Dinosaur Fingerlings Are Now A Thing And Your Kids Are Going To Flip

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Toys R Us

“Untamed” is a new line of Fingerlings and it’s all about dinosaurs

If your home was overrun last holiday season by Fingerlings, you’re not alone. The little monkey, unicorn, and sloth toys that are interactive and admittedly pretty adorable even if they were super hard to track down last Christmas will now include a dinosaur collection. Prepare your dino-loving kids, because these are pretty rad if you ask me.

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Toy company WowWee brings the exciting news that the dino fingerlings will hit stores in the U.S. next month. The line is called Untamed, and the video gives us plenty of exciting info.

The dinosaurs are actually raptors, specifically. And as the mom of a former dino-obsessed kid (who’s now too old and is instead obsessed with Fortnite, RIP, sweet preschooler) I know they will definitely correct you if you’re wrong. The interactive toys can be “tamed” or go wild, apparently. They look like bunches of fun.

Image via Toys R Us

According to WowWee, “These finger-gripping creatures are fierce and unpredictable, and know friends vs. foes. In untamed mode, they roar, hiss and chomp! In tame mode they nuzzle, purr and love to be near you. Complete with snapping jaws and gripping claws, these interactive dinos react to touch, motion, and sound with over 40 different sounds and animations.”

Image via Toys R Us

All those choices mean a kid has a number of ways to use their Untamed Fingerling.

They can terrify a sibling.

Image via YouTube/WowWee

Or their soccer coach.

Image via YouTube/WowWee

But the best part, if you ask the average elementary schooler, is that these Fingerlings fart.

Image via YouTube/WowWee

Yup. Those yellow bubbles are indeed dino gas. What a time to be alive.

Image via Toys R Us

Just like with the regular Fingerlings, if your kiddo lays the ferocious dino in their hand and rocks it, it will fall asleep. But according to Parents, kids can also rile them up to act wild by tapping them on the head or pet the dino to calm it down. The possibilities are endless, but I promise the fart feature will be most valuable to any child worth their salt. The toys will cost $19.99.

You can sign up on WowWee’s website to be notified when they’re available, but they should be in stores by mid-May. They’re available right now online.

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