Chrissy Shares 20-Month Pic of Miles -- And Shuts Up A Troll

by Valerie Williams
Steve Granitz/Getty, Chrissy Teigen/Instagram and Johansson85/Twitter

Chrissy Teigen handily shot down a troll who commented on Miles’ designer outfit

If you’re a celebrity sharing photos of your kids with the general public, you’re going to get a certain amount of flak. After all, there’s total strangers who seemingly think their cruel comments and unsolicited opinions matter to famous folks and they dispense their wisdom at will. Unlike most celebs who don’t respond to the noise, Chrissy Teigen often has a snappy comeback for the morons who come for her — or her kids.

The latest instance of internet people being idiots comes after Teigen shared an adorable photo of Miles to celebrate the little guy hitting 20 months old. He posed with a chalkboard highlighting all his stats. He has 12 teeth, loves a book about superheroes, and adores his big sister Luna. Way too cute, right?

Well of course, someone didn’t think so. A Twitter troll decided to question Teigen for having the absolute nerve to put her child in a designer outfit — Gucci, to be exact.

The troll posed the question on a totally unrelated tweet, and in true Chrissy fashion, she called him the heck out. They asked, “Was it necessary for you to buy your son a Gucci track suit?” and she replied, “yea bitch.”

A lot to unpack here, but first of all, why? Why even ask? Teigen is famous and has famous friends — even if she didn’t use her own hard-earned money, it’s entirely possible someone bought the outfit as a baby gift. Also, people can spend their money however they please, and owe an explanation to exactly no one.

Of course, Teigen was met with plenty of support for her perfectly snarky comeback.


I mean, of all things to comment on, why this petty nonsense? How about his tiny body leaning into the sign like a little man? How about his wee boots? Or the fact that he looks like if you took a shrink ray to his dad, John Legend. Or maybe if all you can think of is garbage, just say nothing at all?

But it’s not the first time a troll has come for the Teigen-Legend clan, and it won’t be the last. Good thing Chrissy is sharp as a tack when it comes to silencing anyone dumb enough to come for her and hers.