'Disinformation Dozen' Responsible for Majority of Anti-Vax Crap On Social Media

by Elizabeth Broadbent
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When a report authored by the Center for Countering Digital Hate discovered that the vast majority of COVID-19 anti-vax misinformation on social media was traceable to only a dozen people, reporters asked President Joe Biden if he had a message for the social media platforms.

“They’re killing people,” he said Friday. (Uncle Joe was forced to backpedal on Monday: no, Facebook isn’t killing people, don’t take it personally. He hoped that they would instead take action against the “outrageous misinformation” about the vaccine. “That’s what I meant,” he said.) Those dozen people, all household names among anti-vaxxers, including RFK, Jr., Sherri Tenpenny, Joseph Mercola, and Christiane Northrup, generated 73% of all anti-vax fuckery on Facebook alone — 65% on both Facebook and Twitter combined. Even better, 95% of the anti-vaccine misinformation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, despite violating the platforms’ policies, has not been removed.

By “even better,” we mean “What the fuck, social media?”

The Center for Countering Digital Hate has called for the “disinformation dozen” and their connected organizations to be de-platformed from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube; for social media to display corrective posts for people exposed to anti-vaccine twatwafflery; for warning screens to pop up on third-party websites that contain anti-vaccine I’m-running-out-of-creative-profanity; for a ban on private and secret anti-vax Facebook groups; and for better accountability and action plans for those who violate policies.

And, of course, for enforcement of the goddamn rules that, you know, already exist. We could start there.

Their Numbers Are Legion

According to the CCDH report, the Disinformation Dozen and their buddies have a combined 59.2 million followers, a number which should make us all want to torch the internet’s series of tubes. The leading twenty anti-vaxxers make up two-thirds of that total. On their YouTube channels alone, the Disinformation Dozen and their subsidiary companies listed have, by our count, maybe around 800,000 subscribers — and those are only their channels, only the ones we could find, and only people who bother to hit “subscribe.” Search any of their names and you’ll find hundreds of anti-vax videos: interviews, name-drops, third-party content. We didn’t count those.

Dear YouTube: all of these videos, and the advertisements above them for the Dirty Dozen’s websites, are in violation of your policies. You should take them down, stat.

Their Anti-Vax Fuckery Is Legion

The Vaccine Will Kill You

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is one of those claiming that the COVID-19 vaccine actually causes deaths. As in, more deaths than COVID-19. As in, “if you get a vaccine, you will probably die, so don’t get a vaccine so you don’t die.”

Sayer Ji, whose company, was allowed to run ads on YouTube despite its accounts being deleted from Twitter and Instagram for promoting false information, claimed in a since-deleted post that Pfizer vaccines “for the elderly… killed forty times more people than the disease itself would have killed, and about 260 times more people than the disease would have killed among the younger age class.”

The Vaccine is a Conspiracy to Make Vaccine Passports

Because… why again? Sayer Ji’s super into this one. Maybe it has something to do with New World Orders.

But it wouldn’t be an anti-vax New World Order without some anti-Semitism! Because, you know, with the New World Order comes the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and the Jewish bankers… Erin Elizabeth, who partners with Joseph Mercola, posted this since-removed image on the platform:

Rizza Islam, in a deleted post, just blames the COVID-19 vaccine on Satan. Because, you know, when Satan descends to Earth in all his glory/horror/cloud of flies, the first thing he’ll do is secretly brew up a fake COVID-19 vax.

There Must Be Bill Gates!

Ty Bollinger’s website calls Bill Gates a “eugenicist” (also allied with the Rockefellers, hence the New-World-Order-Jewish-Banker thing), ties him to chemtrails, and claims he wants to chuck microchip vaccines into people. Before Rizza Islam was banned from Insta, he claimed Bill Gates planned the pandemic to “sell vaccines.”

Why does everyone have a boner to get Bill Gates?! The man’s basically cured malaria.

COVID-19 Vaccines Will Make You Sterile

Like my husband said, “Bitch, I already have three kids. If they offer that vaccine in ‘sterilize’ and ‘non-sterilize,’ I want the fucking ‘sterilize’ option.” But several anti-vaxxers are screaming that the vaccine does, in fact, make people sterile, a fact that many now-pregnant women can contradict. Dr. Rashid Buttar claims this one; so did Rizza Islam… until Twitter suspended his account over this report.

You Can Actually Cure COVID-19 By…

More anti-vax crap claims the vaccine isn’t necessary at all, because COVID-19 can actually be cured, as Rizza Islam claimed on his suspended Twitter account, with “no solid foods only hot spices and vegetable broths” plus a metric fuckton of water and enough Vitamin C to kill an elephant. On his website, Mercola says that hydrogen peroxide diffusion can cure COVID-19 (that sounds like it might be a death sentence), and while people stop short at calling for bleach, they do claim there is no pandemic, people. Duh.

Unfortunately, you have to click a link to find out what’s really killing people. When I clicked it, Mercola started crying like a little bitch about Facebook and Instagram censorship, then told me to sign up for his newsletter to see the whole article. Fuck that noise.

What This Anti-Vax Twiddle-Twaddle Boils Down To

To borrow a phrase from The X-Files, this nonsense boils down to purity control. Only the purest shall pass: the unvaccinated, the righteous, the refusers, the ones who keep their bodies unsullied. You know. Like the Amish and shit. Notice the ties between sketchy-ass alternative health bullshit and anti-vax nonsense. Don’t get the COVID-19 vaccine, and …

Keep your body pure! Keep your mind pure: the government wants to control it! Those who sully their bodies will suffer. No, seriously. They’ll fucking suffer.

The shots don’t discriminate, apparently, but Erin Elizabeth, like all of these anti-vaxxers, generally does. Their ties to the right, coupled with their push for purity, end in posts like this one:

The Bollingers have been tied to violations pertaining not only to their anti-vax tosh, but also to their “stolen election” bullshit. Dig deep enough, and this anti-vax stuff links right up to white supremacy, anti-Semitism, and other kinds of racial hate (in the case of non-white anti-vaxxers).

And these bastards are proud of it:

They need to be deplatformed. Their links need to be disallowed. They call it censorship. But this is banning dangerous misinformation. Uncle Joe Biden was right: they are killing people. The CDC Director calls it “a pandemic of the unvaccinated”; on July 19th, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that group makes up 99.2% of all COVID-19 deaths in the United States. A full twenty percent of Americans believes that the vaccine contains microchips; in related news, a full twenty percent of Americans have erased all memory of science class from approximately eighth grade onward. At least, science class has been replaced by a repeating loop of anti-vax gobbledygook generated by the Disinformation Dozen.

Boot them.

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