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Sep. 27, 2023

The Wheel Of Feels


too real
ByKatie Garrity

Watch This Mom Have The Heartbreaking Realization That Her Daughter Is All Grown Up

"What happened to my baby?"

mom debate

A Working Mom Hilariously Explains Why Being A SAHM Was Way Harder

oh (baby) boy!

Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker's Over-The-Top Disney-Themed Baby Shower Is Everything

no rules

Montana Soccer Club Banned Parents From Talking, Cheering & Yelling During The Game

culture shock

An American Mom Describes ‘Dreamy’ Parenting Experience While Living In Denmark

gut punch

9-Year-Old Tells Her Mom She Doesn't Want To Look ‘Big’ Like Her When She Grows Up

the sound of kids' books

Julie Andrews & Her Daughter Wrote The Sweetest Children's Book

thoughtful or caculated?

A Mom Is Overwhelmed With MIL’s “Gifts” Of Husband’s Old Toys

new parenting term

A Mom Explains Why She Thinks Connected Parenting Is A Better Term Than Gentle Parenting

great points

A Mom Gives Very Real Advice When Asked If Having Kids Is "Worth It"


People Are Freaking Out Over The “Last Gen X Playground” Still Standing

*cries in American*

American Mom Can’t Believe She Can Leave Her Baby Sleeping Outside In Denmark

hot take

Podcasters Catch Heat After Saying Stay-At-Home Moms Don't Have A "Real Job"

No counter-arguments here

A Woman Claims That The Very Best Husbands & Fathers Are Nerds

bro, times have changed

A Mom Quizzed Her Gen Z Daughter On 90's Trivia & Her Answers Will Make You Feel Old

don't tell elon and grimes

A Journalist Tested Australia's Baby-Naming Rules & Now She Has An Infant Named Meth Rules


Where did my sanity go?

Confessional #6701

I’m still wearing my maternity pants 9 yrs after

Confessional #8734

My teen daughter thinks I’m her maid

Confessional #8399

I worry I’ll never love my second kid as much as my first.

Confessional #377

My lifelong friends without kids make no effort to get to know my child

Confessional #7044
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