. Ron Howard, who directed the original, will also be on hand as a producer to make sure Tatum’s portrayal of a love-struck merman is flawless.

Hot bodies aside, Tatum’s also a fabulous choice because he’s got that down-to-earth vibe that America loves in their movie stars. He routinely shares sentimental photos of his wife, Jenna Dewan, and their daughter Everly Tatum on social media sites. His ability to be hot and family friendly will definitely help ensure “Splash” is a success.

If you’re a Tatum fan, then you’ve probably seen “22 Jump Street,” which featured a much more covered up version of America’s favorite Hollywood hunk. Bell and Tatum had the chance to work together on that film. The friends got together again when Tatum guest starred on Bell’s Comedy Central show “Idiotsitter.” The choice to not cast a Hollywood starlet and instead an actress whose career started in improv and included a writing stint for “Saturday Night Live” is pretty much a guarantee that the movie will also be hilarious.

Growing up in Florida, my friends and I were obsessed with the ocean and pretty convinced mermaids existed so the 80’s “Splash” was a big hit in our houses. Having it reimagined with Tatum in the lead role should be spectacular. Kids will likely re-watch it, again and again, imagining their potential life under the sea just like we did.

And if not, their moms will.

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