11 Cool, Smart Coloring Pages For Teenage Girls

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Coloring pages for teen girls
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Do you remember your teen years? TBH, we can’t help but cringe over all that our teen years entailed: the big feelings (that needed big coping skills), the thin brows, the low jeans, and the epic amounts of Sun In. We tried so hard to fit in but stand out and to be pretty but not get too much attention. We worried about everything from boys to being ready for our first day of schoolevery single year. Girls today are no different. During their teen years, girls go through significant and sometimes shocking bodily changes during puberty. They’ll start their periods and have to learn to keep track of all of that. Some will fall in love with people who love them and others who don’t. Your teen may struggle with body image. Or engage in risky behavior. And all of this will happen before they turn into beautiful, strong, and independent women. Sometimes a girl just needs to shut down, unwind, and unleash with all of that going on. Our suggestion? Coloring pages for teenage girls.

Coloring is so popular that we offer everything from butterfly coloring pages to whale coloring pages. These pages, though, are specifically for teen girls. We’ve thrown in some wise words from phenomenal women, too, to give their confidence a bit of a boost. It’s so vital for our girls to remember that strong women like Frida Kahlo, Malala Yousafzai, and even Beyoncé were once awkward teenage girls, too. (Wellll, maybe not Yoncé.) Who knows. You may even get her talking.

If you do, keep the conversation going as the two of you tackle our collection of aesthetic coloring pages, VSCO coloring pages, and trippy coloring pages.

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Teenage Girls

Coloring Page No. 1

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Teenage girls get pressure from everywhere. At any given moment, your daughter might feel pulled in a million different directions, making her wonder if she can ever live up to expectations. Use this time together to remind her she is enough. She is always enough.

Coloring Page No. 2

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School social dynamics can be impossibly tricky. Remind your teen, though, that even an artist as iconic as Frida Kahlo struggled with bullying at one point. After catching the poliovirus as a child, Kahlo missed months of school. Her right leg also became thinner and shorter than her left. When she returned to school after such a long hiatus, the other kids picked on her for her limp. But Kahlo’s dad helped get her involved in sports, which ultimately rebuilt the strength in her leg. And she went on to become one of the most self-aware, successful artists in recent history! Frida was also known as the wife of famous painter Diego Rivera.

Coloring Page No. 3

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On the subject of self-awareness, it’s one of the most complex attributes to master during your teen years. Give your teen a piece of advice from Queen B(eyoncé): “We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead.”

Coloring Page No. 4

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Teenage girls may catch a lot of flack, but their generation is laudably conscious about things like social justice and the environment. So, now is an ideal time to discuss intersectional feminism with your daughter. Kick off the convo with this observation from the youngest Nobel Prize laureate to date, activist Malala Yousafzai: “I raise up my voice — not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.” And let’s all take the time to appreciate the fashion in this picture, like her bamboo earrings. Did you know hoop earrings date back to 2500 B.C.E in Nubia?

Coloring Page No. 5

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Did you know that our brains experience a major rewiring in adolescence? This occurs so we can process thoughts more efficiently and eliminate any unnecessary connections. Interestingly, though, the regions of the brain in charge of planning and decision-making are finished last. What does this mean? Teens are essentially hard-wired to take risks. While this can cause trouble from time to time, it doesn’t always have to be negative. Encourage your daughter to take reasonable risks, like going out for the part she wants in the school play or auditioning for her dream music school.

Coloring Page No. 6

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You can’t get your teen to go to sleep early, and you can’t get them to wake up early either. What gives? Well, they actually have a solid excuse here. In a teenager’s brain, melatonin — the hormone that causes sleepiness — gets released later in the evening. It also lingers for longer the next day. Plus, your teen’s rapidly expanding brain needs sleep! So, try to ensure your daughter gets between eight and ten hours of shut-eye each night.

Coloring Page No. 7

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While studies show teens are less likely to join clubs than we were during our youth, they are less lonely than we were. Research finds that loneliness in teenagers has steadily declined since 1978. One fantastic way to foster your teen’s social nature? Suggest that they take on a pen pal their age in another country. Making a friend from another culture is a beautiful form of connection and one that can provide invaluable perspective for your daughter.

Coloring Page No. 8

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If you’ve ever joked to your teen that sometimes it feels like what you say goes in one ear and out the other, you aren’t entirely off-base. According to researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, UC Berkeley, and Harvard, actual regions of a teen’s brain shut down when their parents are nagging them. And just look at those space buns! Did you know that this hairstyle was worn by 20th-century Mexican female revolutionaries called soldaderas? Soldaderas were Mexican women (basically badasses) who took part in the Mexican revolution.

Coloring Page No. 9

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Your teen might roll their eyes a little at this idea, but why not have them use this page as a vision board? There’s plenty of white space to jot down goals for their future. Or you could have them fill the white space with words representing the most important things to them at this point in their life. It would be fun to look back at the page in five years and see what’s changed.

Coloring Page No. 10

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It might drive you bonkers the way your teen’s headphones seem to be permanently attached to their skull, but cut them some slack — research shows music can be highly beneficial to teens. It can improve self-esteem, help them explore their identity, alleviate anxiety, and even give them the word they need to communicate with you better.

Coloring Page No. 11

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This floral image screams good vibes. This flower hat will be easy, breezy and relaxing to color in. Fun fact: There is a flower called the Mexican hat flower. This plant grows in Texas but is believed to come from Madagascar! It’s part of the sunflower family.

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