You're Going To Want These Custom Pajamas With Your Pet's Face On Them

by Thea Glassman
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Image via Patricia's Couture

Custom pet pajamas exist, so time to go wild

You love your pet a lot. You feel zero shame when you show multiple adorable pictures to strangers, then post said pictures to social media, while simultaneously looking at other people’s pet pictures with the smug knowledge that yours are honestly so much cuter.

But are you so in love with your pet that you’d be down to wear his/her face on your pajamas? If the answer is yes, then read on because custom pet pajamas exist and you’re going to want to stock up ASAP.

Patricia’s Couture is a Southern clothing company that specializing in printing pet pictures on pajamas, caftans, pocket squares, and scarfs.

The results are equal parts hilarious and adorable — get ready for some “pawsome” family portraits.

It’s super easy to get done — you just upload your favorite picture of your pet and in 4-6 weeks you’ll get your custom outfit delivered. Prices range from $49-$299, and we will all keep it on the DL that you dropped that amount of cash on a pet caftan.

You honestly have to wonder if your pet is deeply flattered by this display of affection or just thinks you’re kind of a nerd.

According to Patricia’s Couture’s website, each purchase helps out an animal in need — which just gives you one more impetus to buy all the pajamas and caftans you possibly can. Also, the clothing store notes that they’re happy to print any and all species, so get your goldfish printed on a scarf, damnit. Fish are just as cute as dogs.

Now, go out there and flaunt your pet all over your body.

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