Diaper Goodie Bags Are Random Acts Of Kindness We Can All Get Behind

by Julie Scagell
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Diaper goodie bag left for moms in need is random act of kindness we could all use right now

Have you ever been in public and your child had a diaper blowout that rivaled all blowouts only to realize you left your diaper bag in the car? Or maybe you had your diaper bag with you but when you went to reach for the diaper in the spot where the diaper should be you realize your husband took the last one at yesterday’s baseball practice and even though you reminded him several times to replace the diaper and he shook his head to and fro like he was listening it now dawns on you as you wipe toddler feces from your forearm that he is trying to ruin your life.

Can you imagine the elation you would feel to look over and see this?

Joy Clyde posted a picture she took at her local Target store in Bonney Lake, WA in the comments section of a Love What Matters post of a diaper goodie bag left by a stranger. “This was in our local target store and thankfully I didn’t need but thought it was awesome. Good people everywhere,” Joy Clyde commented. The bag, which included diapers and wipes, came with a note that said, in part, “It takes an army to raise children so let’s all help each other.”

“I thought it was awesome and such a blessing for parents in need,” Joy, who has an 18-month-old son of her own, tells Scary Mommy. “I used the family restroom on this occasion and it would have been available for a Mom or Dad in need or even a Grandparent. I have not yet ended up in this particular situation but it would be like receiving a ‘get out of jail free’ card.” We couldn’t agree more.

Joy wanted to make sure to inform us she’s not a regular on the public restroom picture circuit. “I also don’t take many pictures in public restrooms but wanted to remember it and share the idea with friends and family.” It’s such a great idea, and not the first time such a thing has popped up.

Parents can always use a hand, and how awesome would it be to stumble upon one of these when you really needed it?

In fact, we may just start leaving little gift bags at indoor play parks on busy Saturdays. Ours would come with cotton balls to stuff in your ears, disinfecting wipes and a shitload of those little miniature bottles of tequila but hey, to each their own.

The moral of the story is, we are all in this together. We need to pay it forward and be kind to one another. Whoever left this goodie bag has the right idea.

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