Disney Is Banning Oversize Strollers From All Parks This Summer

by Cassandra Stone
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Starting this May, there will be no more oversize double strollers or wagons in Disney parks

Parents who are planning a big Disney vacation this summer, take note: oversize strollers and wagons will be prohibited starting May 1. The park is cracking down on these cumbersome but popular modes of transport for tired little ones in hopes of easing park congestion among the crowds.

As of May 1, strollers can be no wider than 31 inches across — which is significantly narrower than its current 36-inch limit. According to the Disney Parks blog, written by Disney Communications Manager Lisa Mendillo, many strollers on the market fit within these size guidelines. Even many double strollers should be okay — but if you’re sweating about it, just measure yours ahead of time.

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Here are a few double strollers that fit within the guidelines:

It’s no secret that Disney World and Disneyland are crowded AF in the spring and summer seasons. The smaller the stroller, the easier it is for the people pushing it and the people around you. If your stroller is larger than 31 inches wide and 52 inches long, it won’t get inside the park.

If you’re worried about your stroller, you can rent a single or double stroller from either Disney park without issue. “At Walt Disney World Resort, you can rent a single or double stroller once you arrive, and they can be rented each day or you can choose a Length of Stay Rental,” says one Disney Moms Panel member, Tabitha. Stroller rentals currently cost $15 for the day or $13 daily for a multiday stay

The changes are part of a larger plan to ease congestion in anticipation of the May 31 opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge , which is sure to bring on even larger crowds than usual. Stroller restrictions aren’t the only changes rolling out this summer, however. They’re cracking down on smoking, too. Also going into effect on May 1, all of the Disney theme parks’ designated smoking areas that will be removed. Smokers and vapers can indulge outside the park entrances and at Disney resort hotels — and that’s it.

Loose ice and dry ice — often packed in coolers or cooler bags for storing snacks and drinks –are also no longer permitted in Disney parks, effective now. The ice ban is intended to streamline bag check and entry processes.

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While these new rules are sure to make for a few disgruntled customers, it’s easy to see why they’re being implemented. Double strollers and wagons don’t help the traffic jams that occur on the regular at these parks, plus they tend to get parked in places that block entryways and exits, and they bang into other people.

Thankfully Disney offers parents the option of stroller rentals — which saves you from having to pack your giant stroller or worry about buying a new one.

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