Dad Surprises Daughter With Dream Dress For Her School Dance, Entire Internet Sobs

by Thea Glassman
Image via Twitter/PoliteMelanie

Viral video of a dad surprising his daughter with her dream dress will make you feel so many things

Get ready to feel all the feelings. A dad surprised his daughter with her dream dress for her school dance, and her reaction will make you cry so many happy tears. And as if that’s not enough, his reaction to her reaction will make you sob a literal waterfall of additional tears.

Twitter user @PoliteMelanie shared a clip of the touching moment, which is quickly going viral all across social media. According to the tweet, the dad in the video works three jobs and told his daughter that he didn’t think he’d be able to afford the dress she wanted for her school dance. Then, he decided to surprise her by showing up with a clothes bag, unzipping it, and revealing the dream dress underneath.

His daughter explodes with happiness (you will too), bursts into tears, and hugs her dad for almost a solid minute. Grab allllll the tissues for this one, folks.

At one point she collects herself to look at the dress, starts sobbing again, and buries her face back in for another hug. Her dad, meanwhile, has the sweetest expression on his face and just looks so, so genuinely happy that he made his daughter happy.

Also, someone set the video to the song “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle which is normally ridiculously cheesy but in this instance, it’s nearly impossible not to hug your computer out of happiness.

I have now watched this video roughly 11 times and it never stops being beautiful.

A large chunk of the internet was having a ~moment~ over this 54 second clip. Comments poured in from people who were collectively sobbing from behind their computer screens. Some said that they could relate to the dad’s struggle, others marveled at how hard he worked for his daughter, and many, many more were just so happy to see something genuinely nice on the internet.

And Twitter user @_Bellabyrinth nailed it all by pointing out that this moment is about so much more than a dress.

“What makes this even sweeter is that instead of looking at the dress, she can’t stop hugging her Dad and crying because she knows how hard he had to work for it and what that means. This is more than a kid getting what they want. It’s a little girl realizing how loved she is.”