It’s 2017, Can We Stop With The ‘Dumb Dad’ Crap?

by Valerie Williams
Image via Reddit

Messages like this promote the idea that dads are inept

It’s the 21st century and as progress marches on in a number of areas, there are some where we still kind of suck, as this dad furious over an insulting baby onesie can tell you.

A frustrated dad on Reddit shared a photo of a onesie with a totally bullshit message. His post is appropriately titled, “This shirt is bullshit.”

The onesie reads, “This shirt is daddy-proof” complete with helpful labels to show where the neck and arms go along with a little reminder to do up the snaps.

Honestly. Why is this even available for sale in these modern times where it’s widely accepted that dads are every bit as capable as moms? Not only is it insulting to involved fathers and any man with a damn brain, this type of messaging also keeps the (stupid) idea alive that men can bow out of kid-related activities because, oops! Their penises render them useless in all things parenting. It’s so ridiculous.

The commenters had a field day with many mocking the absurd notion that a dad isn’t smart enough to figure out how to put a onesie on an infant. The top-rated comment is, “Durr hurr, fathers are stupid!” which perfectly sums up the vibe that many retailers still seem to find hilarious enough to slap on a onesie.

Plenty of Redditors also pointed out that dads are not only just as good with baby and kid chores as moms, they’re often better. That was certainly the case with my husband, at least at first. After a difficult c-section where I lost a lot of blood, my severe anemia meant falling asleep pretty much constantly. He dove in headfirst with all things baby and knew how to whip up our daughter’s bottles and change her diaper without getting runny baby poop everywhere long before I did.

Because, repeat after me: dads are every bit as capable as moms. Full stop. This shit isn’t funny anymore, and let’s also keep in mind that there are older siblings who can read. Even if some adults find this kind of thing hilarious, is it really something we want to put out there for kids to absorb?

Not if we ever want this kind of sexist nonsense to end.