'Dear David' Ghost Is Back And The Photos Are Scarier Than Ever

by Valerie Williams
Image via Twitter/Adam Ellis

The latest “Dear David” photos will have you awake for a week straight

Since August, writer Adam Ellis has been sharing his experiences with the paranormal on Twitter. He says the ghost of a dead boy he calls “Dear David” is haunting his apartment and possibly trying to kill him. Evidence has been captured in several photos, and they’ll make every hair on your body stand on end.

The most recent ones may also cause you to never sleep again.

After a long break in tweeting, Ellis came back yesterday with stomach-turning updates on his creepy little housemate. He apologizes for not updating in awhile saying he hasn’t been sleeping well. He was having weird dreams and experiencing bouts of dizziness. He said “things,” assuming his ghostly roommate, had been pretty quiet.

Up until last Wednesday, that is.

How this guy ever sleeps I do not know, but of course, paranormal things were kicking into high gear as he slumbered away. These photos are absolutely not for the faint of heart.

It wasn’t until the end of the hundreds of photos that Ellis saw Dear David in his room. Dear GOD this is creepy.

Yes, that tiny figure that looks to be a little boy in a striped shirt would be Dear David. Are you crawling out of your own skin yet? If not, how? Tell me your ways.

Then Dear David starts to move. And I start to look at the photos peeking through a tiny slit in my fingers.

It looks like the boy is gone, but of course, that wasn’t the case.

It’s easy to see why Ellis felt so ill. These photos are absolutely chilling.


This last photo will never leave my brain. Ever.

Twitter is understandably freaked out after reading the thread — but at least they’re mostly retaining a sense of humor. Easy to do when you don’t have to live with this horror.

He ends the story on a rather bleak note.

We absolutely can’t blame him.