‘Batman’ Is Chasing Down Creepy Clowns To Help Kids Rest Easier

by Valerie Williams
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Batman’s in Britain fighting off the creepy clowns and helping kids feel safe

The creepy clown craze in America has also hit our friends across the pond with Britain experiencing a series of jerks dressing as clowns in order to intimidate people. But unlike us, they have a masked vigilante taking care of the problem.

Batman is in Britain. And he’s the hero the world needs right now.

Are the kids in the room? Make them leave real quick — FYI, there’s no actual Batman in Britain — but they’ve got the next best thing thanks to a costume shop in Cumbria called Cumbria Superheroes. After hearing that many children had been traumatized by the country’s clown sightings, the store decided to have “Batman” roam the streets to rid them of evil.

BBC Cumbria posted theses photos of him doing his thing in hopes of helping kids feel less scared of the clowns.

Adorable, right? That would help any kid sleep a little more soundly.

Scary Mommy had a chance to speak with the caped crusader himself. He tells us, “Cumbria Superheroes’ Batman decided to stand up for the many kids that were affected by the clown stories! Not as a vigilante, but a figure of reassurance. Many kids were put at ease knowing that a superhero was in town chasing the clowns away!”

They definitely were, as BBC Cumbria shared this note from a child, relieved to hear that “Batman” was on the case so he could go to school without being afraid.

Batman also visited a little boy named Ethan and put his clown fears to rest with a warm hug.

To top it off, the superhero doubled down on his promise to keep children safe posting a video message to reassure them and to warn those dressing as clowns to scare little ones to cut it out.

“If you want to scare someone, then try and scare me,” he says. Cumbria Superheroes is pretty much doing the best good deed ever by making kids feel better in the wake of these ridiculous incidents. As long as “Batman” is on the case, they can sleep at night. And parents are surely grateful.

That said, we wish “Batman” would come to America, because our clown problem is out of control. My own town had not just a sighting, but children being chased by clowns as they walked to school. My kids heard about it and got very nervous, mentioning their hesitation to go trick-or-treating in case the mean clowns were roaming the streets.

Honestly, these clowns need to fuck right off.

According to The Telegraph, one police force in Britain dealt with 14 separate clown-related incidents in 24 hours with police warning that the problem is accelerating. Here in America, the clown sightings span several states and there’s no question it’s not just causing fear in children, but a waste of police resources. It’s a disturbing and potentially dangerous trend that simply needs to die.

Cumbria Superheroes does have a serious message for those dressing as clowns to terrorize children saying, “It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt, a young kid running from a clown into the road. The clowns need to realize their actions could have serious repercussions.” And that is no joke.

Please give it up, evil clowns. The world has had enough. And Batman is coming for your ass.

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