David Beckham Is the World's Most Embarrassing Dad

by Hollee Actman Becker
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I was sitting in a conference room with the editor-in-chief when I saw a man standing outside the glass door holding up a big poster that said: “Hire her. I’ve got cheesesteaks!”

My father.

Somehow, I still got the job. And now Brooklyn Beckham and I finally have something in common besides the first four letters of our last names. Because his dad embarrassed him too, you guys!

Here’s what happened: Brooklyn reached one million followers on Instagram last week, so he decided to post a video to celebrate the milestone. “So it’s my mum’s birthday today and I just reached a million followers,” he says into the camera. Next thing you know, there’s David Beckham himself, bogarting the screen to one-up his son and declare “I’ve got 52!”

The whole thing was actually kind of funny, though it may not have been as innocent as it seemed at first glance, considering David has admitted to purposely embarrassing his son in the past. “He’s at the age now where he does not want me to drop him off outside school,” he told the Daily Mail back in February. “He said ‘Can you drop me round the corner?’ As he was walking in to school, I wound down the window and shouted ‘I love you’ to him. He was not happy but it made him smile a few days later.”

I’ll give you a second to picture the hotness that is David Beckham yelling “I love you” out a car window.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn actually took the whole Instagram debacle in stride, captioning his video: “Reached 1 million followers on my mums birthday. Thank u guys so much #ismydadcoolerthanme.”

Let’s go ahead and call it a tie. Oh, and to answer your question: The cheesesteaks weren’t from Pat’s or Jim’s. They were from Dalessandro’s.

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