Be Extra AF This Season With This Christmas Tree Costume

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Is your family resisting putting up the Christmas tree early? Maybe this is a good opportunity to purchase an enormous Christmas tree costume with gift box feet

Are you bummed that Halloween is over, but also excited for Christmas? Boy, do we have the retail item for you. Walmart is currently offering a six-foot-high, dimensional Christmas tree costume, complete with present-shaped shoe toppers just in case you wanted to feel as extra as possible.

The polyester tree is decked out with red ball ornaments, tinsel, and of course a shining star tree topper. It sells for $59.99, which might sound like a lot for a novelty costume until you start to think of all of the possibilities that come with it: wearing it to holiday parties, winning costume contests, embarrassing your children. Suddenly ugly Christmas sweaters and light-up Christmas necklaces seem dull in comparison.

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If, for some reason that we absolutely can’t imagine, the above Christmas tree costume is too much for you, there are still some other slightly more subtle items available. Walmart is offering a Christmas tree dress this season, which is a little more flattering for your figure and also easier to get up stairs and through doors.

The green three-tiered dress is covered in “ornaments” and comes with a jaunty pointed hat complete with a star on top. Pair it with some red or brown tights and matching shoes, and you’re ready to be the cutest conifer at your work holiday party or family event. Or PTO meeting, go nuts.

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Priced at just over $30, it’s also more affordable than a lot of holiday dresses anyway. And if you don’t want to talk to a party guest? Maybe you can just stand really still and blend.

For those of you who don’t want to dress like a tree — we know there are probably at least a couple of you out there — there are still a few good options for Christmas costuming. Walmart also carries elf costuming supplies, for both men and women, including vests, hats, and extremely jolly shoe toppers.

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You can get the hat and shoe toppers for less than ten bucks and spread a priceless amount of joy. Stuff your loved one into an inflatable Santa costume and your family will be ready to roll through the holidays.

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And when it’s time for sleeping, we recommend forcing your entire family into matching pajamas.

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