Chrissy Teigen Mom-Shamed For Taking A Bath With Her Kids, Because Of Course

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Chrissy Teigen snapped a picture with her kids and the comments about it are completely ridiculous

Everybody know there are naked families (where being naked around the house is fine) and not-naked families (where it’s not). And these two groups are now battling it out in the comments section of Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram, where the model and cookbook author posted a selfie while in the tub with her two kids, Luna, 5, and Miles, 3.

In the picture, Teigen is sandwiched between her kiddos in the bath, bubbles covering her chest, smiling at the camera. The caption reads, “Not pictured: endless bickering,” in her tell-parenting-like-it-is way.

That should have been the end of it, and everyone should have said, “aw, cute” and continued scrolling, but of course that did not happen. Lots of people had lots of opinions on how Teigen is raising her kids, as if someone asked them, and the mom-shaming took off immediately at full speed.

The post has been liked over 420,000 times, which is great, but a good number of the 3,300 comments are critical.

First, they came to shame her for being in the bath naked with her children.

“Totally inappropriate,” reads one comment, ostensibly written by the Appropriateness Police.

“It’s not appropriate to have her son in the tub with her,” another writes, as if they were asked for their thoughts and feelings on the matter.

“Um this is strange,” writes another, who has a very weird concept of what strange is.

Then people piled on more shame, this time about sharing a selfie from the bath on Insta.

“Hope you have gotten all the attention, you were looking for with this picture,” says someone who likes to spend their free time shaming celebrities and misusing commas.

“Attention seeking,” someone else writes. “Kids don’t have a choice to keep pics like this private when you post online. I’m sure you were boozed up in this pic as well,” they add puzzlingly.


But about as many comments were supportive and normal — and made really great points about mom-shaming and body-shaming.

“Not normalizing nudity and the naked body is how kids end up with body dysmorphia, poor body image, and shame, I can’t believe people think this is inappropriate! Honestly shocking,” writes one person.


“People who think this is inappropriate or weird have some of their psychological issues of their own, please don’t project. This is completely normal,” says another.

“People are so ridiculous! That is her 3yo son that she gave birth to!!! Y’all act like he is freakin 22 sitting in the bath with his mama. Please go somewhere with that foolishness,” writes another.

While Teigen often claps back at her critics, she’s remained quiet so far. Maybe because she’s doing something completely scandalous, like feeding her kids fast food or letting them stay up past their bedtime.