Crocheter Shares Abusive Messages From Jerk Who Wanted Her To Work For Pennies

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Reddit/Krafty Katt

A cheap client got downright abusive with a crocheter when she asked to be paid what she’s worth

An exchange shared this week on Reddit between an artist who goes by Krafty Katt and a total jerk who seems to think she should make him a huge blanket practically for free went viral — and with good reason. This guy is absolutely over-the-top rude, ignorant, and verbally abusive. He needs to be called out.

The prospective customer messages Katt asking if she does commissions. Apparently she didn’t answer fast enough to please His Highness, so he bitched about that first. Then, he got real specific about fancy stitches and yarn quality, oh, and he also wants this blanket to be really big.

Image via Reddit/Krafty Katt

But he doesn’t want to pay big money. Naturally.

When she states her price of $400, half paid upfront and half upon completion, he responds, “Are you for real?” He then reminds her he can always go to Walmart, and she was all “go for it” and I was all YOU ARE MY HERO.

And because she’s a much bigger person than I am, she even bothered explaining to him the reason the blanket would cost what she stated.

Image via Reddit/Krafty Katt

The asshole does some quick math and figures out the yarn “only” costs $160, so why the $400 price tag? He also tells her to bargain hunt for cheaper yarn because “craft stores are always having sales.”

She explains that the remaining cost is for her time, because hello, that shit isn’t free. He tells her she’s charging too much and this is when my head officially exploded.

Image via Reddit/Krafty Katt

Again, in words far kinder than I could’ve mustered, she explains to this bag of dicks that even at $400, the hours it will take means she’s making a whopping $2 an hour. He then claims other crocheters could make it for “so much cheaper.” She tells him to have at it, but he isn’t happy to be told no and continues to tell her she’s insane while giving some sob story about his sick girlfriend (and if he actually has a girlfriend, sweetheart, blink twice, we will save you) which apparently means he thinks Katt should make the blanket as some kind of charitable project.


He tries telling her that because it took “forever” for her to answer that she should give him a “family and friends discount” and LOL no, she hilariously tells him she charges more for that. He gets extremely condescending with the whole “I’ll tell you what you’re going to do” crap and lays out his demand, which ends in him paying her just $70 for her work and how about, absolutely not.

Image via Reddit/Krafty Katt

And now that the idiot’s slowly realizing she’s not going to budge on her more than fair price, he resorts to calling her “insane” again and threatens to report her. For what, I’m not sure, but Katt isn’t remotely concerned — which only fuels his Bro Rage.

She tells him she doesn’t care if he puts her out of business, as he claims he will do, and explains that even if he had any power, it’s not a business anyway. She crochets as a hobby and has a day job. She takes on commissions only occasionally and therefore, wants to be paid for her time. As she should.

He lands one more “fuck you” and Katt gives him her final offer — “I’ll do it for $800.”

This woman is seriously a queen.

Katt tells Bored Panda, “I’m just a hobby crocheter and trying to keep it that way,” she says. “I rarely do commissions, usually just done to reinvest money in my hobbies. Most people are extremely polite when inquiring about prices; I’ve been told one other time that I overcharge and that was as rude as it got before this.”

“I’m not a business, so I really don’t consider anyone a potential customer, and if they’re rude I have no problem dishing it back,” she explains. “I don’t need to worry about negative reviews or anything like that, the repercussions for me are virtually zero.”

It’s easy to be a threatening and abusive piece of shit from behind a screen. Hopefully, this exchange going viral will mean more would-be jerks will realize how insane it is to expect a person to work basically for free. Bravo to Katt for not backing down and calling out his moronic behavior.

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