Sarah Aswell

Sarah Aswell is Senior Editor at Scary Mommy, where she leads the news and trending team as well as Scary Mommy Book Club. She also regularly contributes humor, essays, and original interviews to the site.

A humor writer and stand-up comedian, Sarah’s work has appeared in places like The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, National Lampoon, MAD Magazine, Reductress, Funny or Die, and more. Her writing about comedy, entertainment, and parenting has appeared in Vulture, Forbes, USA Today, Vice, The Advocate, Healthline, and Working Mother Magazine, to name a few. She’s also written creatively for brands like Nike, Expedia, Aflac, KitchenAid, and Facebook.

An award-winning journalist, Sarah received her BA in English from Grinnell College and her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Montana. She’s also the founder of Revival Comedy, a non-profit organization that runs comedy workshop and shows that center women and marginalized groups.

Sarah lives in Missoula, Montana, with her two daughters and slightly too many cats. She has been voted Missoula’s Best Stand-Up Comedian four years in a row and was recently named one of the Best Unknown Comedians in America by Thrillist, which is one of those insults that sounds like a compliment.

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a tough one

A Mom Wants To Know If She Should Allow Her Teen Daughter To Diet

BySarah Aswell

"My husband is telling me that I should allow her to do what she wants."

jesus no

Oklahoma Requires That The Bible Is Taught In Every Public School

BySarah Aswell

And every classroom will be required to have a Bible in it, effective immediately.

creative solution?

A SAHM Asked Her Husband To Do More Chores Around The House — He Hired A Cleaner Instead

BySarah Aswell

The money came out of their joint budget and she is not happy.

that was fast

A Stay-At-Home Dad Wants To Quit After 9 Weeks

BySarah Aswell

He promised his wife, a doctor, that he would stay home if they had a child.


Reddit Determined The Top 25 Rising (And Falling) Baby Names Of 2024

BySarah Aswell

They analyzed the names that are popping up the most in their baby name forums, and the picks are surprising.

love you so much

The Internet Is Celebrating Gift-Giving SINK Aunts — And They Deserve It

BySarah Aswell

Only the truly blessed have the love of a Single Income, No Kids aunt.

get better soon

Kate Middleton Shares Emotional Health Update

BySarah Aswell

The Princess of Wales announced she’ll attend the king’s birthday celebration over the weekend.

so that's who it is

A Mom Is Trying To Explain Why She Doesn't Return Her Shopping Cart And It's Not Going Well

BySarah Aswell

No one is putting up with her reasoning.

smart gun laws now

Sandy Hook Principal Remembers Shooting Victims In Moving Moment

BySarah Aswell

Many of the 60 graduating survivors plan to continue to fight for stronger gun laws.


‘Bridgerton’ Actor Nicola Coughlan Had The Perfect Response To Being Called ‘Brave’

BySarah Aswell

This is for every woman who has dealt with backhanded comments about her body.

tit for tat?

A Man Refuses To Cook Dinner Unless His Wife Makes Him Breakfast

BySarah Aswell

Should he be more understanding of her busy morning schedule? Or is it a fair trade?

women defending women

Taylor Swift Defends Lady Gaga As Both Artists Confront Pregnancy Rumors

BySarah Aswell

“Can we all agree that it’s invasive & irresponsible to comment on a woman’s body,” Swift wrote in part.

hulk go school!

Kim Kardashian Is All Moms Trying To Get Her Kids To School By Any Means Necessary

BySarah Aswell

"Can't fight the fight today. Hulk it is!"

yes or no?

A Dad Wonders If He Should Throw A GED ‘Graduation Party’ For His Daughter

BySarah Aswell

He doesn't think a celebration is deserved.

a bad trend

Baby Name Nerds Explain The ‘Quintessential Disliked’ Baby Name Of The Moment

BySarah Aswell

A mom asked if Reddit liked her baby's name, and she got a response she was not looking for.

one, two, three!

This Summer, I'm Always Jumping In

BySarah Aswell

What if I reclaimed a child’s attitude for swimming, just for one summer?


People Are Sharing Pictures Of Costco Food Court Menus From Around The World

BySarah Aswell

Be prepared to be angry and jealous and hungry all at the same time.

need one

Venus Williams Has Her Own Barbie Doll Now

BySarah Aswell

The tennis great is one of nine athletes who have been transformed into Barbie dolls by Mattel.

as if we need a reason

Target Is Reducing Prices On 5,000 Items, Starting Now

BySarah Aswell

The move may be aimed at winning back shoppers feeling the strain of inflation and high prices.

now do pacific cooler

Capri Sun Will Be Available Outside The Pouch For The First Time Ever

BySarah Aswell

You can now buy the juice by the jug.