Chrissy Teigen's Latest Parenting Decision Brings All The Sanctimommies To The Yard

by Valerie Williams
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Chrissy Teigen shares plans to hire a night nurse and it brings the Sanctimommies out in droves.

The first few weeks of parenthood are a daze of sleepless nights, a crying infant and for a mom, the physical recovery after a vaginal birth or c-section. If you had a chance to get some help during the night so you could actually sleep more than an hour or two at a stretch, wouldn’t you take it? Maybe not all moms would, but Chrissy Teigen recently admitted she’s planning to use a night nurse when her baby is born. And to that we say, more power to her.

Chrissy recently told Us Weekly about the best parenting advice she’s received so far. “The recommendation of a night nurse! It’s pretty unanimous. Everyone was like, ‘If you can do it, do it.’ So we’re going for it!”

Totally reasonable, right? The adorable couple, captured in a recent Instagram snap by Teigen’s mom, sound like they have their plan in place.

But because the internet is what it is, people had to criticize them for it. Everyone knows your own decisions about how to be a parent are only valid if you tear apart someone else’s choice. It’s science. Here are a few comments from Facebook:

Must be nice… I was up every 30 minutes with my four month old son and his two year old sister… get your lazy ass up and take care of your own child that’s not a nurse that’s a nanny.

To each is their own but she will miss out on some special moments and memories. It never bothered me to get up at night with my babies. People are lazy.

Get your ass up and take care of your own baby.

Lovely, right? And a few people tweeted at Teigen herself. For maximum mom-shaming.

Is there a medal somewhere in the Parenting Olympics for losing the most sleep? Or being the biggest martyr? Last we checked, that’s a big no. If you have the resources and desire to hire someone to help during the night when you’re exhausted and overwrought you definitely should. Some chide Teigen for “missing out” and that she won’t properly bond with her infant if she has help at 2:00am and that is just fucking nonsense.

Not to mention, does anyone lose sleep (see what I did there) over dads not getting up at night? It’s a common trope to chortle at how dads keep sleeping while mom gets up with the baby and no one seems bothered. If a woman has help from a night nurse, she can just feed the baby and drift back to sleep, letting the nurse change the baby’s diaper and get the baby back to sleep. What’s wrong with a mom getting some sleep at night?

If a new mom has the ability to rest at night, she totally should. That way, she can be less zombie-like and get in all kinds of fun bonding during the day. No mother should be shamed for getting extra help during the night and as Chrissy says in a tweet responding to the criticism, she intends to be there for those nighttime moments anyway.

Not that she needs to justify it to anyone, but it sounds like Teigen and her husband plan to use the night nurse to help them acclimate to parenthood in addition to maybe getting a little more sleep, which sounds amazing. New parents definitely feel a little clueless at times and being exhausted only makes it worse. It must be wonderful to have a calm and experienced person around to aid new parent jitters during the night.

Anyone criticizing Teigen is probably just envious of her good fortune because her plan sounds like an absolute dream. If you’re happy and fulfilled waking at all hours without help, congratulations. If a mom doesn’t want to and has another way, she should go for it. You do you, Chrissy. Everyone else needs to back off and worry about their own parenting.

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