From The Confessional: Y'all Are Sharing Your Feelings About A Pandemic Summer

by Karen Johnson
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Well, folks, looks like this summer is going to be one for the books. Will our kids look back with fondness at the summer of 2020 when everything was canceled and they had to find joy in running through the sprinkler and playing hide-and-seek just like their parents used to? Will the forced slow-down end up being a good thing for all of us?

Or will they scrub this summer from their memory as the worst months of their lives?

And how will we see it? Did we trudge through each day praying for a vaccine or miracle cure or the end of times so we could finally get a damn minute of peace and quiet? Or will we look back with warmth in our hearts as we think of all the extra snuggles and movie nights and campfires we finally had time for?

However you’re looking at this summer, undoubtedly COVID-19 is impacting your life for better or worse. Here are some confessions from other moms like you who have feelings about the fact that summer is now here, but COVID-19 still is too.

I’m scared to send my kids to summer camp or any activities during this time. There might be a low chance on contracting COVID-19, but what if it happens?

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Went to the beach today and it was SO CROWDED. I know we should have left but I just want my kids to have a normal summer. Not going back to that one. Praying no one gets sick.

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What’s the damn point of buying bikinis or swimsuits when we are still figuring out how to develop a vaccine that is effective and that is a long process? Love summer, but not spending it in a coffin.

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I'm so freaking tired of ppl not social distancing. I got plans this summer

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We’re frustrated. Frustrated that people won’t follow a few simple guidelines so this can be over sooner. Frustrated that our plans are canceled. And frustrated that there doesn’t seem to be any point to getting ready for the fun “summer stuff” at all.

Thank God my area opened summer camps. My kids have been staring at screens for at 10-12 hours a day!

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Oldest dd needs to go to summer camp. I love my kids equally but I cannot give her the activity and energy she needs. I feel guilty.

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Some people are ready to roll up to camp and drop their kids off. It’s been a long few months. We get it. Hope those counselors are keeping them apart and making them wash their hands a lot!

I spent the morning looking at pictures from last summer and crying about all the things my kids will miss this summer

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I need to change my background picture. It’s my kids at the beach last summer, we go every year. Not knowing if we will get to do that this year is making me sad.

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I lost my job due to Covid~ if one more person tells me to take the summer off and enjoy extra time with my kids, I may scream! Are you covering the six-figure salary I just lost?!? Anxiety is sky high about how long it will be before I can work.

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DS3 has heard his birthday is coming this summer so now he asks me every 8 minutes when his birthday is and he is very angry that his sister has her birthday first and between the birthday situation and COVID-19, I just don't know WTF.

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Other people aren’t ready for camp or the beach or anything else, or their camps/beaches, etc. aren’t even open, or they’re too stressed about losing their job to even think about doing fun shit. They’re just sad and angry and all things negative because COVID-19 can fuck right off.

COVID-19 ruined the end of the school year, all spring sports, and now is going to ruin summer.

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Kids schedule is so out of whack with quarantine and summer and are still awake when DH and I go to bed. No sex for us because they'd hear us, and they wake up so early we can't do it in the am.

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Won't be going back to work until September. I get a summer off with my kids for the first time ever. I should be happy but the pandemic is putting a damper on it all.

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We feel trapped and depressed and horny and claustrophobic all at once. Not a good mix.

I CANNOT keep my kids quiet all day long all summer while my DH WFH! This blows!

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I understand that this virus is bad; however, trying to keep my 4 kids quiet ALL F$&@ing day for my DH’s back to back work meetings for the entire summer on top of the last 3 months! F this!

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I found out that our town pool isn't opening this summer. I figured this was coming, but my kids are going to be heartbroken. For the first time, I'm not looking forward to summer with them. What the hell are we supposed to do all summer?

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I have a feeling that my state is not going to let summer day camps open. I NEED a break from my DC and they need to get out of this house and socialize with kids their age! I have no clue how to keep them entertained for 3 1/2 more months!

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And TBH, we’re freaking out. Like seriously HOW are we going to do these next few months without parks or play dates or libraries or sports or camps AND keep them quiet while we work from home? Especially after already having been quarantined together all these months?! Our heads are spinning.

Since all the carnivals are cancelled this summer, DH and I are gonna create one in our backyard for our grandkids. We want them to have some fun with good food and prizes:)

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The silver lining of movies and libraries probably being closed for the summer is that I don’t feel guilty that I probably wasn’t going to take the kids anyway because I am in my third trimester.

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We just found out the cruise we booked for this summer was cancelled. I am SO happy! My husband really wanted to go, but I wasn’t sure it was a good idea right now. No need to discuss/argue about it anymore. Phew!

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Some parents, however, see a silver lining. They are relieved that things are canceled so they don’t have to make the hard decision. They are finding ways to make joyful memories with their families. And they are probably the ones who will look back on the summer of 2020 with nostalgia.

The rest of us are just hoping to survive.

So happy summer everyone. Time to go change out of my day pajamas into my night pajamas and cry in my margarita for one.

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