Here's Where You Can Take Your Worst Enemy

by Meredith Bland
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Visit the Clown Motel in Nevada, home of the devil’s jesters

Do you have an enemy who has unwittingly let slip that their kryptonite is clowns? Or, perhaps, do you have an enemy who doesn’t have a fear of clowns, but you would like to create one to use against them later? Well, boy, do we have the place for you.

Off in the desert town of Tonopah, Nevada, located right next door to a cemetery because of course it is, is the Clown Motel. Owners Bob and Deborah Perchetti have remodeled the over twenty-year-old motel into “one of Tonopahs best and most interesting motels,” according to the motel’s Facebook page. The Perchettis, who call the motel “quaint” and “family-oriented” because they have, apparently, made some sort of arrangement with the clowns regarding procurement, have gone all in on the clown theme. Indeed, there are clowns everywhere — on the signs, on the room numbers, and, we can only assume, hiding quietly under the beds.

But to really get the full experience, one must spend a little time in the wood-paneled cavern of terror known as the motel office.

According to Elite Daily, there are over 500 clowns in this room alone.

Quick: what do you call a group of clowns? Trick question – it’s actually the sound you make while fleeing a group of clowns.

This pleasant guy is there to welcome you to this Nope-tel. (He’s smiling because he’s planning to murder you.)

The motel even sells clown noses, in case you want to try to blend in and trick the clowns into thinking you’re one of their own as you try to sneak your way past them, holding onto the ice scraper that is conveniently sold in the basket below as your only weapon.

So if there’s someone in your life who deserves a little punishment, tell them you know a great little place they can stay in a small town located a convenient 211 miles from Las Vegas. Tell them if they see a kind of professional entertainer, then they’ve reached the right place, but if they pass the cemetery they’re still okay because it’s the same place.

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