This Man's Hack For Cutting His Dog's Nails Is Peak Dad

by Valerie Williams
Image via Twitter/Kendal Peifer

Dad’s genius method for cutting the dog’s nails is winning the internet

Dads. They love saving money and they love doing things themselves, and this dad’s brilliant technique for cutting the family dog’s nails is basically peak both of those things.

Do you know how often dogs need their nails cut? And do you know how much it costs? Please read those two questions in the most dad voice possible and then see the solution this guy came up with. Oh, and then die laughing at these photos, but also, be impressed with his ingenuity — because this is amazing.

Kendal Peifer shared the photos of her dad, Patrick, doing what he has to do to keep their dog from causing a ruckus during nail trimming time.

“My dog hates his nails getting clipped so my dad literally bought a purse and cut holes in it,” Peifer tweeted. She tells BuzzFeed News that her doggie’s name is Oliver, and he’s a rescue the family adopted about a year ago. Patrick was trying to find a way to keep the wiggly little guy in one place during nail clipping sessions. “It’s very difficult to keep him still while clipping nails,” she says.

“He saw the idea to hang a dog from a doorway to clip nails…so he bought the purse to be cheaper,” said Kendal, who explains that the purse came from Goodwill. “It was his DIY project for the night.”

You see, not only is pet grooming a costly endeavor, some animals don’t exactly dig being washed or trimmed and fight the process with all their might. This can mean unintended injuries to both animal and human, which is why Patrick’s rigged up purse hung from a pull-up bar is pure genius. This way, the doggo can’t possibly injure himself or his groomer, always a risk when pet owners attempt home beauty sessions, and Kendal’s dad is spared the cost of having the dog’s nails cut professionally.

Basically, this entire thing is Dad AF.

Twitter is absolutely here for Patrick’s genius pet grooming creation, handy headlamp and all. Because who wants to cut doggie nails in dim light? No industrious dad worth his salt, that’s who.

Some noticed the dog’s not-so-thrilled expression. Even though this whole set-up is definitely for his own safety.

While others just couldn’t get over the cuteness — and no one can blame them.

And some pet owners shared that they’ve come up with similar hacks to get the job done.

As the owner of a dog who’s not a fan of this process, I can only say that I’m grateful my vet’s office will do it anytime for free. Otherwise, I’d be buying a cheap handbag myself and making this happen — much to my dog’s horror, I’m sure.

Overall, Patrick’s doggo nail cutting harness was well-received on the internet. “A lot of people are saying how genius the idea was,” Kendal tells BuzzFeed. “Other people are asking for my dad’s phone number and saying how good looking he is.”

Hey, no one can resist a good dad hack.