Popular Blogger Announces Pregnancy, Admits She Considered Abortion

by Maria Guido
Image via Facebook/ Constance Hall

Constance Hall does every woman a service with her honesty

Constance Hall is known for many things: she’s a popular blogger, she’s a best-selling author, and she isn’t afraid to drop some f-bombs to make a point. Her honesty and transparency is always refreshing, but this week it goes beyond that. The writer did something you rarely see in the popular world of mom-blogging and storytelling — she admitted to considering abortion.

This may not seem like such a big deal — plenty of women are pro-choice, right? But there is so often a “but” after the statement, and women don’t always feel comfortable admitting it’s something they’ve been through or considered. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see a blogger in the public eye do just that. Hall shared some unexpected pregnancy news last week on her Facebook page, and a few other details.

“Guys… The commune is welcoming another baby,” she writes. “We have no idea how it slipped through. We tried everything, on and off bouts of the pill (until it flared my colitis too much). Withdrawal, morning after pills… We actually have no idea how this baby slipped through.

“But it did.”

She explains that they think she’s about eight weeks along, but haven’t seen a doctor yet. She also admits to being “petrified” — but happy. Then she admits she considered having an abortion:

“But are we happy? Pigs in shit,” she writes. “Well…. I’m hormonal, I considered having an abortion this morning because Densy slept in.”

Commenters immediately flocked to her page to point out that the didn’t appreciate her “abortion joke.” So she took to the comments to clarify that in fact, she wasn’t joking.

“A lot of people are angry that I joked about abortion,” she writes. “Actually, I was dead set serious, I did consider an abortion this morning- I even called my sister and told her I was considering one. Yes I was hormonal and upset. And I use humour to lighten situations.

I am pro-choice, I always have been and I believe in normalising abortions, they shouldn’t be a dirty secret that we don’t discuss in public forums.”

A – MEN.

If you are truly pro-choice, you must understand that this is a valid choice a woman makes in her life. There is absolutely nothing to hide or be ashamed about. Being in control of our reproductive decisions is the only way we can truly be in control of our lives, and limiting our ability to talk about that does no one any favors. If we truly believe we are pro-choice, there should never be a “but” that follows. And it was brave for Hall to come out and share with her nearly two million followers something we usually save for our close friends — in order to normalize the whole process.

Women have abortions. It’s okay. It’s a right we fought long and hard for, and continue to fight to keep. This power over our reproductive decisions, bodies, and lives is something we absolutely need to continue to have, and making the subject less “taboo” is so necessary.

“So I am sorry for offending those that were offended,” Hall adds in her follow-up comment.

“It wasn’t intended to offend.”

And along with all her openness, she admits that they decided to keep the baby and add another to their blended-family brood:

“However I love this mother fucker, with every inch of my bloated body, we are our kids biggest fans and we don’t see the harm in putting a new little soul right in the middle of it all,” she writes.

“Expect complaining. A lot of complaining… Baby number 7 is due sometime around June.”