Dad's Reaction To Fake Tree Is Peak #TeamRealChristmasTree

by Julie Scagell
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Image via Monty Rakuse/Getty Images

This dad was not having any part of a fake tree this year

When it comes to Christmas trees, most people are firmly in one camp or the other: Team #realtree or Team #dumbplasticfaketree. Obviously, I firmly sit in the real tree camp but you will find sound, and often highly emotional agruments on both sides of the coin.

One daughter caught her dad’s reaction to the suggestion they dare get a fake tree this year (guess what team he’s on) and it is priceless.

The Napoli family of Ontario, California had some pretty strong opinions about their Christmas tree this year. Their daughter, Madison, captured the exchange on video and posted it to Twitter. When mom, Marie, offered up that perhaps they should consider getting a fake tree this year, dad Joe was absolutely not having that shit.

“The whole thing is frigging plastic,” Joe is heard saying in the video. Napoli’s mom tried the cost-saving argument and pointed out this fake tree could be reused multiple times. And then she went for the jugular of all members of team #realtree and suggested they could “get a glade candle that smells like the tree.”

This is how that went:

Image via Twitter/Madison Napoli

That was the straw that broke this camel’s back.

Napoli’s dad shook his head several times muttering, “No. No. No.” under his breath and decided this would be the time to just walk away, but not before delivering some harsh but hilarious parting words.“I don’t know what’s happened to you,” he said to his wife. “And I know I can’t solve it. So, I’m just going to let it go.” Then he gives a half-hearted wave and gets the hell out of dodge.

“He’s pretty overdramatic at times,” Madison told BuzzFeed News.

The reactions to her video are almost as funny as the video itself:

Joe is aware that his daughter captured his reaction and shared it with the world. “If this little glimpse into my world can keep one home from getting a fake tree, my pain will have been worth it,” he told BuzzFeed News.

Eventually, the score was settled and according to Twitter, Madison said they ended up getting a real tree, because of course they did. Sure, there’s the water mess and needles to contend with, especially when your cat barfs up piles of them for the entire month of December, but the smell and look and feel are worth it.

Team #realtree forever.

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