Boob Sweat Is No Longer A Thing Thanks To Our Favorite New Bra

Boob Sweat Is No Longer A Thing Thanks To Our Favorite New Bra

June 27, 2019 Updated July 8, 2021


Summer has arrived! And so has boob sweat. You know what I’m talking about. It’s that uncomfortable feeling of your sweat-soaked bra clinging to your boobs. That awkward sensation of peeling it off at the end of the day like the skin off a grape. It’s those rings of sweat on your favorite summer shirts, hugging the bottom of your boobs like the letter W. Capital W for Wet.

It’s all too familiar. And we’ve had it. Especially, my boobs. This summer, my boobs have taken a stand. Not on their own obviously. They haven’t in years. They need support, and I’m supporting them 100% of the way. These boobs have said no to boob sweat. They’ve decided to find a new bra. A better bra. A bra that makes the term “boob sweat” sound like a distant R&B song of a decade ago. We can’t go no bra. So what breathable place can we store our boobs on a hot, humid, summer day?

Hallelujah! The Bra That Says No to Boob Sweat!

summer cooling bra

I’m talking about Soma’s new moisture-wicking bra. Does this sound like magic to you? It certainly feels like it, but it’s not. Their Cooling Bra has perforated pads that allow airflow for cooling, made with cool touch fabric that stays cool wash after wash, and breathable cups that wick away moisture. Can I get an amen?

These Bras Support Our Girls Too!

breathable bra

In addition to Soma’s cooling technology that keeps our girls cool during the summer months, these bras give support for all sizes, ranging from 34 to 42 and in cup sizes A through G. That means even our biggest girls get to be cool and supported this summer. Let me hear a hell yes! The adjustable shadow stripe straps hold our racks in and up just right. These cooling bras come in full coverage cups, wireless, and balconette.

I’m about to say something I never thought I’d say: I love a bra, and it’s this one. I’m a huge supporter of these boob supporters. What I love about Soma isn’t just their Cooling Bra, but the way they view women’s bodies. Soma is for the woman who doesn’t compromise, the woman who wants pretty and practical, cool and supportive. The Cooling Bras come in a variety of flattering colors, so saying no to boob sweat doesn’t mean saying no to feeling attractive. This is my kind of bra.

Summer, Here We Come! (And by “We”, I Mean My Boobs)

This summer, my boobs and I can feel confident wearing a favorite summer shirt that I used to shy away from because of sweat stains. Wearing my new Cooling Bra gives me and the girls a comfortable and secure place during the toughest, sweatiest months. Not only have I felt cool and comfortable in my cooling bra, I have felt supported. Goodbye, extra shirt and bra I packed in my bag to change into after a 5-minute walk through humidity. Hello, summer!

Soma is an intimates company built by women for women with 250+ boutiques offering 5-star personal service and innovative styles that focus on fit and uncompromising support. Bonus: shop the Semi Annual Sale with up to 70% off going on now!