Here's A Brilliant Thing To Do With All Of Those Old Action Figures

by Maria Guido
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How many times have you thought to yourself “WHERE IN THE ACTUAL F@*K DID ALL THESE TOYS COME FROM?” The seemingly endless expansion of the toy trunk is one of those mysteries of life. Maybe every time a left sock disappears, a small, plastic toy appears in its place. It’s the only theory that really describes why every time you clean your house and donate some toys, the drawers mysteriously start to overflow again.

If you’ve found yourself in the position of trying to get rid of masses of small toys, there’s an easy DIY project you can do instead of throwing them into the recycle bin. Donating toys is awesome, but sometimes they are a little too “loved” (read, destroyed) to be given away. This DIY Avengers Lamp someone posted on Imgur is a great way to repurpose old toys.

The Imgur user found a small lamp at the thrift store and super glued some Avengers action figures to it:

Image via Imgur

Image via Imgur

Then she gave it a quick primer coat:

Image via Imgur

… and finished it with gold paint.

Image via Imgur

Image via Imgur

How awesome is this? And the possibilities are endless, really. You finally have something to do with all of those My Little Pony figurines. Can you imagine how cute that would be?

One of the most popular phrases in the Pinterest DIY-sphere is “this is so easy!” Yeah, right. But this particular craft actually does look like something anyone can accomplish. The user who posted the project wrote that the whole project cost her $17: two dollars for a thrift store lamp and $15 for the action figures. So basically, it would cost any parent a couple bucks because we all know we already have the action figures laying around.

Here’s a similar lamp found on Etsy, going for $79:

Image via Etsy

You can do this.

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