Chrissy Teigen Falling Asleep At The Oscars Is Any Parent Trying To Get Through A Night Out

by Julie Scagell
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Just when we think we couldn’t love her anymore, Chrissy Teigen naps at the Oscars

Every parent knows how precious sleep is. With three kids ranging in age from five to 13, my sleep schedule in the past decade can best be described on a sliding scale of what the hell was that? to nonexistent. Parents consider late nights on the town with the same deliberation of getting a face tattoo. Look no further than Chrissy Teigen at last night’s Oscars if you want a picture perfect vision of a parent just trying to get through one of those late nights out.

No one loves Monday mornings. For those of us who stayed up to watch the 89th annual Academy Awards, we really dislike this particular Monday morning. Chrissy Teigen, who always seems to nail parenting better than anyone, was no exception this time with a mid-Oscar nap. While Casey Affleck was giving his acceptance speech for Best Actor, the model and mother to ten-month-old daughter Luna, was spotted taking a quick siesta on husband John Legend’s shoulder.

In the middle of a show broadcast throughout the world to millions of people with cameras everywhere, Chrissy Teigen took a nap. We love this woman. We love her so hard.

Hey, we get it. The speeches can get long, there are a million awards to get through and it takes awhile when you have to sit through two sets of Best Picture speeches. We just wished we looked this good asleep.

It’s no small feat to get a new parent out for a late night on the town. Hell, I can barely make it to the ten o’clock news most nights. Even when I am out, I find myself counting backwards the entire time—If I leave now, I can be in bed by midnight. This gives me a solid six hours of sleep before my five year-old wakes us up with his ever so sweet morning ritual of screaming APPLE JUICE into the abyss at the top of his lungs. When you become a parent, your entire world revolves around your children, including your sleep schedule. If Teigen can sneak in a little shut eye when the opportunity arises, we say more power to her.

The Internet agreed and Twitter was buzzing about the now-famous snooze:

Chrissy finally commented on the nap herself, in typical hilarious Teigen fashion:

Can we add a category to next year’s Oscars called ‘I Don’t Give A Rat’s Ass What You Think?’ Because we’re pretty sure Teigen would walk away a winner.

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