Couple Reveals More Than They Planned With TMI Engagement Photo

by Ashley Austrew

In the age of social media, engagements have become a “pics or it didn’t happen” event, but one couple was so hasty to get their photos online they didn’t realize they were revealing way more than they’d intended.

Miranda Levy got engaged and quickly posted a snap with her new fiancé onto her Facebook page. In it, she’s holding up her left hand and smiling at the camera while her husband-to-be sits with his arm around her. The caption beneath the photo says the love of her life just asked her to marry him and she’s thrilled, regardless of the fact that he wasn’t able to buy her a “real ring” yet.

There’s only one small problem: they forgot to crop the box from their pregnancy test out of the photo.

Image via Tumblr

Within minutes of Levy posting the photo, people started to notice what was sitting in the lower left corner. They began cracking jokes and asking her what was going on.

There was mass confusion. A concerned party — presumably her dad — told her to please get in touch with her mom.

Miranda was perplexed by the reactions at first, but eventually realized what she’d done and posted a follow up announcement confirming the happy news.

The whole debacle was captured by a Tumblr user and has since started going viral. The majority of reactions have been supportive, but some have criticized the pair for having a “shotgun wedding.” One Yahoo commenter even wrote, “Why are you having a baby now, your [sic] not even married, and the guy who got you pregnant is dirt poor, cannot even afford a cheap ring. Way to go…really not thinking straight, are you?”

Despite the negativity, the whole thing makes for a pretty cute story. Yes, the photo was an oversight and probably led to them announcing their pregnancy before they were ready, but at least it made it memorable. Years from now, they’ll still be telling this story. Plus, if it’s a wanted pregnancy and they’re happy with the direction they’re headed in, no one should judge them for that. This isn’t 1955. They can choose to get married or make babies in whatever order they wish.

Still, their silly mistake should serve as a lesson to anyone making a big announcement to family and friends via social media. The internet is forever, and once something is out there, there’s no way to reel it back in. You have to be careful about what you post. Either throw your trash away before you snap the picture or put that ‘crop’ button to good use. Oh, and also? Please call your mother first.

Congratulations to the happy pair!