Twitter Parents Get Real With Chrisy Teigen About The Dreaded Crib-To-Bed Transition

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Twitter/Instagram/Chrissy Teigen

Changing up a toddler’s sleeping routine can be a nightmare

When it comes to parents crowdsourcing for tips from other parents, it’s mostly parents of babies and toddlers looking for advice. And there’s a reason for that. Because when your littlest ones are unhappy, no one in the house is happy. Even Chrissy Teigen knows a toddler having a tough time can completely unbalance an entire household — especially a toddler going through the big crib-to-bed transition.

Teigen took to her Twitter account to admit she’s a little nervous about shaking up her 2-year-old daughter’s bedtime routine by introducing a “big kid bed,” but also knows it’s inevitable. So she crowdsourced other parents, looking for some input.

“I uhhh can tell it’s not gonna be an easy transition just wanna mentally prepare,” she said about making the big switch with her daughter, Luna.

The answers she got were, unsurprisingly, blunt and honest. Because let’s be real, here, even if your kid is laid back and a total sport about most things — this is a big deal, and they’re gonna have even bigger feelings about it.

One mom even shared her son’s less-than-ideal reaction to his “big boy bed.” LOL.

Most parents were just keeping it real.

Even Jenna Dewan got in on it, because again — when you’ve been there, you know it’s now your duty to help those in the trenches.

My daughter is almost three-and-a-half now, and I remember thinking the most nerve-wracking thing in the world was finally putting her in her crib in her own room to sleep instead of a bassinet in our room. Wrong. Toddlers, unlike infants, will tell you when and why they’re pissed off and will slowly destroy what remains of your sanity in a way a sweet, cooing baby does not.

That being said, the “big kid bed” transition wasn’t nearly as rough as I was expecting. She came with us to pick it out, we talked about it a lot, and once it was delivered we set it up and she seemed so excited. She noticed us taking down her crib and she got sad for a hot minute, and then she was over it. And this all went down right around her third birthday — because my kid loooooved her crib and never once showed any interest in climbing out of it. So I left it alone until I felt we were all ready for it.

Most pediatricians seem to agree that your child’s readiness is most important here, rather than age. Though if they’re climbing out of the crib, no matter what age they are, they’ve gotta get out of it and move on to a safer sleeping arrangement. For many families, this means a bed of their own. Many kids make the big transition between the ages of two and three, give or take.

While moving out of the crib is inevitable at different points for every kiddo, parents everywhere need to be prepared for the independence bed-sleeping gives your little one. Like “let’s wake up at dawn and watch Dora because I’ve been walking around my room on my own for a half hour while you were still asleep” independence. You’ve been warned.