This Mom’s 'All I do Is Win' Parody Will Have Your Whole Fam Dancing


This Mom’s ‘All I do Is Win’ Parody Will Have Your Whole Fam Dancing

by Team Scary Mommy
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Anyone else feeling like there are a million loads of laundry, endless dishes and always a mess during lockdown? Nacia Walsh, mom of 4, decided to sing about her struggles during the Coronavirus isolation with this hilarious parody of DJ Khaled’s “All I do is Win”. Nacia, dressed in a onesie in the video, revamped the lyrics making us all feel seen in her version entitled “All I do is Clean.”

Scary Mommy spoke to Walsh who said: “I’m constantly straddling the line between Marie Kondo envy and just not having my house look like a dumpster fire.” Walsh who offers the song in solidarity with beleaguered parents everywhere, wrote the song with her husband. Vocals were recorded by her eldest son Tyler and her younger kids Bryson 14, Nolan 9, and Anica age 5, helped with the shoot.

Walsh says her family loves dancing and often has to battle over what song to pick. “If it were up to my daughter it would ALWAYS be a Disney track, while the boys are down for anything on TIKTOK. Dancing while cleaning can also make it feel like you haven’t spent an eternity matching socks” she told Scary Mommy.

Nacia who mostly works from home, has been homeschooling her family since September, so it was less of an abrupt shock when schools closed due to Coronavirus. But she says “They do miss their friends like crazy. Not being able to schedule play dates, practice, or games has been the roughest part, for sure.”

Trying to stay positive during the Coronavirus crisis, Walsh turned to music. “Humor and music are medicine for our soul. Writing this song allowed me to channel a bit of my anxiety, fear, and sadness into something light and silly. It was a really fun family distraction from all the crazy happening in the world.” Her heart goes out to the many her community who have been impacted by COVID-19 but is thankful most are on the road to recovery. Keep dancing Nacia! You can follow Nacia Walsh on YouTube.

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