Dear Parent who Likes Snow Days


Dear Parent who Likes Snow Days,

I like you. I do. I just don’t understand you. You seem like a normal person and then a snow day is called and you are all smiles. I worry that you don’t understand how snow days work so I am going to explain them to you.

When school is cancelled, the kids stay home with you.

If your response to this information is still, “Yay!” I am going to assume one of the following:

1. You are being sarcastic.

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2. You work outside the home.

3. You have a nanny.

4. You have better meds than I do.

5. The kids have tied you up and are answering for you.

There can be no other explanation. However, in order for us to understand each other, I will explain why my reaction is not “Yay!” but “F@#!”:

1. I do not want to be a short order cook.

2. I need to write and cannot write while people cry about broken bands in their Rainbow Looms.

3. I like to go to the bathroom by myself.

4. I feel guilty if I let my kids watch movies or play video games all day but – oh my god – all the talking.

5. I have to share my snacks.

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So, I hope you can understand where I’m coming from and, if you can’t sympathize because you are busy making hot cocoa for your blanket fort, please…please…can I drop my kids off at your house? Just for the day.

(Unless school is cancelled again tomorrow.)



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About the writer

Vikki Reich is the Managing Editor and a regular contributor to VillageQ, a site that gives voice to the experience of LGBTQ parents. She is also the co-director of Listen To Your Mother Twin Cities. Find her at her own blog, Up Popped a Fox

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Jackie 4 months ago

*sigh* There’s always one in every bunch, who doesnt realize this is a humor site.

Snow queen 6 months ago

I hate snow days. The only people that like them have one child or older children, not toddlers or babies. A snow day means my wild child stays home from daycare along with his younger brother. Two toddlers at home with one parent is a long, depressing day.

Malinda Jackson 7 months ago

Agreed. While we aren’t in a small town, when they do close school, it’s horrible! My kids get so bored because they are too young to go outside and play by themselves and we don’t even have a real yard for them to play in, not to mention they absolutely love school and get mad at even a 2 hour delay (like today). I’ll cry if they decide to close school in the next 8 minutes because of the temperature with the wind chill (-3, -20 wind chill).

Vlawson987 7 months ago

Ummm… need to go back into your blanket fort immediately since you don’t get it!!

Christina 8 months ago

any excuse to not have to get out and drive in the cold, dark morning makes me a happy mom…and yes, good meds help with the hot cocoa & fort making. Also, no guilt what so ever with T.V. & movies, love snow days!

Tiffany Beall 8 months ago

I love snow days. I also love making blanket forts, hot chocolate and playing in the snow with my kiddo. Maybe it’s because I only have one kid. Lol

Shannon Bauman 8 months ago

Kiss my ass all you mothers that have someone to watch your children when u have to go to work yet daycare is closed

Angelique Shutt 8 months ago

Haha this is totally me! I love snow days but my kiddies are also young and I don’t work outside the home yet so it’s not inconvenient for me but you can’t totally drop your kid off at my house:) this is pretty funny! I would like to pee by myself or take a shower by myself though:)

Stephanie Spanhel 8 months ago

I telecommute which means work never has a snow day. Yet I love snow days, especially since they are school aged. I get to have my babies home :)

Rebecca Madsen Seikel 8 months ago

It’s ok. ❄️ I like you and don’t understand you either. And sure, your kids are welcome to come have hot cocoa in our blanket fort. You’re welcome too! ❄️

Charlotte King Faulkner 8 months ago

Your kids probably don’t like you, either. You’re going to miss this time later. Or, maybe you won’t. Hopefully your kids don’t hear you complaining about spending time with them.

Amy Toth DeGroot 8 months ago

My kids are grown now, but I always loved snowdays and summer vacation for these reasons…..I honestly enjoyed those days with my kids. Looking back they grew up so fast and those days are long gone. I was a stay at home mom and if they didn’t have to go out in the snow than neither did I. All the neighborhood kids would be home and they would all come sledding in our collective yards that had a common hill, so us moms would get to visit too! No homework! God….I hated homework more than they did!

Aimee Bray 8 months ago

I love snow days. I get to sleep in and no driving to school a hundred times a day to drop off and pick up.

Kristen Simpson 8 months ago

I love snow and snow days. If it’s not super bitterly cold we go out and sled and make snowmen and have snowball fights. I’ve always loved the snow though, and it’s even more fun when you have kids!

Lynn Knight 8 months ago

I am the mother of the girl that posted this. My reply was letting her know that I am ALWAYS willing to help out whenever ever the smallest break is desired… I have learned there is NEVER enough time to be with youngsters.

Kristi Ruffalo 8 months ago

I like my son… I like being around him. I like snow days…

maria 8 months ago

I admit it i’m a crazy mom who *gasp* likes snow days. No I love snow days. But I do work outside the home. I could choose to wrk from home on those days but I dont, and probably for the same reasons you as a stay at home writer dont like snow days.
I get why you don’t like them, but this is why i do:
1. Sleeping or even just lounging in.
2. Pajama day!
3. No make up or primping needed
4. Snowmen
5. Sledding
6. Movies & popcorn at 2 in the afternoon
7. games games and more games!
8. no conference calls
9. No spreadsheets
10. Naps!

Katy Neff 8 months ago

It may mean more work rearranging work schedule, sitters etc but I was hoping my kids had a snow day today! An excuse to call off work and make some special memories (even if they make me crazy part of the time).

Jessica Turner 8 months ago

Sure! You can drop your kids off! I’m good with cocoa, Pinterest crafts, sledding, blanket forts, etc. but you can bet I’m knocking on your door if you’re strong in an area I have low tolerance for. Lol

Diana ‘Merchant’ Baun 8 months ago

Haha, we just moved to UT from Southern CA and I’d never even seen snow before we moved her last summer! It snows here and I still have to dig my van out of 18 inches of snow to take the kids to school! Short of a blizzard school stays open and we go on doing what we do. I’ve never even dealt with snow before this winter and other than taking some extra time to get ready to leave, it’s really not that big of a deal. Get snow tires, drive slow, and appreciate living somewhere that you can enjoy the beautiful snow =)

Diana ‘Merchant’ Baun 8 months ago

I love the comment above about how it’s not luck that some of us are SAHMs!! I worked full time from home while adding kids to our family, and it wasn’t until I had #4 and we left CA and moved to UT that I was able to switch to part time. We had decided before getting married that when we had kids I would be a SAHM. My job now has nothing to do with my degree, and the pay is terrible, but it’s enough to allow me to stay home and not have someone else raise my children. We sacrifice and have no debt…we made choices with the end in mind, and now we manage with hubby’s income and my small contribution. We all make choices, and we made ours which allowed me to stay home. My husband doesn’t make a lot of money, so if we can do it, many others can. It’s all about priorities and sacrifice. We drive used cars and have learned to work on them ourselves, we don’t have expensive phones, I don’t get my hair and nails done and I cook a lot – but all that sacrifice allows me to enjoy my children from home. It’s all about choices.

Mellany Wardrop 8 months ago

&& thank you ☺️☕️

Mellany Wardrop 8 months ago

Exactly Kimberly!! It’s like a solid mix of both emotions… I think that’s normal & appropriate & REALITY!

Kimberly A Otto Cazel 8 months ago

Very we’ll said! I can’t wait til they go back, then it’s too quiet!

Vanessa Dominguez Peralta 8 months ago

Hi, are you the mother of the writer or someone that coment on it?? I love being at home with my kids too!! But they don’t go to school yet 4yo & 3yo

Andrea Phillips Goettman 8 months ago

Love snow days! I work nights, so any extra time with my kiddos makes me smile. Plus, they are hilarious, sarcastic little mini-me’s that are incredibly fun to hang out with!

Diana ‘Merchant’ Baun 8 months ago

Huh, I haven’t read any comments about kids being an only source of happiness….I don’t cry when they go to school, I tell them to have fun and that I’ll see them after school. And then when I walk to pick them up I’m the only parent walking with over 100 kids from the school because all of their parents couldn’t be bothered. I have many, many times had to play parent to other kids because something happens and there isn’t a parent in sight. I get letting kids walk home from school when they’re old enough, but kindergarten and 1st graders? Seriously? School is just free daycare for so many parents…and THAT makes me sad. All I’m saying is these parents who can’t wait to get their kids out of the house….why have kids? We are all different and of course we all need some me time, but my kids are first.

KE Garner 8 months ago

I am a blanket fort, hot cocoa mom and I count down the days till school starts. I do so because then they are successfully in the routine for bed early, up early and out of the up late catching fireflies and sleeping in. lol I will even admit I count it down. In public even. Gee I guess I am supposed to not help them be excited and prepared for school, but instead cry because they have important things to do and won’t be shoved up my nose for me to feel good about me. I get enjoying spending time with your kids. However, these moms that look only to their children for happiness are actually damaging them.

Alexandra Lawson 8 months ago

I love snow days. Theyre a time to spend playing and showing your kids there’s a fun side to you as well and tired grumpy mummy. Hot chocolate and snowball fights. And cuddles in the warm together. I don’t understand the people who always complain that their kids are about and not in school =/

Melissa Senk Killebrew 8 months ago

I agree 100%!!!

Rebecca Rivers 8 months ago

I love snow days and I have 5! Christmas break just ended and now I’m counting down til spring break… I enjoy bring with my kids. Some people do.

Allie Frey 8 months ago

This is meant to be funny, you people realize that right? However on a serious note, Whether you enjoy being with your kids or not it’s OKAY to want time for yourself too!!

Jojo Riddle 8 months ago

Hahaha I have to share my snacks! I hate that!

Kimberly Canales 8 months ago

I worked 2 jobs outside the home and loved snow days. For us it was a day I could also call of work and spend time with them doing all the things other mommies take for granted with out feeling guilty for loosing a little pay for something much more important.

Mellany Wardrop 8 months ago

I remember long ago hearing parents say stuff like ‘oh god thank goodness school starts in a week!!’ & seriously remember thinking (as I’m holding my sweet adorable, no siblings yet to fight with, first born son..) -what the heck is wrong with mothers??! I can’t ever IMAGINE wanting my baby away from me for 10 minutes let alone 7 or 8 HOURS!! 5 DAYS a week! I bawled like a newborn his first day of school, didn’t leave the parking lot until it was over & I had him back! It did get easier and then, came our second son, and then our third.. Let me tell you something.. Things change BIG time after they reach a certain age. Our first born is now 12 & our other 2 guys are 7 & 8.. Non. Stop. Fighting!!! I love all 3 of them so dang much it’s stupid!!! I NEED that time to regroup & meditate & find my inner peace bc the drive to school (hitting yelling fighting crying teasing more yelling) just about does me in.. Then I drop them off & miss them. I pick them up from school & it’s a repeat of the morning & I’m ready to crack open a bottle of wine & hide in the closet!! Soooo yeah, snow days.. Ehhh not my fave for sanity reasons.. they suck. But, my boys are my heart.

Mellany Wardrop 8 months ago

I used to feel that way, I remember hearing parents say stuff like ‘oh god thank goodness school starts in a week!!’ & seriously remember thinking (as I’m holding my sweet adorable, no siblings yet to fight with, first born son..) -what the heck is wrong with mothers??! I can’t ever IMAGINE wanting my baby away from me for 10 minutes let alone 7 or 8 HOURS!! 5 DAYS a week! I bawled like a newborn his first day of school, didn’t leave the parking lot until it was over & I had him back! It did get easier and then, came our second son, and then our third.. Let me tell you something.. Things change BIG time after they reach a certain age. Our first born is now 12 & our other 2 guys are 7 & 8.. Non. Stop. Fighting!!! I love all 3 of them so dang much it’s stupid!!! I NEED that time to regroup & meditate & find my inner peace bc the drive to school (hitting yelling fighting crying teasing more yelling) just about does me in.. Then I drop them off & miss them. I pick them up from school & it’s a repeat of the morning & I’m ready to crack open a bottle of wine & hide in the closet!! Soooo yeah, snow days.. Nope, they suck. But, my boys are my heart.

Lindsay Dooley 8 months ago

I love snow days!! Brings back great memories of when I was school age and loved snow days. I love seeing that same excitement on my kids faces.

Lindsay Dooley 8 months ago


Cindy Ewing-Snodgress 8 months ago

The only time I like snow is on Christmas period!!!! Any other time it is a pain in my a$$. Sorry but it’s the truth. I’m a single mom and when I hear snow day my stress level goes through the roof!!!! I use to be a stay at home mom years ago and I can see where the humor is in this article. Lol. I understand both sides but I will say this it would be nice to stay home just once on a snow day w/ my son and enjoy his fun day. So if you are a SAHM just breathe and enjoy the blessing :)

Cindy Ewing-Snodgress 8 months ago

The only time I like snow is on Christmas period!!!! Any other time it is a pain in my a$$. Sorry but it’s the truth. I’m a single mom and when I hear snow day my stress level goes through the roof!!!! I use to be a stay at home mom years ago and I can see where the humor is in this article. Lol. I understand both sides but I will say this it would be nice to stay home just once on a snow day w/ my son and enjoy his fun day. So if you are a SAHM just breathe and enjoy the blessing :)

Cindy Ewing-Snodgress 8 months ago

Lol! Love your humor.

Michael Taylor 8 months ago

Snow days are the best. I get to take the day off and play with the kids.

Jen 8 months ago

I like one snow day. PJs and snuggling on the couch watching movies with the kiddos….sounds awesome. More than one snow day and I’d be pretty grumpy too.

Lynn Knight 8 months ago

AS your Mother, I lOved snow days….I HATED September as I did not want you gone all day. I LOved making hot chocolate. Any time you want time to yourself I am available almost 24/7. Baths, hair washing, homework, if she is throwing up, if your child wants to be outside ALL DAY in the snow and freezing weather ( which she seems to go enjoy) if she wants to sing and dance, blast music or play the same game 1,000 times. I am THAT Grammie and you have my number. She is a rainbow in a sky of dark clouds.

Amanda Lee 8 months ago

Ha ha ha ! My first panicked thought you is “I can’t miss work!!”

Cecilia Romero 8 months ago

I’m a teacher so I love snow days! That’s one day where me and my girls can hang out and just relax together! :)

Kristin Cioci 8 months ago

For real sister!

Loretta 8 months ago

We are suppose to have a day off due to the windchill being -35 degrees. I was happy at first because I work in the school district, so its a day off for me, but I predict that by 2pm tomorrow afternoon my kids will get on my nerves!

Dayna Taylor 8 months ago

Snow days are awesome! Hot chocolate, snuggles, playing in the winter wonderland- it’s an unexpected vacation day.

Jane JimBob Moore 8 months ago

I like snow days. 😛

Allison Strough-Weisneck 8 months ago

Boo hoo don’t have kids then.

Josefa Soto 8 months ago

I don’t understand why most people commenting even “like” this group… Its called “Scary” Mommy, for cryin’ out loud!

Elizabeth Waters 8 months ago

I’m a teacher, I did love snow days until I found out they’re going to stop paying us for them, now it’s mixed feelings.

PattiH 8 months ago

I say Yay no school tomorrow because I get to sleep in til 6 and I still get 3 hours all to myself!!! And I don’t have homework duty tonight! No school means more time for me. But I totally understand that I am the minority here. It’s ok, I’m used to it.

Jenny Wilhelmi Black 8 months ago

I love them, but I’m an educator!

Stephanie Meyers-Cardinal 8 months ago

So much negativity and judging going on from so many mom’s. Each mom and family is different. How can you judge someone that you have never met. Not all mom’s are SAHM’s or teachers. Great for those of you that are. But a lot of mom’s and dad’s have to work. I know first hand how stressful it is when there’s a snow day. I have to be to work very early in the morning and my husband is the one that gets the kids up and ready for school before he goes to work. We don’t have anyone to help watch the kids on short notice, our family members also work. So I have to leave work, my husband makes a lot more than me so it makes sense for him to go to work. I love my children and enjoy spending time with them . But I hate snow days and that doesn’t make me a horrible mom. But for those of you that love snow days, that’s great, but it’s not for every parent.

Marie Oprondek Gottschlich 8 months ago


Becki Rector 8 months ago

Me too!

Becki Rector 8 months ago

I LOVE snow days and I love when my kids get a day outta the school grind to enjoy relaxing at home with me!

Katra 8 months ago

After 3 snow days in a row and sledding had lost its appeal, I made my kids (middle school) watch Dr Zhivago – They have never forgiven me for that.

Jodi Lynn Neil 8 months ago

We’re having flood days here & lots of hot cocoa!

Kelly Fuehrer 8 months ago

I always loves them. I loved that extra time with my kiddo.

Amy Myers 8 months ago

What if the parent is a teacher too? Because I kinda just want to stay in my pjs all day. Well, go outside for twenty minutes, get cute pictures, come inside and change back in pjs. Because dealing with just my snow-crazed kid is a heck of a lot easier than dealing with 30 snow-crazed third graders.

Alysia Knop George 8 months ago

I usually love snow days. Since I drive my kids to school, I’m happy to not have to get dressed, warm up the car, scrape the windows, or drive when the roads are bad or the temperature is frigid. Plus I welcome the extra time with my kids!

Stephanie Falco Addona 8 months ago

I always say that every situation has perks and pitfalls. But to have a choice in life is a luxury. So having the choice (whether good planning and budgeting were necessary or not) to stay home or work is a wonderful thing. Many parents ( not some ) do NOT have this choice. I am one of them. I am highly offended that someone would imply that just because I work it means I have an expensive house and car or that I didn’t budget well. I think all moms and dads work hard but I just have to say this—all the things that have to get done like shopping, cleaning, cooking, and laundry still have to get done even though I am out of the house for 8 hours. I consider myself a fortunate mom because I work for a school so I have good hours and are off with kids. I try to help other moms who have to juggle more than me.

Felicia Penrose 8 months ago

Oh for crying out loud, some people actually enjoy having their children around. I know, crazy right?!

Jill 8 months ago

Yeah, I get most of these posts are for humor, but if you seriously don’t like spending a bonus day with your kid I would say you are in the minority, or I’m hoping you are. I love my kids, they grow up so fast and any bonus days I have with them, even if it is to watch movies together I cherish! In just a few:10-15 years they will be in college and you will have all the time to your self, for the rest of your life. Enjoy their childhood now it’s the only one you get: be the mom you want them to remember.

Stephanie Falco Addona 8 months ago

If your a mom that works for a school you love snow days. No work and a cozy day with my boys!!!

Emily Sweeney 8 months ago

I absolutely love days when my kids are home. Snow days, Christmas vacation, days off even sick days. I love spending my time with my cool little people.

Van Grace 8 months ago


Van Grace 8 months ago

I get to stay home from work on snow says!

Rachel Cole 8 months ago

As a teacher, I live for snow days. Even if it means having the kids home with me.

Dana Baker 8 months ago

I love love snow days. Hoping for one tomorrow in fact! We watch movies together and just enjoy a quiet day. No running around, dropping off or picking up. It’s fantastic.

Tania McCreanor 8 months ago

We obviously don’t get snow days here in Australia but my daughters catholic school has teachers days (go figure). I’m with you on every note and I know some mother’s who absolutely love it when their kids are home who make me very suspicious. Four more weeks of summer holidays!!!

Marianne 8 months ago

With my mental health issues I need routine and snow days or any extra days off school or school hols do not help me cope well at all.
My kids are all happy to get a day at home as long as they can spend most of the time in front of a computer screen.
My kids are 18, 15 and 12 so don’t need much looking after anymore.
I love my kids but if they stand any chance of having a reasonable mother they need to go to school and I need my space and the chance to volunteer in a charity shop.

Jerri 8 months ago

Last year our district had so many snow days I thought I’d have to take up drinking! I’m glad they cancel school on days when our roads are a solid sheet of ice covered by drifting snow but last winter was more than any sane mother could take. Our Christmas vacation was extended by nearly a week and a half! Have mercy!

Rita Cerne Speidel 8 months ago

I love snow days!!!

Becky Lately 8 months ago

I’m a parent, and a teacher, and I LOVE snow days!

Rebecca Harbodin 8 months ago

I’m a teacher and love it! Yes I get aggravated when the wet clothes pile up and the kids start to fight, but I love that the only thing we HAVE to do is hang out. Plus I’m a big kid and I love sledding. :)

Kristy King 8 months ago

God forbid you have your kids at home for an extra day….

Katherine Barlow Brandao 8 months ago

Sarcastic post by a sarcastic and amazing mom. Just because a mom writes an article about not liking snow days does not mean she doesn’t love her kids! I love my daughter, I love my job, and snow days can be a huge hassle for me.

Sarah Jayne 8 months ago

Seriously?! I love to snuggle with my kids on a cold day! Or better yet, play in the snow with them! What better excuse do you need to act like a kid again?!? They are only young for so long! Better enjoy them while you can…

Sarah Caissie Bruines 8 months ago

I hate making lunches that much…

Bonnie Jmn 8 months ago

Teen parents love snow days! No fighting to get them up, no fighting to get them to get out the door on time, and they cam do their own damn laundry while they are at home.

Nancy Welker Fortais 8 months ago

I LOVE snow days…..I’m a teacher!! My husband is, too. The best: When our districts close and the district our kids go to does not- but any snow day is a fine thing!!!!

Holly 8 months ago

Love reading your post and hearing a different perspective. The only reason I LOVE snow days is because I’m a teacher! A day home with my two is heaven. The talking, questions, demands, lack of bathroom breaks, no time to eat, etc… Is far greater as a teacher to 150+ students than to my own two kids at home. A day to play, build forts, drink hot chocolate, stay in pj’s and watch movies all day is HEAVEN. I also dread the end of winter, summer and spring breaks as I think a lot of teaching mommies do.

Amy Atherton 8 months ago

I love my kids but well…..shit needs to get done sometimes.

Amy Atherton 8 months ago

Amen. And it seems like the unplanned days off are even more volatile and sanity-erasing than scheduled holidays, weekends, etc. I simply don’t believe these moms who claim they love having kids home all day, every day. There is no way.

Kimberly Ketcham 8 months ago

I like snow days but that’s what I like. Crock pot chili, rent movies, snuggle.

Christy Dspradlin 8 months ago

Um hello…sleeping in is sooooo nice I love that. I work from home and my kiddos are well behaved (for the most part) so I love love love school days. Bring em on says this mom!!!

Stacy Davies 8 months ago

Omg, this was so funny! And I Can completely relate…even though I LOVE snow days!! If it wasn’t for the kids, I would have no one to sled with….although I can’t wait for them to be older so I can make them pull me around on the sled 😉

Shauna Stripling-Penska 8 months ago

Some of these Scary Mommy posts make me ask myself why she even has children. I love spending snow days and holiday breaks and weekends and summer vacation with my daughter. I like her. She is a very cool little person. I have never understood the parents who can’t wait for their kids to be at school or not home. My sister is a stay at home mom and I’ve NEVER heard her once complain about being home with her 2 boys because while we all need a little break now and then, they don’t stay children for long. So I say enjoys snow days, (buy a damn elf on the self) and quit your bitching.

Erin Ricciardi 8 months ago

I LOVE snow days! I work f/t, driving from home to home, and a snow day for them usually means it’s also a snow day for me, or that I don’t have the time restraint of the school day rushing me through my own work day.

Adam 8 months ago

Ummmmmm…I’m a teacher…

Alex Villegas Crow 8 months ago

I hate it because i don’t like being cold and i have RA and don’t want to fall. If i didn’t have this stupid disease then i think i might see the joy of it.

Carla Melissa Cotto Irizarry 8 months ago

Hahah.. That is why we live in Florida two blocks away from the beach… Wooohoooo. I love it here.

Mary Hickcox 8 months ago

I homeschool all my kids and although I enjoy your wit I truly don’t understand people that have so little interest in a fun day with their child. My children are my best friends. I love being with them!

Lori Van Tassel Pinco 8 months ago

So sick of people chronically complaining about there kids. How about don’t have any and you’ll never ever have to worry about snow days.

Haven 8 months ago

i dreaded snow days when the kids were little (thankfully they rarely happen here in Texas) but now that they are older I love it! I get to send them outside to do the work I don’t want to when it’s cold, like feed chickens. I can get caught up on housework cause I put their behinds to work! Snow days are awesome!

Shelly Bruhn 8 months ago

The reason I like snow days is bc I get to stay home from work lol

Angie Ramsey 8 months ago

A snow day here in Alberta Canada is usually also -30c or colder so going out to play in said snow is out of the question. The kids are STILL up at 7, and have no problem expecting ME to follow along behind them as they play all day, watch TV, and generally make a mess. They may have a day off of school, but as a mom, I am still on duty cooking, cleaning, laundry- now with also having to deal with ” Im bored. Im hungry. She’s breathing my air…” No thank you. Hate snow days. Just means more work for me. Doesnt mean I dont love my kids. It just means I love time alone. And that is OK.

April Briley Smith 8 months ago

lol! I hear ya. Plus it means mud from kids coming in and out playing in the snow…I hate mud 😉 Thankful it doesn’t happen too often here. Even if I hate snow, I love my kids reaction to it. They think its so magical!

Karry Karlstad 8 months ago

Moved to Florida to get away from snow days!

Meagan Quirk 8 months ago

I work for a school district different from the one I live in. Yesterday, both my district and my kids’ district had a snow day, and I LOVED it! I love them for two reasons: 1.) It brings feelings of nostalgia of when I was a kid and loved snow days, and 2.) It sometimes gives me the opportunity to be at home all day with my kids, something that typically only happens on weekends now (even though we did just have a 2-week vacation). I was a SAHM until my youngest went to school for the full day. While being a SAHM was very hard, I also miss it tremendously. “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”

Jodi Hovatter 8 months ago

No hustle and bustle and fighting and screaming in the morning to get them fed and out the door…. I’m ok with snow days….. In moderation

Brooke Nabkey 8 months ago

I love snow days with my kids, it usually means I have a few less daycare kids, we don’t get dressed out of PJs, we eat whatever is laying in the freezer, we watch those movies together. I remind myself that someday they will be adults who don’t get snow days and will drive in any weather to work like the rest of the world. Try to think less about how it affects you and how to have an effect on them while they are home with you.

Crystal Bridges 8 months ago

Snow days here are those once in blue moon days and we get to spend quality time w kids playing in snow, sitting by fire, hot cocoa, building snow men, making snow angels… Making memories.. I am a stay at home mom w no meds, nanny or of those listed..honestly I don’t understand how anyone could not love snow days with our busy lives

Randi Looney Hinojosa 8 months ago

I live in Texas so we get ice days not snow days so they aren’t “super fun let’s throw snowballs at each other” days. However they do mean that I don’t have to wake up early and make sure my son has on pants AND socks. It also means “Hell fucking yeah no work” day for me. Win win.

Sarah Jessup Campbell 8 months ago

LOL! This is funny stuff!

Denise Hughes Frank Blados 8 months ago

We don’t have snow days with our two younger children since we homeschool. Plus, we moved from up North to Florida. When my two adult children were young, I loved snow days. I was also a stay-at-home mom. It meant that I didn’t have to make their lunches, get their uniforms ready, bring them to the bus stop (or to school if we missed the bus), or have to get up early and get dressed. It was a lazy day when I could just stay in my pajamas and the boys would go out and play in the snow if they were old enough. It also was a day of baking and cooking our favorite things to eat and popping corn and watching video tapes. I loved snow days. They were a lot of fun even when we were snowed in for three days after two back-to-back blizzards. :)

Amy Holt 8 months ago

Dear parent who doesn’t like snow days. Snow days are awesome!!! Be a kid again and go roll in the snow! Build a snowman! Eat junk food! And take a nap! Then do it all over again.

Keri Taylor 8 months ago

I love snow days and I love spending time with my kids so yeah bring your kids over there is plenty oh hot chocolate in the blanket fort

April C Beau 8 months ago

I’m a parent and a teacher, so I LOVE snow days!

Valerie Moxley 8 months ago

LOL, i swear i read the comments just to get a laugh at the uptight, defensive, judgmental moms i don’t ever want to become. BTW i love snow days, if i was your friend and you hated snow days I’d say “bring your kids over, we’re going sledding”!!

Maria Morrow 8 months ago

Snow days are the best. Sleeping in with my kiddos, playing in the snow, making hit chocolate.

Marissa Bamberger 8 months ago

Oh my god! Can anyone write an article without people getting all butthurt?! I was just saying this morning I hope there is a snow day soon. But, I could still read this and not take it as an actual attack on me as a person, since I’m ok with snow days. Write an article about how you hated breastfeeding…all hell broke loose. “You’re a shitty parent! Selfish! You must not love your kids!” Write one about a letter to your daughters step mom. “My husband’s ex is a nightmare, this is BS!” How freaking competitive & judgemental have we become that someone writing an article that is posted ON A SATIRICAL mommy blog about their personal struggle with a mom issue (writer: it’s hard being a SAHM! Working mom: try being me! Blah blah blah) somehow gets your panties in such a twist, that you can’t have empathy, laugh and move on. And I’m not talking debate or talk about something. I’m talking full on “she must hate her kids!” Uh, you realize the writers read these too…right?

She’s a writer. She hates snow days. she doesn’t understand why people like them. I’m one of those very people. I think she’s probably a good mom & she gave me a laugh. I do t understand people who choose not to do a regular date night. I need it! But I don’t think your relationships suck and you are terrible people. How do you even conclude crazy Shiz like this? I really think a large portion of scary mommy readers come here simply to make themselves feel superior and shame other moms in the comments. It’s so very sad.

Ruth Hein 8 months ago

I admit to being a snow day lover about 50% of the time. But ONLY because my school aged child likes to sleep in and play by herself for like 2 hours without prompting. I readily feel for the hater parents and will in fact take your kids in an effort to tempt my sweet introvert into more social interaction.

Amber Jarnagin Hyatt 8 months ago

This is supposed to be funny, jeeze people pull the stick out and laugh a bit.

Amy Geinosky 8 months ago

I love snow days. We do special things on snow days. I don’t understand when people get upset about them if you are a stay at home parent. We create snow day memories.

Grammy G 8 months ago

I raised five rambunctious kids, but I loved snow days. I went to work full time outside the home when my youngest went to kindergarten, but if they had a snow day, I couldn’t get to work 30 miles away either. Sometimes the days got pretty long, but usually they enjoyed part of the day outside in the snow and then we found something fun to do inside. Back then (15-25 years), we didn’t have internet or even video games, so we had to use our imaginations. I usually spent part of the time making goodies in the kitchen. Yes, it can get crazy if you let it, but you can also find ways to enjoy the time together if you think about it.
I realize this column is mostly sarcasm, and I laugh as hard as anyone who reads it.

Heather Adams 8 months ago

Move somewhere where it doesn’t snow, or shut up.

Annette Young 8 months ago

Snow days sound pretty fun to me! But I live in Southern California, so I’ve never actually experienced one. 😉

Melany Anderson 8 months ago

I love snow days because I’m not a morning person. It’s great to sleep later and not pack lunches and back packs.

Jenny from Mommin’ It Up 8 months ago

Best. Post. Ever. #workathome

Stacey Keller 8 months ago

I like them every once in awhile. For example tomorrow is my birthday and it’s probably going to be a snow day due to extreme cold…this means I don’t have to get up and get dressed right away, sweet! Also, I’m not a short order cook, you eat what I make or starve whichever you prefer. On the flip side, I always let my working parent friends leave their kids with me on snow days and again once in awhile equals fun but last year it was 9 SNOW DAYS and that equals insanity.

Jessica Johnson 8 months ago

Boooo. I love being home with my kids!!! I do work outside the home and wish I could have a snow day to stay home too.

Ashley Isra 8 months ago

He he funny index work outside the home so I love them:)

Christin Joy Newman 8 months ago

I love snow days! Simply because I don’t have to entertain the kids the entire day! They play outside in the snow, play with each other, play with the neighbors, come in and get warm. Have some quiet time and then out we go again!! Today has been a fun day in the snow. :-)

Hollie Blubaum 8 months ago

Sheesh… Some mothers are so jaded! Though maybe where this blogger lives there are many more snow days? Here in Oregon there’s maybe 1 a year give or take because every few yrs we have a blizzard that gets our kids out for a good week

Ashley Yonchak 8 months ago

I love snow days lol

Nikki Procasky 8 months ago

I work part time, and I PRAY for off days and snow days to land on my already scheduled days off. I LIKE to be around my kids. I ENJOY hanging around with them. After all, I made them.

Vicky Warnick 8 months ago

I like snow days as long as they are only every now and then. Today is our first one of the year so i still like them. Last Jan we only had school 4 days out of the whole month!!!!!! 4!!!! Now i really hated them then, I treatened to make then walk to school anyways 😛

Lacey Murphy 8 months ago

I love snow days. Hot chocolate and movies for us.

Alicia Renee Sparks 8 months ago

On snow days a day that should be fun and cuddly becomes no so fun

Sarah Clyde 8 months ago

I’m a parent and I love snow days…. Because I’m also a teacher!

Alicia Renee Sparks 8 months ago

And to clarify. I DO love my children. I DO love spending time with them. I love having them home with me. I love playing with playdoh, dressing baby dolls and barbies, watching movie, and playing candy land and uno with them. They were gone with their dad for a week and a half and I fell apart crying and boohooing because I felt like I had no purpose and didn’t know what to do with myself.(I did find things after the first couple of days but it took some adjusting.) I was ecstatic when they came home. But their school and activity schedule through the week i don’t like to mess with because they’re so young a routine is all that keeps them and myself sane.

Jessica Berkland 8 months ago

Isn’t that the definition of a parent? why did you have kids?! I understand the hassle of rearranging your whole schedule if you work, but come on, sharing your snacks, being a short order cook, please.

Alyce 8 months ago

I used to feel the same but then I spent two years after a divorce working three jobs :( I am now blessed with an amazing man and now a third little one and am taking a break from the first snow day of the year and building snowmen!! :) after not being able to enjoy it for so long I’m so happy to have it now. I think it’s a grass is greener thing and I have been on both sides of the fence… And in this case the snow is definately brighter and more magical this way :)

Nicole Wild 8 months ago

Ah hahaha! But I still like snow days. I don’t have to rush my oldest out the door and hubby’s a teacher in the district where we live so I get to share the load for the day!

Lynnette Panarra 8 months ago

I don’t understand this. If you are a parent who does not work outside the home, why is it so difficult to spend a day with your kids? Why have kids if you can’t enjoy them? How is it so bad to suddenly have a day to do something special with them? I don’t get it at all.

Alicia Renee Sparks 8 months ago

I’m a SAHM. I HATE snow days for the soul reason that it messes with our routine. And all of us thrive on routine. If mine gets messed up i fall apart and then my kids fall apart. If theirs get messed up they are in Crappy moods. Two hour delays are even worse.

Aryn Bedrick 8 months ago

I like to sleep in! Simple as that! 😉

Emily Dorman 8 months ago

I can’t relate to this one. I love having my son home from school. Snow days, sick days, vacation days, I totally enjoy it. Even if I have things I had to do it forces me to slow down and enjoy. I work full time from home too, but as disruptive to that as it can be, I’d trade it for a snow day in heartbeat.

Abigail 8 months ago

I loved reading this….even if I am in the “Yay” side of things. =]

I’m not on meds of any kind, have no nanny, husband and I work from home, and about 4…5 years ago, I’d have been in the “F@%&” side of this debate or saying “yay” in a way that was dripping with sarcasm…..but things are different now.

Now my reason to say “yay” includes none of those. My reason is that BOTH of my children have become so unhappy with the school experience the last couple of years that to see their eyes light up with happiness….well, it makes me happy too….and we do a happy dance together.

I am in the process of studying and wrapping my head around home schooling requirements, so after this year, there will no longer be “snow days” in our household.

Sarah O’Connor Raley 8 months ago

I love snow days. Sorry. I don’t care if I have to take a personal day. An excuse to stay home and play in the snow, I’d love that now! Especially now that I live in the desert.

Jennifer Danna Vandehoef 8 months ago

I legitly don’t mind. The only reason why it would stress me out would be because I DO work outside of the home. But then again….I don’t have 9000 kids. I only have one.

Valerie Moxley 8 months ago

LOL, totally don’t relate, maybe one day my children will annoy me enough to not want to make a snow day a day for me to have fun and play too but i sure hope not!! I’d take my friends kids, the more the merrier!!

Rebecca Mecham Bagley 8 months ago

While she is clearly being extreme because it’s funny, I don’t understand why parents don’t seem to know how to close the door to go to the restroom. My kids were taught VERY young, you do not bother mommy in the bathroom or the shower unless someone needs a trip to the ER. Otherwise, it can wait. We had boundaries in our house. Now that I can work from home if I need to, snow days are not so stressful. It used to be, if the roads were not passable, I was screwed. BUT, I still always enjoyed the time on snow days with my kiddos, just hated that I wasn’t getting paid. This did make me giggle, though…especially the part about dropping the kids at your house…HAHAHAHA!!!!

Michelle Markey 8 months ago

I don’t think this is an awful article, I enjoyed it, but it doesn’t match my experience. When school is canceled, the pressure to get everything together, get dressed, and get to the bus stop by sun up is off. We can wear our pajamas until nine, hang out, go play in the snow. It’s a vacation day and I love it. Oh and I probably am on better meds than she is.:)

Nicole Marie Winborn 8 months ago

I love scary mommy. All the post make me feel better as a mom…one way or another. So who cares. Ha

Nicole Marie Winborn 8 months ago

To each her own. But I love snowdays …for more reasons than I will list. On top of all the fun with my girls home…it makes me feel young again. Playing in snow , hot coco…guess I’m the crazy love my kids unconditional mom.

Candice Sellner-Scalice 8 months ago

I absolutely love snow days!! Extra time with my daughter makes my happy and my son is thrilled when she is home with us

Christina Hawkins 8 months ago

Man some of you get your panties in a twist over nothing. Why are you following scary mommy if you’re going to go all sanctimommy on all the articles? It’s meant to be funny. Good lord. Some people have to go to work regardless, school or no school. Try finding childcare first thing in the morning unexpectedly.

DoodleMor 8 months ago

I love snow! We don’t get snow in Denmark very often, so when it is here, I cant help myself, I need to go out in it! It snowed here on Christmas Day (wich it only does every 10. Year), so My sister and I called it a miracle!!! So we spent all Day outside with My kids who are 3 and 6! And we had hot Cocoa in our jammies, when we came in. Please dont hate Me….. Happy New Year!!!

Michelle Austreng Wachtendonk 8 months ago

Snow days rock!!

Mysti Freed 8 months ago

I love snow days…an unscheduled day to go to the science center or play games in lieu of working…

Jennifer Lynn Graham 8 months ago

Snow days are great, they mean that I don’t have to drive in it.

Sabrina Desjardins 8 months ago

Yep love them!

Mary Woods 8 months ago

Mine are still tiny but I could totally go for a snow day 😉

Crystal Jones Gilmore 8 months ago

I was secretly hoping school was cancelled today lol. I like snow days

Sarah Cahill Funk 8 months ago

I love snow days b/c it means sleeping in, no packing of lunches (x4!) and just having an extra day to “regroup”. Personally, I feel they are very “good” for the kids like having a day off from work is good for adults….I love em! :)

Amanda Titus Bennett 8 months ago

I don’t understand why people have children if they don’t like them or want to be around them. SMH. How do you think your children would feel if they knew this is your reaction to being at home with them?!

Heather Brooke 8 months ago

Nope. This doesn’t come off as cheeky or funny. Just sad. Not my favorite. I love scary mommy posts but the tone of this piece makes me cringe and she comes off really self centered. I can see how persons working outside of the home may not jump for joy.. But considering this drivel you posted, maybe having the kids around could inspire you to write something a little more profound.

Danielle Lawson 8 months ago

I work outside the home, and I do not like snow days. In my line of work inclement weather/snow days is not a reason to stay home, so making child care arrangements at 5am is not an enjoyable task.

Nicole Wilson 8 months ago

I guess its a oh everything and anything is offensive kinda day… yikes.

Naomi Hartman Gerheim 8 months ago

OMG, a-freaking-men.

Ricki Weinman Dworkin 8 months ago

It’ll be ok. Just wait til your kids are are in middle school. Then you’ll appreciate snow days. Especially if you lived in Texas, where we rarely have them!

Stacey Cummings Sales 8 months ago

Unless you’re a parent AND a teacher – then snow days are a welcome day off of work!

Taara Datta Donley 8 months ago

Is everyone having a bad day today? I can’t believe the negative energy on here today…. First of all, the author is being intentionally provocative to get a response out of us! That’s her job – to get as many responses (likes and comments) as possible! So of course, she’s going to use the more attention grabbing title. What grabs your attention more? “Reasons I hate snow days” or “you’re a moron if you like snow days.” Take these articles with a grain of salt and save your energy, patience and blood pressure for your kids. Have a great day! :)

Christine Ruis 8 months ago

Snow days I don’t mind so much, but long school breaks… Oy. I love my kids, blah blah blah, but older two are like fire and gasoline. If they didn’t fight so damn much, we’d actually have a shot at enjoying each others company. And now, I will sit back and wait for the bitchy replies that if I actually fulfilled their emotional needs, my kids wouldn’t fight.

Cassandra Lee Jones 8 months ago

I love snow days too lol

Heidi Os Ahokannas 8 months ago

Try living in Finland… No matter how cold it is (-30c) or how much snow came down at night(40cm),school is NEVER cancelled because of that. Ever.

Jessica Policari Hopfer 8 months ago

God forbid someone can not be happy to spend a extra day here and there with their kids. I love snow days and I’m a SAHM!!!

Sara Petrick 8 months ago

I’m a SAHM, and I already have my youngest home with me most of the time. Having her big brother home to help entertain her is a win.

Jamie Lynn Bear 8 months ago

Hm. Crucify me but, I have kids cause I like them. I like hanging out with them. I like the surprise of a snow day because that means we get to have a bonus Saturday. I like their excitement at a free day and we like sledding/skiing/snowboarding together. I’m sure this was written as a farce, to be cranky and get a laugh but really… You’d rather write than hang out with your kid? Seriously?

Jenny Kruschke 8 months ago

I could understand what a pain snow days would be in a household with 2 working parents. I imagine it can’t be easy to find last minute childcare!

Rūta Watts 8 months ago

I love snow days! I might feel different if I had to be at an office 5 days a week, but chances are if the kids can’t get to school you can’t get to work anyway :) What I don’t understand is a country that can be brought to a standstill by 2 inches of snow :p
Let’s just take what we get and make the most of it!

Elizabeth Chambers Phillips 8 months ago

I LOVE snow days! I love the joy in my kids faces knowing not only that they can stay home but also all the fun we have playing outside in the snow

Monica Augustine 8 months ago

I love snow days!!! For the simple reason that I don’t have to be a chauffeur instead of getting work done!!!

Misty Unrau 8 months ago

We dont get snow days here. I live in northern BC Canada. Nothing closes for snow.

April Sumner 8 months ago

since we live in the south we don’t get them often and snow is a big deal so I like them. I love the snow. So I enjoy playing in the snow with the kids and going on snow walks. Then we watch movies and play video games and I am guilt free with that. As long as we got electricity I am happy.

Sarah Damerow Stockton 8 months ago

I grew up with snow days, but now live in a warmer climate. Not saying I would want a lot of them, but it would be nice if my kids could experience it just once. I realize it has to be a huge pain for working moms and that sucks… You absolutely could bring them to my house! We’d celebrate it like a holiday at my house… Hot chocolate, soup and toast for lunch… Time for me to pack up and head north again!

Lisa Foster Regino 8 months ago

I actually love snow days. My kids play outside for hours

Gwendy Lefforge 8 months ago

I love snow days with my 3 kids (11, 13 & 15). I enjoy a day of no schedules, no driving, no alarm clocks. A snow day is generally less hectic than my normal days. Even when they were little they spent an entire day organizing a “Circus of the Snow” and performing it for us. And now I snuggle mostly with my husband rather than my babies, not complaining about THAT either. ⛄️❄️

Gina Barba Santangelo 8 months ago

I find this article highly offensive. I will never understand moms who don’t like to spend time with their own children. Smh

Tammy Strong-Arpey 8 months ago

I always loved snow days, playing outdoors with the kids, having a hot chocolate and maybe a snooze in the afternoon. The break from the school day routine was nice.

Nicol Kocher Thompson 8 months ago

It would be very frustrating as a working mom. As a SAHM, I enjoy a pajama day with my kids.

Andrea Metzler 8 months ago

I like snow days, on these conditions: One it is only one random day in the month( or as I have lucked out in the year)Two it is not too cold to spend at least one to two hours in it running, snow ball fighting, sledding, and etc. untell the kids are well worn out and willing to sit( nap oh please nap) and do something quite. Longer then that is pure insanity.

Mommy to 5 8 months ago

I have 5 kids that are a year apart and LOVE having them home too. We homeschool, so snow days are irrelevant because they are always home with me. I work from home full time, but mostly at night so that it doesn’t take time away from them. It’s ok to miss your kids and enjoy having them home. They’re only young and with you for a short amount of time. :)

Caren Collins 8 months ago

I’m a SAHM and a homeschooling mom and I love spending time with my kids. Whether it’s doing school or relaxing outside

Brittany Burchett 8 months ago

I really think people took this way to seriously.

Sara Delval 8 months ago

Why is it scarry to be happy that you get to spend a day with your children? Why have them if it scares you to spend ONE day with them

Juliet Pagnano 8 months ago

I live in Arizona and I wish we had snow days! No amount of whining could ever be worse than the sound of my alarm clock going off at 645 am.

Heather Wells 8 months ago

I love snow days!

Cara Kirkey 8 months ago

Was a great snow day for me yesterday. The younger one still went to daycare and the older one went outside with his friends all day. This momma caught up on Netflix and finished the Baileys. (Between shoveling 4 times!)

Rachel Springer 8 months ago

I am a teacher, it is a paid day off for me. How can I NOT love it?

Vanessa Anderson 8 months ago

I like snow days bc then I get to sleep in lol

Melissa Güereña Knodel 8 months ago

I adore snow days. #sorrynotsorry

Andrea Kelly 8 months ago

I love snow days. I don’t work so I don’t have to rearrange the schedule. I understand for the ones that do that it’s inconvenient. I don’t have to get up early. They are well behaved and cause no problems and we can hang out or play in the snow. Love it. Until I start working again :)

Kristin Berry-Walters 8 months ago

Snow days wreak havoc on my already fragile child care situation. I can’t afford the time off work to stay with them, and I don’t have anyone near me who is able/willing to help me out, even with a cash incentive. We all work.

Holly Yarnell Robinson 8 months ago

Stay-at-home Mom and I love snow days but they are rare here in Knoxville, TN.

Samantha T Chouinard 8 months ago

I at yay to snow days abd school vacations. I’m a sham my oldest is only in half day prek so i love my extra time with him

Katena Russell-Hood Dyser 8 months ago

We love snow days and the article was funny. Children are only so little for so long.

Jacquie Johnson Albert 8 months ago

Teacher here, so yes, I love snow days. Also, I love hanging with my kids. #iamweird

Amy 8 months ago

You really shouldn’t be a parent.. People like you are just horrible. It’s one thing to vent or have a private thought about frustration but to write a whole article that’s nothing but a selfish rant about how being a parent is a burden to you.. Wow. They’re you’re kids, you brought them into this world. What a selfish #$@& seriously? Why does this garbage get published. I feel so bad for the kids.

Jill Crigger Perryman 8 months ago

Maybe that’s why we love them – they are so rare!!

Laura Hurd 8 months ago

I generally agree with these posts, but not this one. I’m a SAHM, so maybe it doesn’t bother me when we have snow days because it really doesn’t change much for me. I like them because I don’t have to bundle the kids out and risk being on the roads that may or may not be super slick, with drivers who think they can speed along at 20+ the speed limit and cause an accident. I would rather have a snow day than deal with that anxiety.

Susan Vecchio Thomas 8 months ago

I really dont mind the snow days. Other than Last Christmas here in Ohio my Daughter(almost 15 at the time) had almost the entire month of January off after already being off two weeks for the holidays. The wind chill was -30 and it was a blizzard. Snow upon snow upon more snow. Now I will tell you I was about to.lose my sanity!!!! Severe cabin fever! Lol!

Roni Johnson 8 months ago

I don’t know if I’d like snow days or not. Since my son is only 2 years old, he’s always home with me lol

Marissa Bamberger 8 months ago

Word! This is my first year working fulltime. At least my ex husband is back in town for a few months. My first month working fulltime in July…I used all my sick days.

Brianne De Leon 8 months ago

I like hanging out all day with my kids! They are good kids and it’s much better than running out in the snow, cleaning off cars, waiting in car lines and freezing!! Pjs movies and hot chocolate is a perfect day to me. As they get older these types of days will become less frequent. So as much as I HATE snow! I love snow days

Patricia Oyole 8 months ago

I just hate snow.

Alli Welch 8 months ago

Yeah, I live in southern Ontario, Canada….snow days are all too often for us lol

Penny De Meola Gallicchio 8 months ago

LOL!!!! Funny but yes I am one of those moms who enjoys having her crazies home with her!

Christina Edwards 8 months ago

I think 99% of any type parent (no matter where they work) can understand why some people wouldn’t like snow days. It would probably depend on where you live too. I live in SC, so a snow day is pretty rare. I’d imagine people that live where there’s a lot of snow get sick of the snow days quickly. Like I said before, it was more how the article was written that got a lot of people in defense mode. As parents, we should support each other, not try to compare ourselves or criticize others with differing viewpoints. If she would’ve focused on the issue, rather than parents with a different perspective, I would have enjoyed the article much more. Best wishes :)

Diana ‘Merchant’ Baun 8 months ago

Thank you, you get it!

Chris Primmer 8 months ago

Typically I don’t mind snow days. Today I’m lucky- it’s a Tuesday. I was able to sleep in, get into work late and will leave early. Some days they suck. I HAVE to get into work at a reasonable hour and STAY ALL DAY. Usually with said kid. Who’s normally well behaved. But sometimes she’s “bored” or tired. Or hungry. Or just crabby. Because we have to be at work
But mostly, I like it. No rushing, no lunches to worry about packing. No school traffic, no waiting in the cold for her class to come out.

Verónica Díaz 8 months ago

Hahaha this is just awesome.

Diana ‘Merchant’ Baun 8 months ago

This is where you lose me. This is like the parents who have countdowns to when kids go back to school after summer break. Why have kids if you don’t want to spend time with them? I am not a blanket fort with hot chocolate mom, but since our kids just switched from homeschool to public I get so excited when they are off on a break! I’m always sad when they go back to school. I had kids to enjoy them, not to just send them off so other people could raise and entertain them.

Laura Dalton Wilson 8 months ago

I have no children but I think that my mother, who had 12 children, cherished the little time she had alone. She loved us no doubt but deserved a little tiny break. Snow days drove us all crazy and I loved going to school when I was little so I hated snow days.

Stephanie Sullo Zucconi 8 months ago

No matter how much planning and saving you do, sometimes you just can’t afford it. Plain and simple. And I LOVE snow days!

Jessica Cheek Onstott 8 months ago

Yep, we’re all lucky to be mothers of our beautiful children. But Christi and heather sum up my sentiments. I also enjoy snow days, vacations etc.

MyLove M. Barnett 8 months ago

God, are we back at this again? “You should realize how lucky you are and stop complaining, because some people aren’t as fortunate..” Um no. That’s like saying I can’t be happy about X because someone else has Y. My happy or not happy is zero reflection on your level of gratitude or complainery. (And that is totally a word because I just made it up!)
Unscheduled breaks can be a nightmare on families who thrive on routine for whatever reason. Some people like snow, some people don’t. Some people, like the author, for example, work from home and don’t get paid if they don’t produce, which is terribly hard to do with children underfoot, which is why most of us work while they’re at school or at night when they’re in bed. I can’t speak for the author, but coming off of a two week vacation already, I REALLY need to get back to work if we’d like to keep the heat on in the house.

Anita Ainsworth Brown 8 months ago

LOVE snow days!!! unless we lose power…then I feel like I have been sent to 5th level of hell. There was a time when i hated them though…it really comes down to how your kids handle changes in routine and what your work situation is. I totally get why they are dreaded by some. I feel lucky to be in a season of my life where I am usually able to stay home with them so don’t have to do crazy juggling for childcare and my boys are old enough to actually like sleeping in so we can enjoy them. lay off the judgement folks.

Jaton Powers 8 months ago

I am so envious! I want to work from home! Trying to find a legit home job is so hard!

Tina Marie 8 months ago

I’m pretty sure this was a light-hearted piece… no one needs to bash people on either end of the topic. It’s not that serious. And the bottom line is, whether or not we agree or disagree, we clicked it & read it & commented on it so the marketing component was brilliantly executed. Well played Scary Mommy! 😉

Trina M. Greene 8 months ago

This is why I love homeschooling. Never have to worry about this! I love being with my kiddo ♡♡

Annika 8 months ago

I was that mom once, early in my motherhood days ( I have four children within 5 years of each other, the oldest is 81/2, youngest is 3 1/2) I did not mean to do this on purpose, it’s just how it happened, but I do try to make the best of snow days, embrace them as much as possible. I love the excitement that comes for the kids. We don’t have an entire wardrobe of snow clothes for everyone so I know at some point they wil be back inside begging for hot tea or cocoa. I’m good with this. Truthfully, however, I will admit that I cringe when I get the news of a two hour delay or snow closing. My three older kids are in school all day and my youngest goes to PreK three days a week for two hours and much like the summers, I do not look forward to it. I do my best to stay present and keep them busy with fun things to do but I do run out of gas quickly and they soon start to bicker and argue and it often make for an exhausting time. I’m soon to go back to work and am not even ready to think about how these snow days will impact my schedule then..

Ramona Leigh O’Kin 8 months ago

I love having them home with me, but I hate the prep and clean up from the less than 10 minutes of playing in the snow! My younger son inevitably wants to bundle up for round two just as soon as I finish the clean up from the first round! Lol I do so enjoy the part of the day that is all cozy pjs and hot chocolate though :)

Kenna Pope 8 months ago

This turned into a HOT debate on my son’s school’s parents’ FB page last year… It got ugly bcz the SAHMz were commenting on responses as if working moms don’t exist, with little sensitivity about how 2 working parents struggle to find last-minute help. The “I don’t know what YOUR problem is bcz I love snow days!” comment.

Darla King- Walter 8 months ago

I love the sleeping in part too. Yay!!

Chris Baudino 8 months ago

I love snow days!! I also love that my kids went back to school today after Christmas vacation

Tammi Biles 8 months ago

Because if you don’t laugh, you will cry. Lighten up. She’s making a joke. Did you read all of it? When I first started reading it, I was thinking, “Wow, what a you know what!” Then, I caught the funny behind it.

As a mom of a 3 and 5 (today is her birthday), I LOVE spending time with them and playing “kitchen” with them, but, wow, oh, wow! Does momma need a few minutes alone to drink a hot cup of coffee! The only time I get to coffee is when I’m at work. hahaha

Last night, mommy, daddy, and girls snuggled up in mommy and daddy’s bed to watch Mr. Peabody and Sherman (AWESOME movie, we were all rolling!!) and we loved every second of it. But, by the time it was over, mom was ready for the littles to go to their own beds. As a matter of fact, my 3 year old was ready to go to her own room 30 minutes before the movie was over. I had to tie her up with duct tape and sit her in a corner on a chair to make her stay. 😉

Alison Reding McGuinn 8 months ago

You are so right! But certain non working parents can’t understand. They want their cake and to eat it too.

Sarah Halverson 8 months ago

I have five kids. Three teenagers a toddler and a baby and I LOVE snow days! The teens are happy because no school! They are awake befor 10:00 and then I don’t have to drag the little ones over to pre k!

Andrea Manseau Peck 8 months ago

Needing a break from your kids does not make you a bad mother but most parents get a break Mon – Fri when kids are at school. If you can’t enjoy them when they’re home for a snow day then that’s sad!

Letitia Sarah 8 months ago

Snow days are fun you go out and play in it! Build a snowman (try lol) and throw snowballs and sledging unless I’m missing the point? X

Heather PG 8 months ago

Come on people.. Funny funny haha.. Calm down.

Jennifer Bonanno-Paul 8 months ago

Exactly how I feel.

Jennifer McMurray Owens 8 months ago

I really wish people could get the tongue in cheek humor. It is a cute, funny post.

Kimberly Wade Johnson 8 months ago

I agree! I’m in So Cal so unfortunately we don’t get snow days but they are dismissed early due to heat occasionally.

Jennifer DeAlmeida 8 months ago

I love snow days cuz I don’t have to get up early and bring my kids to school.

Maggie 8 months ago

…unless your a teacher. Dealing with your own kid is better then a class of 25!

Life With Teens and Other Wild Things 8 months ago

I love snowdays, because they mean I don’t have to fight with my kids about going to school. But mine are teens, which makes them pretty low-maintenance.

Joyce Godwin 8 months ago

My mother in law loves snow days. She’s only 15 years older than me (she’s the second wife of my father in law). She loves taking the kids outside to play and explore, then coming back in to bake with them. And she has 13 kids living at home with no nanny. I know the article is tongue-in-cheek, but some moms do love snow days. Takes all kinds, right?

Audrey Flud 8 months ago

I love it. “It’s not the Bible.” Lol!! Exactly. It’s just a funny blog. Some people just need to lighten up.

Jennifer Bonanno-Paul 8 months ago

Sounds like judgment on parents that like getting that extra time around their children. Way to go seeing just one side of it.

Heather Polk 8 months ago

Christi Hackelton Cox, you hit the nail on the head. As a stay at home mom, it drives me crazy when someone who lives in a $500k house and drives a $40k car says they can’t afford to stay home. I completely understand that some families do need two incomes and sympathize with anyone who struggles financially. I feel blessed to be home with my kids but it isn’t without sacrifice that I am able to do that.

Tammi Biles 8 months ago

At first I was like, “No, just STFU”, then I read it and I was like, “HAHAHAHA SOOOOOO EFFIN TRUE!!!!!!!!!!” lol

MyLove M. Barnett 8 months ago

We love snow days because we only get about one each year, if that! HOWEVER…I work from home, and I actually love playing in the snow myself. Back when I worked a job outside the home, snow days (and really, any unscheduled no school day) was a logistical NIGHTMARE for me as a single parent. Who’s going to watch the kids? Who’s going to PAY for someone to watch the kids? Am I going to have to miss work? How am I suppose to buy groceries if my check is short for an unauthorized absence???? It was a shitstorm of nightmare.

Laura Hohm 8 months ago

snow days can be problematic based on your local school district’s decision makers. last year, our local district had heat cancellations the first week of school, AND snow/cold days in january, which added almost two weeks of classes at the end. the problem was that these days were not called off far enough in advance, and that they didn’t look at the forecast to make the call earlier in the day. we have advanced weather forecasts, you know if it’s going to be 100+ degrees the following day, or -20 plus wind chill. my friends with school kids ran into all kinds of last minute childcare problems because one parent worked and the other was taking her own community college classes for nursing school, because the district couldn’t decide this early enough in the day for them to start making phone calls. overnight decisions when it’s too late to reach people, or early morning when it’s too early, are not helpful. so, yes, some parents might hate snow days, and they are for valid reasons .it has NOTHING to do with loving your kids, or being selfish. some jobs don’t appreciate parents having to take the day off because they can’t send the kids to school last minute. sucks, but that’s life. stop judging and understand there are multiple sides to every situation and stop assuming people hate their kids or that you love your kids more than others.

DeAnna D’Oregon 8 months ago

Sorry :-( can’t help it, love the sea level snow! And yes, your kids can have cocoa at my place :-) (as long as you’re fine with them coming home all hopped up on chocolate and slightly bruised from sledding)

Lisa Boatman 8 months ago

Loved having a snow day and surprise time to spend with my son!! ❄️⛄️

Laura Roenker Sawyer 8 months ago

I hate snow days because I have to find alternate care for my kids and it’s expensive.

Marlene Thompson 8 months ago

*their – If you’re going to make a stand, do it intelligently.

Susan Vecchio Thomas 8 months ago


Shannon Baumgartner Juarez 8 months ago

I love snow days, but I work out of the house, and my 5 kids are old enough to take care of themselves, or watch the younger ones (ages range 15 – 6). I just like it because it means I can sleep in a half an hour, and I can get ready for work without having to remind my kids to keep moving or they’ll be late for school. But, even when I’m home with them, I don’t mind, because I’m fairly lazy and I do let them watch TV, and play video games all day. I tell them that is why I had their siblings, so I wouldn’t have to engage with them. lol

Jen Mooney Dimler 8 months ago

Sometimes snow days are great (can give everyone a much needed break from routine and time together) and other times kids don’t have school, but parents still have to work and that can be stressful.

Jennifer Melroy 8 months ago

I’m a neonatal nurse too.

Brittany Sanchez 8 months ago

I do NOT miss my sweet daughters when they’re at school all day, but I do love snow days! That’s not to say I don’t love my daughters as could be implied, just that I’m enjoying the stage of life where they’re not around needing me all the time :) Snow days are a fun excuse for a pajama day with some playtime for the kids and maybe an afternoon movie!

Rosie Shumake 8 months ago

Me too Jill! We live in the wrong state I think!!!

Jennifer Melroy 8 months ago

Stating 1st world problems does not mean ur claiming to be from a 3rd world country. U could learn a lesson or 2 in humor & satire & sarcasm it sounds like.

Shannon 8 months ago

I love snow days, but I work out of the house, and my 5 kids are old enough to take care of themselves, or watch the younger ones (ages range 15 – 6). I just like it because it means I can sleep in a half an hour, and I can get ready for work without having to remind my kids to keep moving or they’ll be late for school. But, even when I’m home with them, I don’t mind, because I’m fairly lazy and I do let them watch TV, and play video games all day. I tell them that is why I had their siblings, so I wouldn’t have to engage with them. lol

Karen Buck 8 months ago

I like snow days…a lot! It’s held over from my school years. My dad would come in to wake us up to tell us “no school today, it snowed”–seemed like he just informed us Santa came again. Good memories!

Jennifer Melroy 8 months ago

Huh, what? I love satire. This isn’t satire. Humor maybe…I hope. Just saying, snow days sound fun to me. My kids hv to stay hm from school for other reasons…Catholic schools half day 1xmonth all yr…this & that. Why am I explaining myself to u?! Why so rude!?

Tara Abbott 8 months ago

You know who likes snow days: parents with both older and younger kids. Feeding, dressing, and buckling up 2 toddlers to take the older kid to school sucks.

April Ray 8 months ago

Me too, we live in ga so we rarely get them. So we spend most of the time outside playing in it. We just come in to get warm and then right back outside!

Martha Carlson 8 months ago

Same here-love staying home with the little ones

Dawn Lankford 8 months ago

I enjoy a few snow days a year, but last year was ridiculous! Between the cold and snow I swear they weren’t at school for a full week in January, February, and the beginning of March. I thought I was going to go insane by the end of it!

Erika Minna Weitkuhn 8 months ago

I FRIGGIN’ LOVE SNOW DAYS!!! Can’t wait till Easter break!!

KellyandJunior Martinez 8 months ago

We don’t get snow days, we don’t get snow. …. but I’ve taken a day off here and there to stay home and spend time with my kid. I don’t get people who hate that.

Wendy Pomales 8 months ago

I love snow days. We love snow fights and snow men and tubing

Dorina C Albion 8 months ago

Parents that complain about snow days should just move to Victoria BC we are having that really wet snow, falling from the sky, where you get wet and shit. Yet, there’s school. Hey, walking in the rain is amazing when you have a child that splash in every puddle, knee deep, and then falls down a muddy hill and gets up crying because she’s now dirty but she loved it seconds before. I’ll trade you guys who had a dump of snow and has a snow day because that would mean I don’t have to walk in the rain to school as we have had a snow day.

Karen LM 8 months ago

As a stay at home mom, I have no problem with snow days. Staying home in pajamas, reading, watching TV, drinking hot chocolate. What’s not to like? (I was a single working mom at one point. I am so grateful to not live that way anymore. )

Maria Almond Cannon 8 months ago

I love my girls with all that I have. In saying that I also love that they love school. They both enjoy their peers and teachers. They especially enjoy routine. We have the weekends and each evening together. They go to school to be taught things that I could never give them. I have my degree in teaching but I’m Mom what do I know?! It’s very hard for working parents to have to arrange and or pay a sitter. Granted there should be a snow plan in place so that you know who you’re calling the eve before or at 5am when the call is made. If I worked I would make sure I had a plan so that things weren’t nuts. I am a stay at home mom but have worked before when I had to go to work. Most working parents don’t get snow days and how many times some schools delay or cancel they can’t call off every single time. It’s a tough situation. Plus if they miss so many then you get into make up days and that can cause problems for schedules with vacations, daycare etc. Don’t bash each other for what you have. Every family has a different situation. Stay at home moms sure have it made. Yet we can be the neighbor who gets the kids when their parents have to work. Be thankful for that.

Tania Zamudio 8 months ago

Move to Cali? Lol

Jill Crigger Perryman 8 months ago

LOL. I love snow days- what can I say!? Snow forts & blanket forts are awesome. Hot chocolate is awesome. I love it.

Erin Mirenda Moore 8 months ago

Yes. It must be hard to deal with American 1st world satire and humor from your 3rd world country of…. wait…. Savannah, Georgia? Hmmm. Yeh I thought it was strange that they had access to Facebook in your 3rd world region of The United States.

Shanna McDowell 8 months ago

Hmm. When i was laid off i loved snow days. I actually like spending time with my kid. New concept i guess?

Tina Gillotti Stys 8 months ago

Exactly, I don’t understand why these parents come on a satire site and then get bitchy about what’s being posted.

Kim Hopkins 8 months ago

Snow days are bittersweet for me. I love extra time with my daughter but it throws off my flow of the day. Either way, this article is funny and people need to get their panties out of a bunch.

Tina Gillotti Stys 8 months ago

Ok, it’s tongue in cheek people. It’s not meant to be serious. If you don’t understand what this page is about, just leave. We all love our kids. Have a sense of humor or move along.

Teresa Glah Jordan 8 months ago

I love snow days!!! I was bummed my guys had school today. Nothing better than watching movies and hanging in our pjs together!! I was sad when winter break ended!! 😉

Patti King Arabo 8 months ago

She just seems like she doesn’t like to be around her kids. Poor kids.

Rachel Smith French 8 months ago

Kristen makes me want to punch kittens. My husband is deployed and so it’s hard to get ANY break from the chaos of my four kids. Anyone who is in that situation be it military or single parents, they know that it can be draining. Doesn’t mean we love our kids any less. Anyone who says they don’t need even an hour of time alone is smoking something.

Deidre Conroy 8 months ago

FYI #2 is a problem for parents who work outside the home because – 1 kids are home all day unsuperived becasue even though it’s snowing parents are expected at work; which consists of a longer day due to travel times, etc. 2- again…everything in #1. If I didn’t have to leave the house on my kids snow days and white knuckle it to work often times taking double or triple time to get there —like today– I think I wouldn’t be complaining about my kids being at home with me.

Gizel Schwartz 8 months ago

Seriously. Some of us just cant take a day off or find a last minute sitter. I dont mind snow days but when you work for yourself and not working means less money to pay for their lives, snow days can be hard. Try to be understanding of everyone’s situation and lessen the judgement and the LOLs. Snow days can be tough financially-including for business owners who rely on their employees to keep their businesses afloat during this tough economy.

Nichole Lovell 8 months ago

I agree with you 100% Michelle. I only have 1 child as well. She’s almost 9 and she is my very best friend! Today was her 1st day back to school from winter break and I miss her terribly. I cried the whole way home from dropping her off at school this morning. Unfortunately we live in Florida so we NEVER get a snow day

Candi Williamson Geist 8 months ago

I have no problem with snow days, except my 6 yo twins are just back to school after a long break and we are looking at being off tomorrow due to the cold. I would prefer a snow day in the middle of a long school stretch. Why can’t these things be more planned lol!

Christi Hackelton Cox 8 months ago

SAHM’s are not “lucky”
In many cases years of careful planning and strategic budgeting were and are in place to allow the Mom to be at home with her children. It is a choice and a blessing. It is not luck.

mary lou 8 months ago

I really love snow days because I really love snow, but I could never be a SAHM. I don’t know how people do it! I love my kids, but they drive me bonkers sometimes!

Allison Spiva Hunt 8 months ago

I live in California and we don’t get snow here so I’m guessing if we got a snow day I’d be excited but after a few days I think we would all be ready to be back on routine.

Aidansmom9 8 months ago

“all the talking”– yes! We are on Day Two of being snowed in, and last night I was like “please just stop talking.” Today I’m getting out of that driveway if it kills me

Valerie Capiccioni Gerbus 8 months ago

I also love snow days. I’m often more anxiously awaiting them than the children. I love spending time with my kids. It sounds like this author needs to make some rules. I have five kids and I’m not a short order cook or anything crazy like that.

I do feel sorry for those that work and have to figure out alternate childcare. That would suck.

Jamie 8 months ago

feel free to bring the kids by! I am definitely one of these moms. I am blessed to be a stay at home mom so blanket forts and hot cocoa are on the menu for snow days. We also do crafts, reading, games, snowball fights and much more! These are the days I will cherish when my kids are grown up and no longer want to these things. I live for these days and the memories made from them will be what fuels me when I’m an old wrinkly bat in a rocking chair LOL..
So feel free to bring the kids, neighbours kids, their cousins, friends, etc…the more people for the snowball fight the better!


Kristie Brisby 8 months ago

I’m sorry….when did needing a break from your kids mean you don’t love them? My kids aren’t even old enough for school so this doesn’t apply to me yet but I love my kids more then anything and still need a break now and then. It’s called being human.

Bridget Janne 8 months ago

We homeschool so I do not personally relate to this post.
Even so…We still have snow days. Sometimes you just need to set your work (schoolwork, or grown up work) aside until a little bit later, go outside, and play with your children. You will be glad you did, and so will they.

Edit: I think the only people who truly have a legitimate grievance with snow days would be parents who work outside of the home. Parents who work from home don’t have to worry about last minute babysitters, and calling into work to an unsympathetic boss. I’m not sure how they make snow days work, but they have my sincere respect. That could be a true inconvenience for them, and even hardship depending upon their situation.

Kellie Fisher 8 months ago

Wow….glad the writer of this was not my mother. That’s pretty sad. I actually LIKE spending time with my kiddos and I enjoy them being home….they are my CHILDREN, not a burden. Enjoy your kids while you can, they’ll be gone soon enough :(

Karrah Sipes Martin 8 months ago

I have got four kids and love snow days! It’s cold outside. I don’t want to get the kids or myself drug out of bed and out into the cold. We stay home and snuggle in our pjs.

Jacky Adams Paterson 8 months ago

So funny but true.

Hollie Smith 8 months ago

LOL, I am that parent that LOVES snow days, (maybe it is because I don’t work outside the home) but I love it, it means movies, baking and not having to rush out the door at 7:30am

Joyce M. Clark Gilliland 8 months ago

I do not like snow days. We have to make them up at the end of the year, which cuts in to summer break. My kids and I live for summer break. Nothing better than sleeping in and going to the beach.
However I do enjoy a delayed opening. The day does not need to be made up and we are not rushed in the morning.

Jennifer Melroy 8 months ago

Yeah, this one is super sour. Her kids must be real pains in the butt. W a mom attitude like that, I see how they may be. Or maybe she’s just really kidding & loves to hate snow days but deep down dreads the work only but really enjoys them. Anyway…whatever. Like I said ^^^ 1st world problems 😀

Sunshine Medina 8 months ago

Amen Christine!

Rachel Smith French 8 months ago

Yes! Couldn’t have said it better! My husband is deployed so I get no break. I love my kids, but we all get along better when they’ve had a break from me and me from them

Heather 8 months ago

I like them. But only because there were never enough days when it snowed when I was a kid so I go out there and help them with their snowman to fill my quota haha. But I would imagine that if they happened several times a year I would probably get pretty fed up. I’m lucky in that I don’t have to work and therefore don’t have to get all the snow off my car and then drive through it taking four times as long to get to work. This is the UK by the way, we don’t get much snow so we aren’t really used to it lol.

Nicole Gaddini 8 months ago

The only mom’s that are slightly enthused about snow days are the ones that either drive or walk their kids to school, and that’s only because we are happy that we don’t have to deal with idiot motorists, bundling up the kids, and freezing our own tatas off.

Ashley C. 8 months ago

The reason I wish my daughter’s school had been smart enough to call a snow day is because she’s in headstart and I have to drive her there and back. While I enjoy not having both kids fighting for a few hours, I don’t lije driving sideways on ice with a 2 and 4 year old. It’s just not safe. My daughter still stayed home. Lol

Alicia Duclos 8 months ago

When I was working they were a pain in the ass- trying to figure where to send them so my boss didn’t Reem me out for having to take a day off. Now that I am home with baby number 3 due any day I love them because it means pj’s, snuggles and hot cocoa all day and I don’t have to go anywhere!

Eileen Mahan 8 months ago

I only have one left at home who is 16 so a snow day just means both of us sleeping in and hanging out all day. But when I had 3 little ones….I hated snow days…one was a nice break, but multiple days and delayed openings were a nightmare! I enjoy the freedom and independence of having raised 3 kids over the past 22 years and relish my peace and quiet. I love my kids but no, I don’t want to be with them always and forever. ..they are supposed to grow up and away!

Ann Johnson 8 months ago

I love snow days and vacation. I love spending time with my three boys. I am glad I took the time to be with them when they were younger. I never could understand parents who didn’t embrace this special time.

Alli Welch 8 months ago

It’s funny because when I read the title, my first thought was “me too”. I hate when people on Facebook are going on and on about how much they hope it’s a snow day. BUT it’s not because for the same reasons as her. Once I read the works out of the home part I was like wait, the reason I DON’T like snow days is because I work outside the home and have to leave work all the time and my boss doesn’t like it. If I stayed home, it would be nice for like 1 or 2 snow days, after that I agree with Scary Mommy, I’m sure my daughter would be bored and whiney because she’s an only child…I guess I’m just reading too far into the whole stay at home vs working mom thing…I always feel like all the parenting blogs and articles are geared towards stay at home moms…I generally can’t relate to most of it because I’m a single mom who works outside the house for 40 hours a week…my daughter is in daycare/school 8am to 530pm. When I pick her up she gets supper and homework and bed…my life is drastically different from people who get to be with their kids all day or even after school from 330pm on or whatever time it may be…

Elise Holmes 8 months ago

I love snow days…..
I get to take my kids out and build snowmen, laugh as they look like walking snowmen themselves because of how many layers I stuffed them in, have snowball fights, make snow angels…
Take pics of their cute little red noses…
Go inside to the warmth and sit by the fireplace drinking hot coco and talking about how much fun the snow is… going out and doing it again once all our appendages are warmed up again..

HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE SNOWDAYS???? I don’t understand you lol

Edited to add that I’m a SAHM with a 7 year old, an almost 2 year old and I’m 7 months pregnant. Our last snow day was last year and my son was only 1 and I wasn’t prego… but I would love one this year too…

Amanda Kelleher Mincavage 8 months ago

We love snow days because we all get to sleep in!! Delays are nice too. My daughter is pretty self sufficient, so no worries there!

Kelly Alexander Taneri 8 months ago

Here’s a thought… I love my kids. I enjoy spending time with them. And a snow day means no ironing school clothes, no packing lunches & no hurry up let’s go. Relaxed day with the kids? Yes please.

Joey Graham 8 months ago

The grass is always greener. If you don’t like snow days, you don’t. If you do like them you do. What’s wrong with feeling either way?

Krystal Taillon 8 months ago

Yes, thank you lol Took the words out of my mouth 😛

Bethany Schaffner 8 months ago

Haha! I like this so much. It is me to the extreme

Jennifer Melroy 8 months ago

1st world problems. Yeah, it’s for a giggle but geez, quit complaining over nothing.

April Humphrey 8 months ago

I love snow days! I don’t get to spend enough time with my kiddo and they are nice surprises. We have lots of fun together.

Molly Brockman 8 months ago


Mary Armistead Zyk 8 months ago

Snow days just means laundry to wash all the wet coats, mittens, socks, etc that they sled ride in for five minutes.

Molly Brockman 8 months ago

Lol. It’s selfish to not want to miss work, so you can PROVIDE a home with paid bills and necessities?? Get over YOURself! You don’t know everyone’s situation.

Kristin Unrein Maiorano 8 months ago


Becky Paszkiet Mammon 8 months ago

I like snow days, and vacations. My daughter is only in first grade and I miss her while she’s gone. But I do understand, it can be difficult for working parents who have to scramble to find childcare.

Kalla Mahar 8 months ago

Honestly, I did not even read this article! I LOVE snow days, because I get to spend more time w my child! I am a working mom and LOVE to get extra snuggles in w my son when we can!! There is nothing I lovemore than spending time w my family. I don’t understand some of these articles!!! If you are a stay at home mom, then you should find some time to get out when hubby is home so you can have you time! You are important too, and need your time!

Jennifer Piercey 8 months ago

Exactly! I cried my way to work for 2 years because I had to work and leave him in someone else’s care. It breaks me.

Renata Thornburg 8 months ago

I actually like my kid and I love snow days :) I love spending time with her and miss her when she’s not with me :(

Christina Edwards 8 months ago

I can empathize with your situation. I think the biggest reason people are taking exception to the article is because it’s addressing parents who enjoy snow days. In my opinion, the author should have just stuck with “Reasons I Don’t Like Snow Days” instead of criticizing other parents.

Jenny Kruschke 8 months ago

What is this “snow day” you speak of? 😉 My town had our first snow day in about 12 years last winter because there was over a foot and a half of snow…and it still took the schools a while to call a snow day. In Montana, “snow day” isn’t really part of our vocabulary LOL

Beverly Matheson 8 months ago

My mom had to get four kids ready for school every morning, two of them with a physical handicap and she loved snow days just as much as we did!

Natal Laycock 8 months ago

I can’t ever recall a snow day.
Busses cancel at -40, but school is on.
We’re used to snow, so it hardly ever shuts anything down.
Closing school because of a bit of snow is absolutely foreign to me.

Alison 8 months ago

I’m one of those freaks who gets excited over snow days. Honestly, I think the biggest part of it is remembering the pure awesomeness of a snow day when I was a child, myself. It was the freaking highlight of winter, a surprise pajama day in the middle of the week. Hell, even two-hour delays make me happy because it throws the schedule off a bit. It’s a reason to slow down – to take a little extra time and just kick back for a while. I love those little disruptions in day-to-day life, they break up the monotony. They don’t stop me from yelling at the kids later in the day when cabin fever has set in and they’re being assholes to each other, though.

Dianne 8 months ago

LOL – I love snow days… I’m a teacher 😉 But the crying over the rainbow looms!!!

Jennifer Piercey 8 months ago

I would rather be with my son than any other person in the world! I know it’s really hard to be home all day but I have always wished that I could be a stay at home. Mom. So I savour every moment that we can be together, sick days, snow days, you name it! :)))

Tracy Lurkins 8 months ago

I love them! Sleeping in, snuggled up watching movies, jammies all day.

Jennifer Gibbs 8 months ago

one or two days of snow days I’m good. I know it sounds off, but i like playing in the snow with the kids and making hot cocoa and watching videos with the kids.
day 3? i’m starting to crawl the walls
(this is with three kids)

Molly Brockman 8 months ago

I don’t care what all these judgmental women say! Lol. I totally agree!! I hate snow days. Some people actually work, and canceling school, where a child should be during the work week, just causes chaos. Everyone isn’t as lucky to think, “oh yay, now I can stay in my pajamas all day & don’t have to get out in the cold.”
They sure don’t cancel work!! So now, on top of an already busy morning getting ready for work, you have to HOPE you find a last minute babysitter,.. You know… IF you have tons of friends who don’t work either! OR, you can stay at home too, & miss a day (or more!) ‘s pay, because all of a sudden it’s a national crisis for there to be a little bit of snow outside. Ridiculous.

Christina Potito Rogers 8 months ago

Love snow days. It means pajamas, movies and hot chocolate in my house. I’ll take any break from the day to day routine I can get. But to each their own. If you work from home as it sounds this author does I can understand the frustration with a snow day. I only work part time and my boss is very easy going. If the kids don’t have school I don’t have to work and I’m good with that!!

Michele Ott Loose 8 months ago

Thanks for the laugh. I love my kids but any more than 1 or 2 snow days makes me a little nutty. This morning I was silently thrilled for no snow day but was ironically faced with a dead car battery so I’m stuck home anyway. :(

Victoria Barger Silfies 8 months ago

Having a snow day isn’t a big deal. I can take them or leave them. But I don’t like when they have to make them up at the end of the year. I love snow & love letting the kids play in it. I hate when it’s so damn cold they can’t even enjoy snow. For a working parent, it can be hard for them to find a sitter so fast. They miss work and their job can be jeopardized by it. For SAHP, it’s not so bad. They are home anyway.

Elizabeth Tarmann 8 months ago

I live in Mesa. A snow day here would be amazing!

Kristina Ben Helms 8 months ago

Well we home school…so mine are with me snow or not lol

Christina Edwards 8 months ago

The author put herself out there for judgement by addressing the parents who like snow days instead of just the issue of not liking snow days. If she can judge those of us who enjoy snow days, why can’t we do the same? Pot, meet kettle.

Jennifer Glass 8 months ago

You women are crazy today. Relax, it’s a sarcastic article. We all love our kids even if we don’t want to be with them 24/7. Holy crap.

Amber Williamson 8 months ago

We don’t have snow days here. The last time school was cancelled was in 1989 when the town lost power for a day. So I can’t say if I like them or not.

Kate Bingaman Dudonis 8 months ago

I hate snow days for one reason: they have to be made up and they get made up in the SUMMER. Those days aren’t free, you pay eventually and who wants to pay when it’s warm and sunny and you should all be outside?

Katie Bogdan Sunderlin 8 months ago

My oldest just started preschool but since I drive him. I have to get him and his younger sister ready and head out. So if we get a snow day I will enjoy it because it means more relaxed mornings.

Shara Capel 8 months ago

I work from home and I still LOVE snow days. Here they are few and far between though so maybe that is why…it’s a novelty.

Mika Lawson 8 months ago

I don’t like snow days! My autistic child thrives on routine so ya know what snow days mean chaos. Utter chaos and even worse when we finally do go back. I love my children do they get on my nerves sometimes yes but so does every other breathing individual.

Heidi Baich 8 months ago

If you’re a SAHM there’s no reason snow days shouldn’t be an exciting time! I mean cmon, an unexpected day home with the kids is like a gift! Working moms though I can understand the headache of finding last minute childcare.

I hate these types of articles. It makes parents sound like their kids are an annoyance and not a blessing. Soon enough your house will be empty & you’ll wish you had enjoyed those surprise days at home with your kids!

Jennifer Dean Davis 8 months ago

I would love to have snow days. However, this is because I live in Texas and we never get snow. I absolutely hate it here & dream of snow days:(

Attie Lordan 8 months ago

Some people need to read the page intro again. It’s meant to be to be humorous,tongue in cheek sometimes a little and twisted. I am in the yay camp,fort and all. Right now praying the little bit falling increases to an all out ploughable event.

Brandi Lowery Connor 8 months ago

I love my kids very much and do not like snow days!! But as someone who works in the schools, I like my summer break better and don’t like going to school into June.

Erin Zartmann LaMaster 8 months ago


Maria Greco Bomba 8 months ago

Lol. I get you scary mommy !!!

Becky Paszkiet Mammon 8 months ago

I’m a former teacher and a current SAHM. I still enjoy snow days. I’ve inly got one in school (first grade) and I really do miss her while she’s gone. I guess I’m not to the point where I wish my kids would be gone. (And I hope to never get there) I totally understand how you feel because I worked until my daughter was 2. I hated it, but it was necessary. I loved the days where we were home together.

Libby Donnelly 8 months ago

I have three kids, the older two are in 2nd & 4th grades & I LOVE it when school is cancelled!!! They drive me crazy for sure, but I’d still rather them be home!!!

Melissa DeCroteau 8 months ago

You’re not weird. My mom always thought it was so weird that parents got SO excited when summer vacation was over. She would have had us around every second if she could. And I can’t imagine my son going to school. I dread him growing up! Lol

Denise 8 months ago

haha this is too funny! But alas, I am one of those moms who say “yay!” for a snow day. But before I get pelted in the face with snowballs let me tell you I live in Louisiana so snow days are few and far between. And I work outside of the home. And live on 10 acres of land. Snow days are awesome for us, unless work has been nuts and I have a deadline to meet which means I have to work remotely and my husband (a firefighter) is on shift…. haha All the conditions have to be just right for me to say, “yay!” :)

Cyndi Ramey 8 months ago

i love my kids, i choose to home school, so every day is snow day. lol

Ashleigh Spagnuolo 8 months ago


Rebecca Ward Williams 8 months ago

I like spending extra time with my kids? Sure, they get on my nerves, but I made them and I like being with them.

Anna Kathe Wilson 8 months ago

Wow….I like snow days, but if people don’t it’s not because they don’t like their kids. Ease of the judgement button ladies! There is a negative side to snow days which is a break in routine. Not all kids do well with that.

Tarah Lynne Clemens 8 months ago

At least you don’t have to get anyone up and out the door snow days mean everyone stays in there pajamas all day and snuggles up and watches movies

Kassandra Marie Martin 8 months ago

I like 1 snow day or maybe 2… but being snowed in with bored children for extended periods is just not fun

Catherine Negovan Nomikos 8 months ago

I’ve got 2 and I enjoy spending time with them. I

Angela Why 8 months ago

I love snowdays! I was hoping for one today.

Libby Donnelly 8 months ago

I have to admit it, I definitely like snow days, or any day that school gets cancelled!!! I hate the schoole year, I want perpetual summers full of fun, flip flops, sunscreen, swimming & being outside!!!

Kayla Michelle 8 months ago

I hate snow days. My child loves school and drives me crazy if she has to be out (even the week she was down with the flu/pnuemonia)

Denise Galea 8 months ago

I love snow days! Especially when the kids get older (like my older ones) and sleep all day, their being home affects me less than when they were smaller and fighting because they were bored. Either way, I’ll take it!

Desiree Dorman- Caruso 8 months ago

How long does it take for drop off lane?

Robyn Shoemaker Salamone 8 months ago

I am fortunate enough that I am able to stay home for a last minute snow day. However, rarely would we stay inside all day! We use snow days to actually go out and play- sledding, build snow families, snowball fights, etc. I was bummed that we didn’t get a snow day today!

Angie Clary Lehman 8 months ago

I LOVE snowdays! I love spending extra days with my kids. I stay at home though and have three long commutes to the school every day.

Christina Edwards 8 months ago

Dear Parent Who DOESN’T Like Snow Days: I’m sorry you want to be a grinch and spoil kids’ happiness because you have to do a little extra work at home. When you popped your kid/s out, you signed up to be a parent. If you can’t understand the joy kids get out of being able to enjoy snow and an extra day off of school, perhaps you should actually spend five minutes with them playing in the snow. It’s actually kinda fun. I’m a stay-at-home-mom, a teacher by trade, and have been a single (working) mother. I’ve seen all aspects. If a snow day cramping your style is the biggest “issue” you can write about, you need to count your blessings and get over yourself. SOOOOOOO tired of seeing these articles that blast parents over ridiculous things!

Mary 8 months ago

This is so funny. My 5 year old started back today after being off for Christmas. I tried to sneak my one year old in with him, but they caught me. :(

Holly S. Martinez 8 months ago

I have no opinion… it doesn’t snow here :-(

Amanda Doppler 8 months ago

I love snow days, except for when we have to make them up. No getting up super early, waking up my two year old, dragging everyone out the door. Then not have to worry about scheduling nap for my two year old around sissy’s school schedule. Having help to entertain little brother. And just because I love having my kids here!!
In general I’m glad she’s in school, I can’t have her home 24/7/365 or I may go nutty, but I do enjoy the breaks and surprise snow days!!

nikki craddock 8 months ago

Omg….I’m that mom

Desiree Dorman- Caruso 8 months ago

But this is a legit reason for not liking snow days. It trully makes your life harder. For me a sahm I love the extra time with the kids and I happily help out my friends who must go to work and watch the kids

Ashleigh Spagnuolo 8 months ago

And there’s the judgement…

Dave Scumdog Wilson 8 months ago

I love snow days. We were outside playing at 8am, which doesn’t even happen in summer!

Tammy Ward 8 months ago

We don’t mind the snow days, it’s the dreaded adding on days at the end of school and missing summer days we don’t care for. ❄️

Lauren Moore Morris 8 months ago

I really think people read way too much into all of the blog posts out there. This stuff isn’t the Bible or how we are supposed to raise our kids. It is supposed to be about humor. Some see the humor in it and makes us laugh. Let’s us know we are not alone if we do not have the perfect cookie cutter life and perfect well behaved children. I have 2 children that I love and adore and would lay my life down for, but both are strong willed and there are days that if I had to be cooped up inside with them for 24 hours I would think about self medicating with alcohol.(joke). Everyone needs to chill out and take it with s grain of salt and know it has a satire meaning behind it to just get someone through the day. For me personally many of scary Mommys blogs have helped me through a rough day of crying to or from work wondering what I am doing wrong as a parent. It helps to know I am not alone!

Marla Brodsky 8 months ago

Not liking snow days does not equal Not liking our kids. I love my daughter just as much if not more than any other mother out there loves her kids but I didn’t like snow days when she was young.

Desiree Dorman- Caruso 8 months ago

Why have kids if they annoy you so much? I love days off and there’s no other place id rather be then home with my kids

Bridget Archibald Meadows 8 months ago

Just as long as there’s enough snow for me to stay home too, so I can pj it with the kids. Growing up, our snow days were spent drinking “kids tea” (hot tea with lots of milk and a little sugar), playing in the snow, and watching old movies and musicals. I’m pretty sure I only saw Oklahoma, My Fair Lady, the Music Man, and Gone with the Wind because of snow days with my mom. Perfect way to spend a snowy afternoon and what I do when we have the very very rare real snow day when I can stay home too.

Nicole @TinyStepsMommy 8 months ago

Ha! I love it. I’m one of those weirdos. I do the snow dance with my kids each and every time. Of course, my husband is a teacher and I own a daycare that follows the same schedule, so when it is a snow day it’s like an extra day off for all. And for me… having a lazy home day with the kids is much more desirable than the fighting/rushing we do to catch the bus in the morning.

Bridget Mahoney Jacks 8 months ago

I just dropped my youngest off for the first day back from break and the house is way too quiet. That being said; after last year’s 22 day winter break thanks to Snowmageddon; I am not looking forward to snow days. Besides; Spring Break is only 8 weeks away.

Cassie Coletta 8 months ago

I was bummed when I started my full time job after working part time for most of my kids’ lives. I missed out summer days at the pool and stuff all that time was now weekend stuff. However…Snow days suck… I can’t really afford to miss work now… I don’t have a last minute baby sitter. Snow days = less money. I love the time with my kids though.

Lisa Michelle 8 months ago

Yikes. I usually agree and laugh at all of the post on this page, but this one is no good. I love snow days! Do my kids drive me crazy? Some times. But if you don’t like being around your kids and look forward to being away from them, that makes me sad….for them. Plug in and spend some time with your kids.

Kelly Womack 8 months ago

I have six and I love days off.

Kerry Casey Hurwitch 8 months ago

❤️❤️❤️ a good snow day!!! ❄️

Heather Ritchey 8 months ago

I have mixed feelings about snow days. As much as I like to sleep past 6 in the morning, I also like when I can clean without a natural disaster following behind me destroying each room before I get the next one clean.

Rachel Florence 8 months ago

I wish we had a snow day with lots of snow!! We seems to get ice more than anything and that’s no fun to play in!!

Kristin Stitt Parrent 8 months ago

Exactly. When the house is still and quiet and our kids have moved on with their lives these are the moments we’ll want back. We’re living the happiest time of our lives right now. going to the bathroom alone? There’s time for that tomorrow lol

And don’t forget how exciting snow days are from a child’s point of view….

Lara Beeman 8 months ago

Haha. I live in Alabama. We LOVE snow days. I fact I love hurricanes too! Anything that I get a paid day off of work, I’ll take it!

Ksenia V Mamaeva Krivor 8 months ago

It is frikkin life–snow or no snow:) if you really can’t enjoy your children (especially in the snow!!!) there is something going on…with parents…not the kids

Ginger Seehafer 8 months ago

I love spending time with my kids! Bring on the snow days! Lol

Dawn 8 months ago

I don’t generally mind snow days except 1) they just came off of a 12-day holiday break and were driving each other nuts by 5 pm the first day and B) I only have so much vacation time to burn on snow days as there is still the entire year of days off that must be covered and my company doesn’t close for things like ‘snow’ and ‘slippery roads’. But I do love the sledding races though soon they won’t want to ride with me anymore.

Aalya Ayub 8 months ago

Me too!! Love snow days!! I like mine as well love being with her. Guess these other moms don’t? So sad…I feel sorry for them..and their kids smh

Jessica Vanduzen 8 months ago

This article was stupid.
I don’t like snow days, I’d rather them get out for summer break early so we can do things outside together! Swimming, park hopping, nature walks, digging for worms, swing set play, riding bikes….I love summer break!

Jaymi Corry 8 months ago

I don’t like snow days. Love my kids but I’m a full time 1st shift mom so not only do I have to pay outrageous fees for day care for my two youngest but now find someone to watch the oldest or call into work. If I was a stay at home mom then yeah I wouldn’t mind them. But those who are forced to work have it hard

Jill Cohn-Winer 8 months ago


Zhan Na 8 months ago

For parents who work outside of home, snow days mean a whole lot of rearranging, possibly leaving work early, possibly paying someone to watch your kid all day, or asking relatives or neighbors to watch your kid. Extremely inconvenient, and not at all welcomed. I hate snow days with a passion!

Isabel Artiaga-Kleopfer 8 months ago

I also work at a school. The snow days are wonderful. Gives me a chance to catch up on chores that get neglected until the weekend. I love taking the kids into the kitchen to bake or just have “us” time while having lunch or just enjoying each others company.

Gumball Gumdrop 8 months ago

I read this as: Dear Parent, I can’t understand why you like your children and actually enjoy spending time with them. File under: People *I* don’t understand AT ALL, because I actually really like my kids and I actually really enjoy spending time with them…that’s part of the reason I decided to become a parent in the first place.

BTW I am NOT a fan of snow days, only because I’m not a fan of snow-day make ups that push our school year later into the summer. I’d rather my kids’ days off be when it is sunny and warm.

Danielle Kinahan Christie 8 months ago

I love snow days. No plans. No schedules. Fire, coffee, kids snuggling with me watching movies. I love my kids and absolutely love spending time with them. It won’t be long before they are all grown up.

Amy Paschal Keister 8 months ago

I’m excited about snow days too! My oldest is in kindergarten and I miss him when he’s gone all day! Still have my baby boy at home, but love having both of them here.

Jessica Bonds 8 months ago

At one time, I completely agreed with her. Now that our kids sleep in past 6:00, I’m all about snow days.

Kimberly Luebeck 8 months ago

Thankfully 4 out of 5 of mine attend school all day. When it is a snow day, I sleep in. Granted it may be 20 mins but that’s 20 mins. And I play video games with the kids. Plus my children enjoy outside. Snow day or not. That is why we have thermals and coats

Debi Broniszewski Pucciarelli 8 months ago

I have two boys and I prefer snow days over 2 hour delays. While we do get snow here, it’s not too bad so we don’t get a ton of days off.

Arzu Yetgen-Bilazer 8 months ago

Haha! I was hoping for a snow day from work so I could play in it with the kids today…to the point that I missed my train and am now sitting on the local. Boo to wishful thinking. 😉

Jennifer Kerns 8 months ago

I’m a lover of all school breaks. Love them while they’re little they don’t stay that way for long.

Lisa Ann Johnson 8 months ago

Hate them! Means I have to find somewhere for the kids to go because I still have to work!!

Dawn White 8 months ago

I’ve gone through phases of having snow days, when I’m already stressed to the max and the kids have been monsters lately the LAST thing I need or want is time stuck in the house with them. Then there are other times when I’m so ready to just hunker down and be home and the kids have been pretty good and I relish the chance to be home with them. It really depends.

Jen 8 months ago

I LOVE snow days! But, I only have one in school. That means that on a snow day, I have 4 kids home with me as opposed to dragging 4 kids out in freezing, crappy weather, just to put 3 right back in the car and drive them home with me.

Charlotte Krech 8 months ago

My husband is a teacher and my children aren’t in school yet so I certainly say YAY SNOW DAY! It means I get a free nap time without fighting two kids to nap at the same time (I work overnights and my sleep is split between 3 periods during the day)

Cheryl Fox-Harbour 8 months ago

Snow days = getting cold and wet…. No thanks

Christine Youssef Chrzanowski 8 months ago

This exact post is what contributes to the “mommy wars”. I understand why it’s hard to be home. I teach first grade so I absolutely understand needing a break, but as a teacher and a mother of two, stay at home moms sometimes need to remember how unbelievably lucky you are. I would trade places in an instant if I could afford to. Mantra for the New Year: When you complain about what you have you are almost always insulting someone else. Myself included. Enjoy the insanity. I fear it is going to end too quickly for us all and we will be wanting it back.

Dawn 8 months ago

You are my new favorite person ever!

kimmie 8 months ago

This is the second year in a row that our Christmas Break has been “extended”. THIS year we have online assignments! It’s a tiny drop in the “revenge on my kids” bucket. :)

Kimberly Luebeck 8 months ago

Well this explains it. Less children and less craziness. No wonder you love snow days

Kristin Stitt Parrent 8 months ago

Dear parents who don’t like snow days: I don’t understand you either. At all.

Ashlea Davis 8 months ago

Love snow days! ⛄️❄️

Amanda Burden 8 months ago

I love snow days, I’m totally fine with giving the kids Xbox controllers and letting them build crap in Minecraft so I can sleep in!! Plus sledding tires them out so they’ll go to bed early and momma can take a bubble bath

Analiese Gagliardo Greene 8 months ago

I love snow days! I have 2 kids 17 and 6 and I hated dropping them off at school today after two weeks and 1 day off! All we could talk about is maybe we will have a snow day soon!!

Sarah Fritz-Maldonado 8 months ago

I love my kids I’m stuck with them 24 hours a day 7 days a week with out a break… I do however treasure the few hours my oldest is at school leaving me with only 2 but snow days they force me to be housebound and well that’s just not fair

Sherry Bolton 8 months ago

…Or if you have well behaved kids that you enjoy playing in the snow with…geez some of these blog I agree with, others I just shake my head and wonder why they had kids in the first place!!

Kate Cahill-Scarpena 8 months ago

I work from home. Snow Days = 7th circle of hell. And I have ceased feeling guilty about non-stop netflix and PS4. Of course, mine are also older… so I’m not sure it’s the same as when preschool was canceled. Now that was ROUGH. Especially because they still wanted to go. lol

Joanna Kemp Melton 8 months ago

Snow days and summer! Love it! I’m a teacher too!

Joanna Kemp Melton 8 months ago

The only other explanation is that you are a teacher mommy!!! I was a teacher for ten years so a snow day means a day off with pay!! I’m a stay at home mom now, and I still get excited about the thought of a snow day because I am so excited for my teacher friends!

Ashlee Taylor 8 months ago

Sorry but I love snow days. And school breaks, and summer. I always say I would rather the kids home driving my crazy than anywhere else. Yes, I’m super corny.

Lindsey Lawrence 8 months ago

I love when my kids don’t have school plus I have a toddler who is practically glued to my side all the time anyway so I’m used to constantly taking care of my kids.

Alli Welch 8 months ago

I work outside the home…full time..and when snow days happen I curse more than the stay at home moms who have to deal with their kids all day because for me it means having to drive her to school and then leave work 2 hours early to pick her up and it’s not easy to leave 2 hours early multiple times a month from late November to March…

Jen Jakiel 8 months ago

no you can’t drop them off at my house. BUT : you get to NOT argue with sleepy kids who don’t want to go to school; you get to stay in your PJ’s; you get to not go out in the cold with 1 or more kids to wrestle your way into a plowed (one of the few) parking spaces at the school and trudge your way through the snow that’s already there for picking up; you don’t have to wonder if the school will realize they should have canceled, didn’t and now are closing school early forcing you out into the snow among crappy road and worse drivers to pick up your kids early…its all in how you look at it I guess.

Tori Maxwell 8 months ago

Unless you’re a school teacher – then snow days are welcomed.

Lisa Bunag 8 months ago

I’m a parent who LOVES snow days, but that’s probably because I’m a teacher too. 😉

Michelle Reynolds 8 months ago

I like my kid. I actually enjoy spending time with her and miss her when she’s away from me. I only have one, maybe that’s why I can’t share this sentiment. I ❤️ snow days :)

Gina Fox 8 months ago


Heather 10 months ago

Guilty! Of the loving school days, that is. But ONLY because I LOATH getting up early on the school days. Plus my 1st and 4th graders are pretty self sufficient and will spend the exciting day outside with friends. But yeah, by the end of the day I’m miraculously ready to send them back to school at ANY hour, lol.

Tara 10 months ago

I think we need to rename Scary Mommy to Sarcastic Mommy until you catch up.

Justme 11 months ago

Lmao. I’ve sat here and thought about what to say to you but I’ve decided to keep those comments to myself, maybe you should do the same? I can’t stop laughing though. You truly are hilarious 😉

melissa 1 year ago

A snow day means sleeping in! Plus, I fall into category #2, so I am not with them constantly like a SAHM. I used to be, and trust me, I understand! Though I must say, now that I have experienced both SAHM-ing and working mom-ing, I never appreciated what I had. I wish I could go back.

Dawn 1 year ago

Seriously…I love this site. MWAH! Keep it up!!

ChewyMomma 2 years ago

I really do love snow days. I have three kids (5 yr. old twins, and a 3 year old). I love when we get to spend the whole day together, and I don’t mind messes or noise or making an endless supply of snacks. For real. I’m a SAHM…this is what I signed up for.
(It’s not what you signed up for, so no throwing stones going on here!)

Evie_L 2 years ago

Yeah, gotta have a few representatives of the whole “telling people how to do/feel about something you have no experience with” thing.

Evie_L 2 years ago

I hope you don’t ever complain about your job, annie. Some people are unemployed and would dearly love a job. If you don’t like it you should just quit. How ungrateful.
I hope you don’t ever complain about your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife. If you don’t like your relationship, just break up. How ungrateful.
Or if you are single, I hope you never complain about it. Some people are stuck in horrible relationships while you have your freedom – ungrateful!

Nope, somehow only parents are supposed to be happy all the time. Wait, correction: MOTHERS are.

Evie 2 years ago

You don’t have any children, do you? At most, you have one.

Karle 2 years ago

I thought about this and here is my 2cents. This current generation is running on a culture of martyrdom. We *must* have the fetuses soothed with Mozart, the babies stimulated with bright patterns and reading programs, the toddlers engaged with early learning, the school kids enrolled in sports, academia, music, and enriching extra curricular and social opportunities every waking moment. It’s no wonder that some- if my facebook feed is any indication- welcome snow days. It’s the only day that no one is telling you what to do with your time.

See, I prescribe to a more old fashioned yet practical way to raise my kids. It’s called balance. Our work, play, school, etc is all evenly balanced so I never feel like I don’t have enough time with my kids. We still have family meals every night together, even if it’s pizza or takeout or the rare occasion we must rush to finish because of plans, we still eat together. Heck we even eat breakfast together at the table most mornings! Is that rare? I think it is.

So I don’t need a snow day to remind me to spend time with my kids. I’m doing to every day. Sometimes those moments are filled with bickering and stern talks and others are filled with laughter and stories. But I don’t ever need to be reminded to slow down and enjoy my family and their lives.

So, yes, I’m one of those moms who hate snow days. HATE. The school has more to offer than I do in terms of mental stimulation and I don’t prefer to take a vacation day from work to spend cooped up like a caged tiger when I could take a vacation day and, you know, actually take a vacation. IN short, if it takes a snow day to appreciate your family time then you are probably due for a serious evaluation of how you spend your time the other 364 days of the year.

annie 2 years ago

you’re an asshole, don’t have kids if you don’t want to spend time with them. Ungrateful

uppoppedafox 2 years ago

Unfortunately, where I live, school was cancelled because the air temps were -20 with wind chills even lower. School was canceled because it was not safe to be outside.

Seriously? 2 years ago

You know that when it is a snow day you are still allowed to go outside and play. The benefits (there are many) are (1) exercise, (2) increased appetite and (3) creativity. In order this means (1) kids are tired and may go to bed earlier allowing you to write in the evening. (2) hungry kids are not picky eaters so you can make one meal for all of them and (3) building snow forts and going sledging is superior to TV and movies.

Buffster 2 years ago

Yes I do 😀

Carefulwhatyouprayfor 2 years ago

I am one of those barren women who adopted children. My daughter came to us with reactive attachment disorder and attempts to torture her older brother whenever they are together. I HATE SNOW DAYS. Things are so much better when they are at their separate schools and only spend a couple of hours a day together. My daughter is getting better, but I guarantee I won’t miss these last few years. Perhaps since you don’t live other peoples’ lives you shouldn’t judge them. This was a funny piece and spoke to me as I just got another call from the superintendent saying school is off again tomorrow (and the kids cannot go outside). *sigh*

Alwayswantedchildren 2 years ago

Wow! You should cherish the time you have with your children, you will miss these days when they are grown and out of the house. There are many barren women who would be glad to take your kids off your hands if you think it is too much trouble to feed them and entertain them for the few snow days we have.

Jennifer Ball 2 years ago

Vikki! I’m one of the cuckoos who loves snow days. BUT I have all teens so that just means they get to sleep until noon. Back in the day, I was right there with ya, sister.

Sara 2 years ago

Apparently, you live in Fort Collins, too. 😉

uppoppedafox 2 years ago

I cannot tell a lie – I loved sleeping in today. I think we might be loving sleeping in tomorrow too. Ha.

uppoppedafox 2 years ago

I do love weekends.

Nina Badzin 2 years ago

So great to see this post here! Such a funny one. I was laughing the entire time.

Smowman123 2 years ago

We live in Alaska. Most of our schools are neighborhood schools so There are no true snow days here. We have ice days maybe once a year. Occasionally they will say children being bussed from Girdwood to the high school in anchorage don’t have to come in because, quite frankly, the highway is super dangerous. We have a lot of children home schooled. My group of friends and i loooove no school days, but we keep each other company and play together. Different location and dynamics.

cheesehead4ever 2 years ago

While I completely sympathize with you (especially since I too live in Minnesota), for some reason I still get a strange thrill when I get the phone call/email from the school district. It probably is because we get to sleep in. We usually bake one thing but my kids are the age (9 and 13) where they are usually doing their own thing. It’s the constant Disney Channel or Nick in the background where I usually go crazy.

It will be interesting to see if we have another “cold day” on Monday.

DaveJ 2 years ago

Wow, you must REALLY love weekends…and summer camps must LOVE you….

Amy 2 years ago

I love your sense of humor AND I love snow days. I’m a teacher, so it’s usually a surprise day off for all of us. With a little kahlua in my coffee, I’m happy to make blanket forts and hot cocoa with the best of them.

Mercy Langille 2 years ago

I don’t get “snow days” in India, but I do have my kids home all the time right now. I’d give anything to have them in school instead of home all the time, ’cause I need a break from whining and cries of “mom, wipe me!”

Hollywood 2 years ago

What I wouldn’t do to be a fly on the wall observing all the moms enjoying the perfect pinterest snow day making crafts and and hot chocolate and all there kids perfectly behaving and always of course the mom ALSO remaining to NEVER once think oh man when r they going to bed!! This is site is to show that all moms have good days and bad. And then sometimes (probably most times) YES u are over the moon to be home with your kids crafting,playing,feeding and even enjoying bedtime! BUT also to know that u should not feel like a “bad mom” cuz today was tough and the kids are nuts and your stressed and want to give up and thats ok because others feel the same! Thank you for understanding both sides to everyday parenting!

lucky mom 2 years ago

6. You have an only child with no behavioral problems. AND you get it.

lin 2 years ago

Ha! I go through “Yay, let’s play in the snow then drink hot chocolate and do crafts!” to “Let’s watch just one show to recover from that Pinterest-inspired craft!” to “I feel guily now that you are staring at a screen…” Snow days are a mixed blessing!

Angie 2 years ago

WOw there are a lot of the high horse my kid can sing his ABC backwards, and run faster then your’s comments on the post !! Like get a grip it’s sarcasm at its best and called being a real parent!! SMH…

Dawn Sapkowski 2 years ago

We live in a very small town, so when the buses are cancelled, as long as the school is still open my kids go to school. They love going to school on snow days! The teachers can’t teach anything new because the bus kids aren’t there, so they end up doing fun and different things like playing with educational toys, doing word puzzles, watching educational movies, and doing lots of crafts. Snow days at school are the best! When the school is closed though (which is thankfully quite seldom) I’m with the author of this article. I have two kids who love school, so being stuck at home with them on a school day is miserable for all of us.

Janet Autherine 2 years ago

I live in FL now but when I lived in Washington, D.C., I used to LOVE snow days! A snow day for the kids meant a snow day for me. Bring on the hot chocolate and snowmen. That said, I love your humor, especially the part about the broken band in the Rainbow loom.

Someone20001 2 years ago

First of all…there is a reason behind the meaning of SCARY MOMMY. It’s a website for us moms (and a few dads) whom have what is called a SENSE OF HUMOR. I love being a mother more than anything in the universe, but I will admit that when my daughter is at daycare all day while I work from home, I do miss her. But when she’s at home acting up all day, it drives me insane sometimes! We are all entitled to gripe a little bit. Get over yourself. Good lord.

Medfreemom 2 years ago

Not every mom is “Happy Mom” all the time or “Cranky Mom” all the time. Doesn’t it always depend on ages/maintenance level of said children, mood/number of hours of sleep on that particular day, and Yes, medicated or non-medicated parenting. I have made it to ages 14 and 15 med-free, but not going to lie, There are times when I think of filling that prescription! and I am grateful now that my kids can go sledding and bundle up on their own and make their own cocoa! Also, because I am a teacher-I welcome a nice snow day.

Buffster 2 years ago

My daughter’s school district is making it that for two weeks in August they are doing 1/2 days because it gets too hot. My reaction is pretty much this (as well as feeling sorry for working parents, wondering why it’s OK to have after school activities in the same classrooms, and generally thinking it’s a stupid idea).

nbisme 2 years ago

or maybe you should read a different column, I don’t think this is the right one for you.

Terri Agy 2 years ago

LOL not true, I loved having my kids home (once they started school that is) I missed them when they went to school. 4 yo on the other hand ugh drugs would have been a help! I was a stay at home mom with Kid 1 and by kid 2 the hubs and I had started a business. So working by then. And for anyone saying they enjoy their kids 100% of the time is full of BS. All our kids make us crazy at some point.

Samantha 2 years ago

I’d be happier if they just go to school on crappy snow days… since our school district doesn’t include snow days in the schedule, it takes away from nice, go outside days in the summer. 😀

liss 2 years ago

wow, if you dont enjoy your children then you are for sure doing something wrong. i sugest you take a love and logic class or possible get your baby making parts taken out put your children in childcare and just work 40 hours a week maybe everyone would be happier in your home.

uppoppedafox 2 years ago

Thank you and maybe you can share 😉

Nina Cote 2 years ago

hilarious.. but thankfully i don’t have to deal with snow days in tampa florida it snows once in a blue moon maybe even less lol

Melancholy 2 years ago

Hahah! <3

melissa 2 years ago

Vikki, You may be the funniest person I don’t know. I do enjoy having my kids home but you’re right, my meds are really awesome.