Sarah Aswell

Sarah Aswell is the Special Projects Editor at Scary Mommy, where she contributes her editing and writing across the website and runs Scary Mommy Book Club.

A humor writer and stand-up comedian, Sarah’s work has appeared in places like The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, National Lampoon, MAD Magazine, Reductress, Funny or Die, and more. Her writing about comedy, entertainment, and parenting has appeared in Vulture, Forbes, USA Today, Vice, The Advocate, and Working Mother Magazine, to name a few.

Sarah lives in Missoula, Montana, with her two daughters and slightly too many cats. She was recently named one of the best unknown comedians in America by Thrillist, which is one of those insults that sounds like a compliment.

Follow Sarah on Twitter at @sarahaswell and/or check out her comedy at

you want how much!?

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Disney+ Will Add More Affordable Ad-Supported Subscription Options This Year

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A Mourning Mom And Scientist Has Likely Pinpointed The Exact Cause Of SIDS

A breakthrough study has likely determined the cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, a discovery that could save lives in the future.

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If You Have A Trans Or Nonbinary Child, Here’s How To Protect Their Rights

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Researchers Find Simple Vitamins & Minerals May Help Many Kids With ADHD

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All The Ways Abortion Rights Are Vital For Parents

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Google Will Now Let You Limit Ads About Parenting, Pregnancy, Dating & Weight Loss

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Ant Anstead And Christina Hall Are Locked In A Child Custody Battle

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An 'Encanto' Sing-Along Show Is Touring The U.S. This Summer

Watch the film and sing along with a live band — in 32 different cities.

Don't make me say it twice

LOL, Science Finds That Teen Brains Literally Tune Out Mom's Voice

The good news: They aren't *just* being jerks. There's a pretty cool reason.

It's only fair

Italian Court Rules That Babies Should Get A Surname From Each Parent

The ruling replaces the common tradition of babies automatically getting their father's surname.


Moderna Asks FDA To Approve COVID-19 Vaccine For Kids Under 6

The company is also asking for approval of its other two vaccines for kids under 18.