15 Cute Animal Things That Will Make Life Feel Better

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Hear me out: Therapy, but it’s just looking at cute animals.

I mean, that could probably be a thing. Because there’s something about cute animals that makes us inexplicably happy, and we could all use a distraction from the stress in our lives right now.

So cuddle up with a blanket and a warm beverage and look at these adorable finds that will distract you from all your worries for a hot minute:

Black Cat Doormat

Image via Walmart

This Black Cat Doormat is a great way to add a dash of cuteness to your front door.

Llama Throw

Image via Walmart

An adorable Llama Throw adds a dash of whimsy to any living space.

Llama Sheet Set

Image via Walmart


This Llama Sheet Set is another great gift for anyone who loves llamas.

Animal Face Underwear

Image via Walmart

We’re in love with this Animal Face Underwear and we don’t care who knows it.

Hug A Sloth Kit

Image via Walmart

This Hug A Sloth Kit comes with a sloth plush that we just want to cuddle and carry everywhere. It can be our emotional support sloth.

Cat Shower Curtain

Image via Walmart

A Cat Shower Curtain is sure to make you smile every time you see it, because OMG CUTE KITTIES.

Women’s Dog Socks

Image via Walmart

Or if you’re a dog person, these adorable Women’s Dog Socks have 5 pairs of socks with ears.

Fox Bowls

Image via Walmart


These Fox Bowls are a cute touch to any kitchen. And the kids are for sure going to love them.

“For Fox Sake” Mug

Image via Walmart

A “For Fox Sake” Mug is a great way to start your morning with your coffee or tea.

Narwhal Tee

Image via Walmart

This Narwhal Tee is a perfect gift for anyone who loves cute sea animals.

Sloth Shoulder Bag

Image via Walmart

A Sloth Shoulder Bag that looks like a sloth holding onto you. Take our money.

Sloth Clutch

Image via Walmart

There’s even a Sloth Clutch that you can keep inside your sloth bag. It’s like “slothception” and we’re here for it.

Lucky Cat

Image via Walmart

Lucky Cat is considered the bearer of good fortune and this is a super cute tradition we can get behind.

Ceramic Kitty Cup

Image via Walmart

There’s also a Ceramic Kitty Cup that anyone who loves cats will appreciate.

Mama Llama Tee

Image via Walmart

This Mama Llama Tee is another sweet gift idea for anyone who loves animals.

We hope you found something on this list that you’ll love, or will love to get for someone else. And if not, we hope it at least made you smile and forget your worries for a bit.

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