All Moms Will Relate To This Post-Birth Photo

by Julie Scagell
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Image via Facebook/Constance Hall

This is Hall’s fifth child, a gorgeous baby boy

Having a baby is magical blah blah blah. It’s also a lot of hard (read: excruciatingly painful) work. So, when popular mom blogger Constance Hall posted a post-birth photo, moms around the world looked at it and collectively said, “preach.”

“Possibly my favourite photo from the birth of Raja…. welcome to the Matriarchy Densy .. Queen just had a baby yo,” Hall wrote next the photo. The mother-of-five posted the image to social media taken immediately after giving birth to her son, Raja Wolf.

The photo is amazing for so many reasons. One, this is Hall’s fifth child so the fact that she’s lying in relative peace is amazing to behold. And second, how adorable is her husband’s face looking down at his son? No wonder it’s her favorite photo so far.

Plenty of moms seem to agree with her, many even shared their own similarly awesome post-birth moments.

Of course, the photo also brought all the shamers to the yard because she was –GASP — on her phone while her husband tended to the baby. And (after deleting the ridiculous comments) Hall had this amazing thing to say: “The truth is it’s nobody’s business what a mother is doing on her phone the day she gives birth, if she’s sending her children and mother photos of the baby or googling tit jobs in Thailand it’s not your business.”

The thing is, her pic is perfect. She is relaxing with her phone and a soda and Raja’s dad is doting on his son. It’s one single, glorious moment in time. She’s doing exactly what she wants to do and she sort of deserves it for, you know, pushing a human being out of her body.

I remember the nurses bringing my third child into the world after they gave him his first bath and I was sitting in a pile of sushi I’d made my husband go get me. She was like, “Here he is, do you want to hold him?” and I looked down at my Philadelphia roll and was all, “can you give me five minutes?” Was I completely in love with him? Yes. Did I want to hold that post-birth sushi roll just a little bit more right then? Also, yes.

Hall has never been one to shy away from telling it like it is. She’s been outspoken about women putting themselves first and how much women need other women. She’s an advocate for all women, especially the ones who feel like they don’t quite have this mothering thing down yet.

Congrats to the new mom and to all the moms out there reading this on their phone while taking a quick break from their kids. You deserve it.

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