A Non-Tech Toy That Will Maybe Allow You To Drink Your Own Coffee While It's Hot

by Sara Farrell Baker
Sara Farrell Baker

Any toys that are kitchen or household related are very big in my house lately. Actual housework is not something my kids willingly engage in, but they will fake sweep and pretend to wash dishes until all the fake dirt in Imagination Land is gone and we are only left with our abundant supply of real dirt here in the world.

This coffee set has been a huge hit ever since we took it out of the box. I don’t drink coffee (believe me, I wish I did), and my kids have never been in a coffee shop aside from walking by the Starbucks counter inside of our Target. I don’t think they even know that coffee is made there. They only ever notice the cake pops.

Sara Farrell Baker

But for some reason, they automatically knew what this toy was all about as soon as they started playing with it. They play “coffee shop” and my son is constantly fretting because the pod for the mocha coffee keeps rolling under the couch, and he needs to make a large iced mocha for his father before he gets home from work.

It is a super cute play set. There are little coffee pods to go with the Keurig-style coffee maker, and ice cubes, sugar, and cream. A spoon to stir the coffee in the mugs and a sturdy card with all the menu options complete an immersive baby barista experience. I really like that all of the pieces are solid wood. They feel sturdy, and I don’t cringe every time my daughter launches a sugar packet across the room.

Sara Farrell Baker

Might this be indoctrinating my children into caffeine culture? Sure. But I am confident the actual taste of coffee, which makes me want to remove my taste buds and shake them out over a trash can, will be deterrent enough should they try to down a cup of joe.

This makes a unique and sweet addition to any kitchen set. Get it for the child of your sleep-deprived mom friend (all of them?) on their next birthday as a wink to your tired pal. She and her kids can toast each other in the morning, and maybe she can even drink her own coffee while it’s still hot as they play.

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