Hilarious 'Dad-Bod' Photo Proves No Parent's Body Goes Unscathed

Hilarious ‘Dad-Bod’ Photo Proves No Parent’s Body Goes Unscathed

Image via Reddit

Mission Dad Bod has been accomplished

In case you ever assumed the term “post-baby body” applies to moms only, stick around for a minute because one dad is here to prove that simply isn’t the case. Sure, women do all the heavy lifting in terms of child-carrying, child-birthing, and — let’s be honest — most of the mental burden of child-rearing falls on moms, too. But the whole “body after baby” thing? It doesn’t discriminate with parents of either sex.

Reddit user hsbaugh recently shared his own before-and-after “Dad Bod” shot, and honestly it’s so refreshing. Mostly because it’s not a viral image of another woman who was thin and fit before and during pregnancy, and is still thin and fit five minutes post-delivery.

Nope, this dad is all too real and relatable.

145lbs to 180lbs married with 2 kids in 4 years! from pics

So, what’s his secret? How does he do it?

LOL. Let he who has the strongest sense of self-discipline and zero fun not enjoy nine months’ worth of food cravings. Many dads seem to agree their bodies took a beating after kids, too.

The OP even admits his wife is the one who’s had the easier time getting back into shape after having their second child:

As a mom who can completely relate to this Reddit post on every level, I’m absolutely tickled by this entire thread. Men aren’t exempt from societal pressures and expectations, of course. But I do wonder if a mom had posted a before-and-after like this one on Reddit, would it yield the same good humor and lighthearted comments? Probably not. But luckily, there are plenty of body-positive, relatable, beautiful moms out there.

Either way, one thing is clear: it’s time for Mom Bods and Dad Bods everywhere to unite.