From The Confessional: Moms Are Relieved COVID Is Keeping Relatives Away This Holiday Season

by Cassandra Stone
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Raise your hand if having a valid reason to stay home and not go anywhere or see anyone for the holidays is actually pretty amazing

Seeing family and friends for the holidays can be amazing and full of joy. It can also be stressful, anxiety-filled, and laden with dread. Sometimes it’s all of these feelings simultaneously! And while any reason to experience the holidays the way you want to enjoy them is a valid reason, most people find it impossible to stray from what’s expected of them. But not this year. Because this year, we all have a license to stay at home in our jammies and avoid anyone outside our household — thanks to COVID.

By staying at home, you’re really just doing due diligence in slowing the spread of the virus. And many, many moms are taking to our confessional to tell us how relieved they are to be steering clear of extended family this year.

I’m enjoying the holidays and my family more than I ever have. I’m just not someone who can maintain all these different relationships and their expectations. Finally, it can just be me, dh, and our kids. I feel at peace.

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These holidays are the best. I finally don't have to make excuses about not seeing family members. Hooray!

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I am not going to do holidays with family. I say it is Covid but it's really politics. I don't care one bit.

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The thing is, if you see your extended family regularly — then it’s honestly not the biggest deal ever that you’re not seeing them this holiday season. For people who live cross-country from their loved ones, then yes, this is hard and frustrating. Otherwise…no. It’s great.

I literally do not understand all the chest thumping over not having huge holiday gatherings. I'm so freaking happy about it. I feel like I'm looking forward to the holidays for the first time in my adult life.

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I wish both sides of our extended family would calm their tits about not seeing us for the holidays! There's a GD pandemic! Drop it! We'll see you next holiday season if everyone can just be responsible now!

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For the first time in many years, I'm not stressed out & pissed off about the upcoming holidays. I could get used to this "no having company over" thing.

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It makes sense that so many moms are excited about not having to entertain or pack up and visit relatives — the burden of literally all of those things falls mostly on the shoulders of women, so yeah, having a break from that is a relief.

Do you know how bad things have to be for people to feel RELIEF at not gathering with family for the holidays because of a pandemic?

looking foward to holidays this year. no drama w/inlaws due to covid. just us and fun. sad about others who have suffered, but covid has been helpful to some of us.

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I'm relieved to not have to see family for the holidays!

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I am THRILLED we still have coronavirus around for the holidays. I finally have an excuse to enjoy some small quiet celebrations at home with those I really love, like I always wanted, instead of the chaos and annoyance of huge extended family gatherings.

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Parents of small children: no diaper bags, no snack packing, no second pair of clothes for when the first ones get wet/ruined, no baby-proofing someone else’s house, no sweating while chasing after toddlers instead of enjoying the party, and no coordinating arrivals and departures around naptime or bedtime.


Will be nice to not have to see certain in-laws during these holidays!

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glad that COVID is stopping travel so that my parents cannot come here for the holidays. they ruin it for all of us. i have been over their shit for years. the political rants and hatred of everything are tiring. we will not miss them in the least.

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I'm thrilled to be getting a break from the holidays due to COVID. When you're the one who does it ALL for more than 3 decades, it's a welcome relief.

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There’s really something sacred and special about staying in your home, enjoying your kids, letting them enjoy their presents, eating when you want to eat, and watching movies all day in your jammies with the ones you love the most.

Everything else is just chaos and noise. You can love your family very much and not need to see them for the holidays. It’s just so much pressure for a day or two, you know? And by staying home this year, you’re staying safe. Which is so, so important.

Ordered the fancy chocolates for the holidays this year. It’s just going to be us and I’m going to make it as special for the DCs as I can. Also, we all deserve some way too nice desserts this year.

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We host Christmas every single year. We go all out- Santa visits, fireworks- It's a lot of work. SIL is terrified that I'll cancel- trying to manipulate me into doing it (making her kids beg me & covid denying). She's gonna be so pissed when I cancel.

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I’m happy I don’t have to travel for the holidays this year out of obligation. My family screwed me up. I don’t miss them

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