Disney's New Pickle Corn Dog With Peanut Butter Is A Bold Move

by Madison Vanderberg
Disney Parks

Disneyland’s new pickle corn dog is dividing the internet

In honor of Disneyland’s reopening later this month after a year-plus closure due to the pandemic, Disney is clearly just throwing shit at the wall, because the newest food offerings in the park are absolutely bonkers. Case in point: Disneyland will soon offer a Panko-crusted dill pickle corn dog, and honestly, I don’t hate it!

In an April 2021 post entitled “Disney Parks Best Bites” on the official Disney blog, it’s clear the House of Mouse is buzzing on some kind of higher frequency, because some of the new food items they’re going to roll out this month include a frozen raspberry lemonade topped with cotton candy, a chiffon cake shaped like a literal beehive, and of course, the most polarizing of all — the pickle corn dog.


The Pickle Corn Dog is a panko-crusted dill pickle corn dog and is so big it sells for $13 a pop.

As much as the internet is hating on it, I would fully eat this thing. Pickles? Corn dogs? What’s not to love? It’s like the hot dog relish is already baked in! However, where I draw the line, is that it’s “served with a side of peanut butter.” In what nightmare dimension are people dipping hot dogs and pickles into peanut butter? No, just no.


Currently, it is only available at Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs Cart in the Downtown Disney District in Anaheim, California, but like most Disney treats, the popular ones (i.e. Churros, Dole Whip, etc) eventually find homes across the parks on both coasts. Also, BRB just seeing how long it takes to drive to Downtown Disney…

Currently, the reaction to the new treat is mixed, which is shocking considering most people pretty much lose their minds (in a good way) for any and all Disney treats.

Disney Food Blog confirms that the pickle dog is currently available but did not relay how it tasted.

Though one Disney blogger stated on Twitter that her friends tried it and it was “extremely good.”

And another fan, who also tried it and documented the full review on Instagram, says it’s actually amazing and worth the steep $13 price tag.

“’ll say this — this sounds like one of the weirdest corn dogs I’ve ever heard of, BUT it worked for me!” @Foodatdisneyland shared. “Who would have thought? The peanut butter was not the best peanut butter but it worked alright when I was able to get some of it on my corn dog. It tastes good without the peanut butter. Overall though it gave me corn dog and fried pickle vibes. 4/5 rating.”

Four out of five rating? I’ll take it! I don’t expect my corn dogs to be Michelin-rated, you know? Anyway, get yourself to Downtown Disney or hope that everyone likes it so much that Disney keeps it on the permanent menu and it makes an appearance at both parks in the future.