From The Confessional: These Moms Secretly Hate Everyone At Church

by Cassandra Stone
Pascal Deloche/Godong/Getty

Church is for loving the Lord and hating on your enemies, tbh

For many people, going to church is as ingrained in their regular routine as tying one’s shoes or watching the latest episode of The Bachelor. It’s a place to socialize, to worship, to feel a sense of peace and belonging, and, for many moms in the ol’ Confessional, it’s a place to hate almost every single person who attends.

From the hypocritical Karens to the science-denying Sarahs, there’s a personality type for almost everyone there. Of course, church can be full of warm, loving, inclusive people — but that’s not what this Confessional post is all about. So grab your Bible and buckle up.

Haven't been to church since February of last year. I am sure my husband and kids think I'm going to hell, but I just can't be around hypocrites anymore.

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I used to be a leader in my church. Now that I see their severe disregard towards covid protocols, I want nothing to do with them. Even if conspiracy theories were true, I can’t get behind a group that willingly ignores the well being of our neighbors

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I got kicked out of my church small group because I said I wasn’t comfortable meeting in person with spiking cases in our state.

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For whatever reason, churches have been some of the biggest places to breed misinformation about the pandemic. Can anyone say “superspreader event?” Many aren’t even requiring masks inside. It’s no wonder so many people are so fed up with Christians who won’t look out for their communities or love their neighbors enough to protect them.

Church is turning my mother into a Trumper and now I'd like to die if embarrassment because she said as much in public

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I volunteered and taught other people’s kids at church for years. Never been thanked and not a single person has checked on me since COVID began. I thought that being involved in activities would help me make friends, but I was wrong.

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I am going to get kicked out of my church home group because I’m not comfortable with in-person gatherings right now.

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Today there was a special announcement to be made at church. I got excited thinking they were finally going to announce the bitchy lady pastor was retiring. Nope! Got my hopes up for nothing! Hate that lady.

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Cherry-picking Bible ideals to fit your life while condemning others (homosexuality is an “abomination” but adultery is forgiveable), treating people in power (like pastors and deacons) better than the common church-goer, and preaching tolerance while condemning those who don’t conform are all valid, common reasons people aren’t into the typical Christian church scene.

Every Sunday I come up with an excuse to skip church. I think my family is starting to realize I am not really sick... every Sunday. Lol

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Went to church for the first time in a long time. Rude greeters. THIS is one reason I hate church.

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I was active and volunteered regularly at church before the shutdown. Not a single “friend has checked in with me since— except now someone texted and asked if I could watch her kids while she goes on an adult vacation. That’s a hell no from me.”

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I was raised as a Christian school student, 2 days a week church goer. I can’t stand Christians now and do not associate with them nor teach my children anything to do with that awful cult. As far as I’m concerned, I escaped

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Church is also a very big in-person, extroverted activity. That’s not for everyone, even if they like church generally! Extroverted church-goers who pressure people into every fundraiser, bake sale, Bible study, and prayer chain can be…a lot.

I used to be super religious ,church every week and I had a lot of faith. I’ve been pretty much agnostic for the past 5 years, & I couldn't give a shit about Easter. Celebrate for the children, and it’s just a fun day for chocolate and egg hunting.

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My dh goes to church all the time (when things are normal) but can barely talk to our neighbors. I would rather spend time with neighbors who don’t know the Lord and share the good news.

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I don’t miss church at all. I am aggravated that leaders are figuring out Zoom. Could we just have a few weeks off?? Think dh, an elder, feels the same.

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The women at my church all hang out together and literally never invite me. Yet I’m good enough to watch their kids when they’re in a bind. So sick of being taken advantage of.

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The pandemic has made a lot of these moms realize that even if they do like the idea of church, actually going isn’t necessarily a good time or right for them. Whether it’s a little break from the weekly routine of services, or a permanent disassociation from church people altogether, many moms are just not digging The Church Scen any longer.

fuck you, Catholic church. fuck you for taking the joy out of our marriage.

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I grew up going to church, but I can’t stand most “Christians anymore. Pretty sure Jesus would be horrified by the behavior and attitudes of many, many of those who claim to be most devoted to Him.”

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Well-off GF and her DH are all over FB asking for donations to go on their church's "mission trip" to country near equator. I want to yell at them to just pay for their own damn vacation and stop asking everyone else to pay for it!!

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My husband and son are at church. I’m watching the Real Housewives of OC reunion

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