Dad Holds Newborn While Chopping Wood, Because Facebook

by Maria Guido

Dad holds newborn while chopping wood in viral video

There’s no shortage of parent-shaming on the internet, and you’re probably usually rolling your eyes when you see it. A video of a dad chopping wood while holding his infant is going viral this week, and people are freaking out. For once, you may understand.

Mart Laf, dad and apparently very-skilled wood chopper, starred in a “Parenting Win” video for Fatherly, chopping wood while holding his infant. The message of the video is, if you can chop wood really well, go ahead and bring your newborn along. Or something.

Um, okay?

They had to know the outrage was coming. People freak out about anything they think is a “parenting fail.” New mom Chontel Duncan posted a selfie a few weeks ago where she wasn’t supporting her newborn’s neck and the internet went batshit crazy. She was simply holding her child while taking a photo. Not wielding an ax terrifyingly close to her child’s head. You really need to see the video to get the full effect:

So many questions, but mostly just “Why?” Fatherly posted the video to their page with the description, “Don’t try this at home (unless you are a badass like Mart Laf).

There are those who hated it:

Until a splinter of wood shoots through your baby’s eyeball? Apparently the words “bad” and “dumb” are interchangeable here.

Maybe the person recording can put the camera down and hold the baby…far away from the actual wood cutting.

I’m not one to judge other people’s parenting decisions, your choices and the repercussions are up to you. Not something I’d do, but who cares. I will say the take back of the axe came pretty close to that kids noggin.

What a complete and utter ass. Rather than “winning parenting” this guy could be losing his right to be one.

And those who thought everyone was overreacting:

Man, you people are ridiculous! This guy is more coordinated then the lot of you. Go back to living your overly safe and boring city lives. Keep on doing what you do Mart Laf, your daughter is going to grow up [strong] and confident, unlike most of these fools.

Being a Father means introducing your kids to inappropriate situations. Horror movies, fast driving, snakes, barbed wire, fishing hooks, buying a box of oatmeal cream cookies for lunch… Mom doesn’t understand.

Probably not the smartest thing to do but not any worse than letting the t.v. raise your kid or feeding them McDonald’s. Way to teach your family real life skills! Carry on!

Laf came by the comment section to defend his actions:

I just would like to state that it is very sad that anyone could think that i would risk the life of my child or to intend to hurt her at any cost.

I had practice all day with logs the same size. Therefore know how the log react. To think that wood fly on its own is science fiction chop more wood watch less moovies, this shit isn’t kindling!

Okay then. Move along everyone. Nothing to see here. It’s not kindling.