Pictures Of Ghost-Child Haunting Man's Apartment Have Taken Over Twitter

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Twitter/ Adam Ellis

The ‘Dear David’ stories are not for the faint of heart

In case you’ve been living under a Twitter-less rock and would like to come incredibly close to shitting your pants, boy have we got a story for you. Writer Adam Ellis has been documenting the “haunting” of his apartment for awhile now, and each new development has left thousands of Twitter users with their blood running cold.

Since August, Ellis has shared the occasional thread about his experiences with “Dear David,” the child ghost he thinks is haunting his apartment. Oh, and trying to kill him.

Since then, the original thread (feel free to read in its spellbinding entirety) has been retweeted nearly 55,000 times. His heart-pounding encounters have completely captivated Twitter for the past three months.

In his dreams, David appears as a young child with a misshapen head who allegedly died from an accident involving a shelf falling on top of him in a store. When Ellis moved to a different apartment this summer, he began to feel as though David were transitioning from his dreams to his real life.

You know what? Animals are intuitive AF. If these cats are acting like they feel or see something, chances are they just might.

Prior to taking a trip overseas for work a couple months ago, Ellis installed nanny cams in his apartment so he could keep an eye on his cats in real-time via phone app alerts. What the cameras picked up was absolutely chilling.

Yep, that’s the very same rocking chair from his very first David dream. Ellis claims it couldn’t have been moving due to the wind because the windows were closed before he left for his trip. Another motion alert occurred a half-hour after the rocking chair incident, this time showing a piece of wall art crashing to the floor.

Last month, Ellis says he went into his kitchen to get a drink one night. He noticed his cats were sitting by the window, staring intently outside.

Ellis’ photos are often somewhat dark or slightly unclear, so Twitter users regularly enhance his images for him. One user decided to go ahead and make all of our nightmares come true by enhancing this one:

NOPE.NOPE.NOPE.NOPE.NOPE. Even if a sadistic but generous benefactor offered me a king’s ransom to continue to reside in such a terrifying hellscape, I would undoubtedly decline without hesitation.

Since all of this began over the summer, Ellis claims he’s been plagued by regular nightmares, erratic kitty behavior, endless nanny cam alerts, etc. You know, things that would make a rational person say “No thanks, I’ll just move. To the opposite end of the earth.”

Earlier this week, Ellis took to his now-infamous Twitter account to share his most recent (and hands-down the most petrifying) David experience. He begins by describing David as sitting in his recliner across the room from him in the dream.

Someone get this man some sage, STAT. Or a priest. Or, you know, whatever else you see in creepy old movies where a city apartment is haunted by the ghost of a dead child with a deformed skull.

Ellis says in his dream, he continued snapping photos with his phone as best he could given his immobile state. As David inched closer, the two were soon face-to-face.

Then he says he woke up in broad daylight, no trace of any child demon spirits to be found. Since experiencing the intense, overwhelming mind-fuck of being haunted is now routine for Ellis, he shook off the nightmare and went about his regularly scheduled life for the day.

Until he accessed his phone’s photo album and caught sight of a dozen or so “pitch-black photos” in his camera roll. All from the previous night.


We enhanced the photos to see wtf was going on:

Image via Twitter/ Adam Ellis

Image via Twitter/ Adam Ellis

Pardon me for a moment.

Of course there are people who doubt the validity of all of Ellis’ accounts, which is understandable. Though the amount of energy and time that would have to go into falsifying a story like this is disturbing from a psychological standpoint but pretty admirable storytelling. Aside from the self-appointed Internet Critics And Debunkers, most people are fascinated.


But seriously though. Why is he not moving out of that apartment to immediately live with several other living humans who are always present so he is never alone and scared?! Or something?

Regardless of whether you believe Ellis (and his kitties) are victims of some truly fear-inducing encounters, or believe he’s just an incredibly gifted storyteller using the medium of Twitter, I think we can all still agree on one thing:


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