The Best Toddler Boots For Winter, According To Moms In 2021

The Best Snow Boots For Toddlers, Because Winter Is Coming

September 25, 2020 Updated February 16, 2021

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You’re gearing up for winter, and it’s time to get your toddler some winter boots, right? It probably seems like every couple of months you’re buying new shoes for your toddler—and that’s because you probably are! Baby and toddler feet grow at an insane pace that it can be near impossible to keep up. The best way to go about it to ensure that your kiddo always has a few cool pairs of kicks that you don’t have to squeeze him into is to switch up his shoe selection at the beginning of each season.

The undisputed best two seasons to shop for toddler shoes? Without a doubt fall and winter. The shoes are the cutest and there are so many different styles that you just desperately want to see your child in. And, let’s be honest, your kid needs to wear shoes during these seasons, unlike in the summer when she can pretty much just run around barefoot (most of the time).

When it comes to picking shoes for a baby or toddler, no matter the season, support should be the number one consideration. You want shoes that are comfortable and provide enough support for your child to move freely. Any constraints around the feet or ankles can prove to be troublesome for tiny feet.

Ready to get shopping? From chic booties to rain boots, here are some of the best toddler shoes for fall and winter.

Best Kids’ Snow Boots

Bogs Kids Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rubber Rain and Winter Snow Boots

Bogs are loved by all as the go-to winter boot that’s essential for snow and rain. These boots are waterproof and made with super durable rubber and keep your toes dry. For really cold temperatures, they’re made with 7 millimeters Neo-Tech insulation to keep your child’s feet warm and toasty. These classic boots come in all colors and patterns so your kid can match ’em to their own style.

$80.00 AT AMAZON

The Original Muck Boots

One of Scary Mommy’s Facebook followers wrote to us that her favorite winter boots are Muck boots. “Waterproof up to mid calf. No Velcro or laces to worry about. If you get the arctic version they are good up to -20 F. They are a staple for our house!” she wrote. Made of rubber and 4 mm neoprene, these boots are no match for freezing temps, snow, sleet, or rain. Best of all, they’re lightweight and easy to take on and off They come in various sizes on Amazon.

$68.95 AT AMAZON

Northside Toddler Frosty Winter Snow Boot

If you have a toddler in the fall-to-winter seasons, and you live in a place where it snows, you definitely won’t regret investing in a pair of durable snow boots. This brand has amazing reviews for their cold-resistance, adjustability and how easy they are to get on. They also come in over 40 different colors and prints, so you get your pick of the litter. 

$32.47 AT AMAZON

BOGS Kids' B Moc Insulated Winter Waterproof Snow Boot

If you swear by Bogs but need a more snow-friendly boot, this winter waterproof pair comes with a sturdy rubber sole, insulated protection, and soft faux fur for warmth. These also come in four other colors.

$66.99 AT AMAZON

Sorel Snow Commander Snow Boot

Sorel is definitely a trusty go-to if you’re looking for sturdy, warm boots for the winter. Available in toddler sizes and for kids ages 4-8 years, these boots are made for *serious* winter weather — snow, ice, and freezing snow days. Sorels have  200g of insulation to keep those little feet warm, and the thermal rubber shell is waterproof. Plus, we gotta love how fashion-forward these look.

$49.95 AT AMAZON

Itasca Snowcat Toddler Winter Boots

Available between sizes 7T and 11, Itasca Snowcat toddler winter boots are extremely padded, making it hard for snow to make it inside your LO’s boot. Other features include a padded collar, plush shaft, an adjustable strap for a lock-fit (no worrying about boots flying off mid-kick!), and durable traction sole. Created with nylon and canvas material, this boot is super sturdy.


Columbia Youth Powderbug Plus II-K Snow Boot

This seal-seamed boot is waterproof and made of synthetic leather and nylon textile that can take on all kinds of cold weather. These Columbia boots are known for their insulation (400g of insulation!!) and the traction support is best in class — perfect for if your toddler isn’t the most coordinated and tends to slip and fall in snow and sleet. These are easy to slip on and off (they look loose, but as soon as you put them on, you cinch them tightly with an adjustable hook and loop ankle closure strap), and they come in a variety of different colors for BBs of all tastes.

$39.90 AT AMAZON

Best Boys’ Snow Boots

London Fog Boys Oxford Toddler Cold Weather Snow Boot

Available in sizes 6T-10T, London Fog always offers reliable products (they were known for their iconic raincoats in the ’60s — thanks Mad Men!) and kids’ winter boots included. The duck shell provides extra protection and comfort from the elements, and the warm lining not only makes your kid look extra #chic, but it provides another layer of coziness much-needed during the winter. Although they’re snug, they’re easy to take on and off (which is a relief, since moms will be doing the majority of this work). Colors come in black, dark brown, and cognac.

$34.95 AT AMAZON

GUBARUN Boys Snow Boots Winter Waterproof Slip Resistant

Waterproof, anti-skid, and easy to take and off, these boots are perfect for all-day winter wear. And while they’re labeled “boy” boots, they come in all kinds of colors (and are budget-friendly, so you can easily purchase several pairs if your kid can’t decide between blue camo or silver-black).

$29.99 AT AMAZON

totes Taelor Toddler Boys' Waterproof Winter Boots

Available between 5T-11T, Totes Taelor are many a parent winter boot go-to for their features, which include: waterproof shell, easy slip-on and take-off design, an elastic loop that keeps snow out, and a non-slip tread that helps with extra icy days.

$29.74 AT KOHL'S

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See Kai Run, Baker Waterproof Insulated Boots

If you’re looking for boots that don’t necessarily have to be super long (maybe your kid isn’t spending much time in snow), these boots are shorter yet still incredibly durable and warm. They’re seam-sealed and are completely waterproof, making them ideal for sludge and rain and feature 3M Thinsulate thermal lining that’s good for weather as cold as -35 degrees.

$64.95 AT AMAZON

Best Girls’ Snow Boots

Tundra Boots

These slip-on snow boots are water-resistant and come with fleece lining to keep those toes warm. Adjustable hook-and-loop closure makes sure boots stay on, and sole is designed to keep your little from slipping. These are good for temps as cold as -22 degrees.


UGG Kids Bolden Metallic

We love how these simple black boots (they also come in metallic gold) are comfortable, warm, and also double as more formal wear, in case you have a family holiday party to go to and still want the kiddo to stay warm. These are definitely for more moderate weather (not snow days), so don’t expect heavy-duty insulation.

$46.88 Zappos

22% off

London Fog Girls Toddler Tottenham Cold Weather Snow Boot

The ever-reliable London Fog boots come in a more ~girly~ pattern (obvs if your daughter prefers all-black or brown, or whatever! That’s totally cool) that we honestly wish came in our size. These boots come with all the bells and whistles, including a duck shell, fur topline for warmth and style, and a synthetic, grippy sole.

$39.95 AT AMAZON

Apakowa Kids Girls Insulated Fur Winter Warm Snow Boots

Don’t worry, these boots come in different colors, so if your girl detests pink, she can choose from red, gray, purple, and blue. The insulation for this boot is top-notch, and it also features a side zipper, making it easier to take on and off.

$28.99 AT AMAZON

totes Jalynn Toddler Girls' Winter Boots

Aside from just looking ultra cool and slightly punky, these boots feature thermolite technology for warmth, a soft and cozy lining, a side zipper, and fleece lining.

$29.74 AT KOHL'S

Currently 15% off with code TAKE15

Classic II Boot

Again, this isn’t a girl-exclusive boot — boys can and totally should rock the UGG if they wanna — but we’re just putting this option out there. This is purely an indoor winter boot, and if you own a pair, you know why. It’s a cozier and warmer alternative to a slipper, and UGGs are sooo comfortable. And easy. So easy.

$110 AT UGG

Best Winter Boots for New Walkers

B-Moc Garden Party Bogs Boots

As one Scary Mommy editor says, “once they take one step they have tasted the heady taste of freedom and strollers are now beneath them.” Chances are, they’re not spending too much time in the snow — but you should prepare them nonetheless, because they will run out into the yard whether you like it or not, and you should have a sturdy pair of boots to quickly put on them. We love Bogs because they’re waterproof, warm, AND machine washer-friendly! (They’re a bit steep for boots, but they’re indestructible and you can always save them if you choose to have another baby or want to give them to a friend.)


EsTong Thick Winter Outdoor Snow Boots

These anti-slip, faux fur-lined boots are ideal for first-time walkers who need durable protection. They’re also designed for anti-collision, making them extra safe.

$21.99 AT AMAZON

Enteer Infant Snow Boots Premium Soft Sole Anti-Slip Boots

Although these are designed for pre-walkers, these are good for BBs up to 18 months old. They’re not designed to be worn outdoors for long, but they make for perfect travel wear, as they’re waterproof and have faux fur lining for warmth and comfort.

$11.98 AT AMAZON

Best Rain Boots


Rain boots are always worth investing in for little feet, because, let’s be honest, few things are more fun than stomping around in a puddle. This pair has more than 8,500 great reviews on Amazon and comes in more than two dozen fun prints that your little one will love. They’re also available in a ton of sizes from toddler and youth size 4T to 4. 

$27.99 AT AMAZON

Best Bootie

Janie and Jack Suede Bow Bootie

Can you even with this pair of suede booties made from genuine leather?! The accents are beyond adorable—the side bows and gold-tone accents. While they most definitely scream fall, your little one can certainly wear them well into the winter season and all the way to spring if she still fits!



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