Scary Mommy Four Cute and Cozy Boots for the Winter

Looking For Cute And Cozy Winter Boots? We Got You With These 4 Picks.

Lugz Bootz

In case the massive storms across the country didn’t tip you off, let me be the one to tell you: winter weather is here. And apparently, it did not come to play.

Winter weather demands boots that are warm and dry. Is it too much to ask that they’re cute, too? No. No, it is not. Just because boots are made to stand up to ice and snow doesn’t mean they have to be style-free.

This year, I’m ready for whatever shenanigans winter tries to pull. Even on days when getting dressed seems pointless (who can even see what you’re wearing under all the layers?), I’m going to stay warm AND look cute. I’m hitting up Kohl’s and getting a few new pairs of Lugz. That’s right: pairs.

In dreadful weather, boots ARE the outfit and I plan to have more than one. Besides, they’re under a hundred bucks a pair. Collect ‘em all, babes!

How about a break from black leather and…darker black leather?

Woman walking in park

Yes, of course, black goes with everything. But unexpected soft pink and faux fur takes the classic work boot design to another level. And these Empire boots aren’t just cute, they’re also water-resistant and slip-resistant. They also have memory foam technology. The future is now!

How about chunky heels ALL DAY?

Woman standing on manhole, modeling black chunky boots

No matter what you’re wearing, slipping on ice and busting your butt isn’t a great look. (Not to mention the possibly astronomical costs of hitting the urgent care.) There are definitely moms out there who can navigate ice and slush wearing stilettos but I don’t know those moms. The ones I know need a good solid heel that can handle things like running errands and running after kids. These Lugz Flirts are perfect for all the running – and they look great with fleece-lined yoga pants too.

How about warm and cozy, not hot and sweaty?

Woman sitting on steps outside of brownstone, modeling shoes

I don’t know if you’ve ever worn really cheaply made boots – no judgment! – but if you have, you know that dreadful feeling when your toes go from nice and toasty to full-on slipping and sliding. These Lugz Tambora boots are tall enough to run around in the snow and slush but breathable enough to keep your feet from turning into a sweaty mess.

How about kinda perfect with every outfit?

Woman in Park sitting on bench

Even though winter weather can put a damper on your style inspo, the reality is that we have to put on clothes most days. So the great thing about Lugz – especially the Mantle boot – is that they’ve nailed the whole “stylish but totally functional” thing. They’re also super comfortable.

Look, until it becomes feasible for us to literally hibernate (bears, teach us your ways) you’re going to have to deal with winter weather. Kohl’s has a range of cute and comfortable Lugz that are up to the challenge, no matter where your winter #momlife takes you. Running around with the kids, meeting a friend for cocoa and catching up, or even the occasional date night, you’ll keep warm AND look cute.

Don’t let winter sacrifice your style. Lugz makes a huge range of comfortable, stylish and affordable boots – and they’re all available exclusively at Kohl’s.