Grieving Cop Breaks Down After Woman’s Gesture Of Support

by Mike Julianelle

A police officer is moved to tears by a woman’s gift at the scene of two slain cops

Sometimes it’s the simplest, smallest act of kindness that has the most impact. This video of a woman bringing food and water to a police officer in Des Moines, in the aftermath of the senseless murder of two of his colleagues, is a perfect example.

According to NBC News, Iowa was devastated earlier this week by the shootings of police officer Justin Martin, 24, and police Sgt. Anthony Beminio, 38. Both were shot and killed in what Des Moines police chief Dana Gilbert called a “cowardly act of calculated murder.” In a year that’s had more than it’s fair share of violence, it’s yet another reason to want to be done with 2016. Thank god then, for this video showing a local woman’s compassion and kindness in the aftermath of the tragedy.

The video has aired on several Iowa news stations as well as spreading on social media. It’s been a beacon of hope in a time of sadness.

“I want you guys to be hydrated and not be hungry,” the woman emotionally tells the officer. “And I want you to come home to your families, because I want my dad to come home to me. And I want my friends to come home to me. And I’m sorry.”

This woman’s spontaneous gift is the example we should all be following. Yes, she’s black, yes, he’s a cop. But that doesn’t matter. There has been plenty of criticism of the police this year, and plenty of blame to go around on both sides, but whether you believe Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, or All Lives Matter, I think we can all agree that kindness matters.

They’re both human beings, and in a time of tragedy, that matters most of all. The more we get to know each other, and treat each other, as people, the easier it will be to understand, empathize with, and trust each other.

“I can’t even imagine,” she said, her voice breaking. “This is the only thing I know … how to help … is to feed.”

The officer can’t help but be moved by her offer, and her words, and he starts crying as the two embrace. You might be crying too, both from the depth of humanity on display, and from the hope that seeing it brings.