Chrissy Teigen Is Pregnant Again And Announced It In The Cutest Way Possible

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Luna helped announce her mom’s pregnancy

Everyone remain calm, but we have big news. Chrissy Teigen, our absolute favorite celebrity mom, is pregnant with baby number two! This is exciting news for many reasons, because of course, new babies are always exciting. But Teigen and husband John Legend have long been open about their struggles to conceive, so this news is just that much sweeter for fans of the superstar couple.

Teigen picked, where else, Instagram to announce her family’s impending new addition and used her family’s most adorable member to help share the news. Brace yourself — this is a whole lot of cute.

Yes, that is sweet, toddlerly Luna pointing to her momma’s belly and shrieking, “baby!”

Be still our hearts.

As is her way, Teigen injected a little humor in the announcement with the caption, “it’s John’s!”

And it’s likely that humor that’s helped the couple through the harder times of trying to get pregnant with Luna, with the pair ultimately using IVF to help them conceive. In the process, Teigen has deflected all manner of social media haters who had far too much to say about another woman’s uterus — and we’re positive they’ll have more to say as she goes through her next pregnancy.

This time, she can also get people riled up over her thoughts on motherhood with a toddler and a baby, and judging by her total honesty about all things pregnancy and baby the last time around, we can get ready for more of the same once again.

Teigen hasn’t shared any details yet as far as due date or the baby’s sex, but we have no doubt she will clue us in as time goes on. She’s famously shared plenty about life as a mom, and we can’t wait to hear more as her beautiful family goes from three to four. Congrats!

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