Dad Nails The Real Issue With No Changing Tables In Men's Rooms

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Vudhikul Ocharoen/Getty Images

Basically the burden of public diaper changes should fall on all parents regardless of gender

Changing tables should be installed in every men’s room anywhere, ever. Bottom line. No ifs, ands, or butts about it. Unfortunately, that’s not the case — even in 2018, when dads are more involved in childrearing than ever. The fact that so many men’s restrooms are without changing tables is incredibly frustrating for dads as well as moms. Why? Just ask educator and dad Clint Smith.

Smith shared his grievances about the lack of changing rooms found in men’s rooms on Twitter. But more than that, he perfectly outlined exactly why it’s a huge societal problem in more ways than one.

Yes. And YES. When my husband is out with our daughter — which is often, because he is a fully competent human adult — they are both often relegated to the dreaded Car Diaper Change. It’s not really fun for either of them, especially in the dead of winter.

Sure, on the surface it’s “just a changing table.” But really, like Smith says, it’s so much more. Only having changing tables in women’s rooms just complies with decades of conditioned sexism and stereotypical gender roles. Aside from dads out alone with their kids, what about families without a mom, period? Or if an uncle or grandpa wanted to take their favorite little ones out in public without the genteel presence of the fairer sex? Christ, whatever would they do?

Smith’s thread resonated with plenty of parents on Twitter.

Raise your hand if you’re a parent and have ever felt instantly violent whenever asked this question.

Another solution is just more “family” changing rooms, period, where any member of any gender can just roll in and take care of their kids’ business.

In one small step for children who need to be freshly diapered, New York became the first state to require all public restrooms to have changing tables. Here’s hoping more cities, businesses, restaurants, and public restrooms everywhere soon follow suit.